Add Multiple Sclerosis to the NHS Medical Exemption list.

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Prescriptions in England should be free to MS sufferers, in fact it should be free to anyone with a long-term medical condition.  

People with Multiple Sclerosis often need many drugs in an attempt to slow down progression of this terrible Disease and if treatment can’t be afforded it can lead to more rapid progression, relapses and sometimes Hospital Admission.

Prescription costs place a particular squeeze on the finances of those who are in work on modest incomes, who sometimes cannot afford prescription medicines - a price that's ultimately paid in preventable hospital admissions, wasted NHS time and avoidable sick leave.

At present, some people with life-long health conditions qualify for free prescriptions and some do not.

Those who need to take insulin for type-1 and type-2 diabetes are included - but those with asthma, HIV and rheumatoid arthritis are not.  Treatment for an underactive thyroid is included, but not for an overactive one.

Please help appeal for MS amongst other long term and incurable conditions to be included in the Medically Exempt list