Legalize stand alone hyperthermia and force insurance to cover natural cancer treatment.

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May of 2015 my 52 year old wife was diagnosed with stage 2 or 3 bladder cancer, with the only option given . . . bladder removal followed by chemo and/or radiation. Her chance of survival over a 10 year period -- 50%! Instead we went to Germany where they gave her Hyperthermia (focused heat), Ozone therapy, and intravenous vitamins, mineral and amino acids.  Her cancer was completely gone after 30 days of natural, non-toxic treatment!

Why in the world is that not available here in the states? I would have to go on a quest to find out.  I picked up a camera and sound equipment and ventured off to make the documentary film, CANCER CAN BE KILLED.  What I found was that there are some natural clinics here in the states that are having very good results . . . way better than chemo, radiation and radical surgery.  But even they are hampered by the FDA’s ban on treatments like stand alone hyperthermia and numerous natural intravenous substances.  To combat the natural clinics and cancer patient’s dilemma, insurance will not cover natural treatments, so patients have to pay out of pocket.  

To be clear, for all 15 success stories presented in the film, natural treatment allowed them to beat their cancer where traditional treatment had sorely failed them.   If Congress were to vote on a bill legalizing stand alone hyperthermia (right now it is only allowed in conjunction with chemo and radiation on head and neck tumors?!?) and force insurance to cover natural treatment, we could break the hold Big Pharma has on cancer recovery.  Don’t be fooled . . . Big Pharma wants to ban natural practices because they would all but render chemo, radiation and radical surgery obsolete, and there would go the $100 Billion in yearly profits.  It’s time for Congress to serve the people, not big corporations, that put profits above the health of it’s citizens.  The real sham in health care around the world is that natural products and methods are not tested for efficacy.  Instead medical bodies like the FDA and AMA set up a multi million dollar clinical trial process that ensure that only patentable products like drugs are tested.  In the case of cancer, drugs and radiation are horrible substitutes for the what the patient really needs, which are natural immune boosting treatments to strengthen the body.

So here’s what needs to happen.  Congress needs to draft a bill . . . call it the Sane Cancer Treatment Act of 2017 ;) ,  Hyperthermia is one of the treatments that has actually passed all clinical trials, so legalizing it as a stand alone procedure should be a no brainer.  JUST THIS ONE ISSUE WILL RENDER CHEMO AND RADIATION ALL BUT USELESS EXCEPT IN THE RAREST OF CASES!  Next Congress needs to pass a law stating that patients have the right to seek the health care they choose, not the one being forced upon us by Big Pharma.  We have finally evolved to the point where we can see through the lie that the FDA is trying to protect us with safe healthcare, when we know they are only interested in a healthcare that protects corporate profits.   In the case of cancer patients, it means we are torturing children, needlessly cutting off women’s breasts, and turning stage 2 cancer patients into stage 4 with toxic treatments that temporarily seem to work, but only invite the cancer to return stronger 2-5 years later.

If Congress votes on this bill, we all win, not just cancer patients . . . heart patients, diabetes patients, so many diseases that come from a body’s imbalance can be healed naturally.  As Dr. Colleen Huber said in Cancer Can Be Killed, "natural treatments offer the body what it has a congenital need for," as opposed to pharmaceuticals which come with horrible side effects.  I hope you sign this petition today.