STOP the Privatization of Military Household Goods Move Distribution

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An Open Letter to the U.S. House & Senate Committee on Armed Services - 

Annually approximately 400,000 household goods shipments take place for military service members and their families globally through the Defense Personal Property Program. It’s not a perfect program but it is getting better every day since US Transcom initiated a round table of heads of the Armed Services, a panel of military spouses and leaders within the transportation Industry to collaborate and build on the program and its policy in 2018.

Unfortunately, NOW they want to PRIVATIZE the distribution of the household goods relocation program just like they privatized housing. A single contractor will replace 900 moving companies who currently interact directly with the DoD to serve military members and their families. Even worse they want to award the contract FAST. No testing of the program, no trials of the contract or the technology to support it, and no accountability to the SINGLE MONOPOLY award winner of the contract. And worst of all, no back up plan when it goes wrong!

For service members and their families, we cannot afford to get THIS wrong!

Just like your housing challenges. Will your voice be heard by such a gigantic entity when you have a problem or concerns? Will you get individual attention to fix the problems that arise?  Where is the transparency and accountability?

In the current program 91% of the members that took the survey administered by the government regarding their experience were satisfied, to highly satisfied, with their moving experience. Is that perfect, no! Can it get better, yes, if we can continue to work together to improve the program like we have in the last 3 years!

Thanks to the collaboration of military spouse groups, moving industry partners, and the Armed Services new policy changes have been implemented for the 2020 PEAK Season:

·        Single point of contact for service members & families on their move throughout the entire process. With a requirement to call service members back in the same business day.

·        Improved communication guidelines for moving companies to the service member and their families regarding surveys, dates confirmations, weights, and deliveries.

·        Improved & simplified the policy for compensation if your shipment is late being picked up or delivered so you get the $ you need FAST.

·        Improved the claim process and time to file a claim for military members.

·        Penalties for Moving companies that fail to reweigh your shipment.

·        Increased liability coverage on your household items.

·        Increased security guidelines & background checks for moving company personnel that will be handling your household goods move.

The Inspector General for the Department of Defense completed an Audit of the Personal Property Program on January 6, 2020. In that report they concluded that US Transcom continue to develop and implement methodology to improve:

·        the current program 

·        technology system limitations

·        inaccuracies that occur in DPS, which is the transportation technology used for managing the household goods program.

Please sign this petition to ask your Represenatives & US TRANSCOM to put the Privatized GHC contract on HOLD and continue to partner military spouses/families, moving companies, and the Armed Services in building the best program for YOU!