Block Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure and Google Cloud in Russia

Block Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure and Google Cloud in Russia

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Автор: Slava Ukraini

Russia’s assault on Ukraine threatens to become the largest European conflict in decades. A vigorous but judicious Western and global response is critical to limit the damage.

Due to an unprecedented violent, unreasonable and unjustified war against Ukraine, the U.S., U.K., European Union and Asian nations have ramped up sanctions against Russia in an effort to isolate the country following its invasion of Ukraine.

Amazon Web Services, Azure and Google Cloud together account for 61% of the global public cloud market and providing services to the companies under sanctions is equivalent to sponsoring Russian army to kill innocent people and destroy the future of the people

Google (Link), Microsoft (Link) and Amazon (Link) already provide support for Ukraine, either via donations, cybersecurity or by blocking misinformation and propaganda from Russia, but that's not enough!

We understand that neither of the companies will block Russian companies alone, due to the fear of competitor "filling the gap", that's why we urge these companies jointly to ban any usage of their cloud services by Russian government-related companies, especially the one under sanctions! 

Companies from the lists (should be updated regularly with new sanctions): and (Sberbank, Alfa-bank, Gazprom and all daughter companies, Russian Railways, VTB bank, Aeroflot, Rostec and others) 

11 462 человека подписали. Следующая цель: 15 000