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Active Shooters get 20 minutes to murder at Evergreen State College! Stop them!

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90% of active shooters are on a murderous suicide mission. Each minute during an active shooter situation 4 are shot, 3 are dead, and 1 is wounded. Denying fully commissioned police the ability to intervene helps the shooter kill more people. In 20 minutes: about 80 shot, 60 dead, 20 wounded. That’s why President Obama requested $14 million to train 14,000 police on a new method for reacting to school shootings.

Each college in WA has vulnerable children daycares, students, faculty, & staff. No place is immune to violence regardless of campus, school size, location, ages, student body, political belief system, or gun free zones. Each college has serious unmet safety issues, especially the Evergreen State College. Backup response to stop an active shooter is over 20 minutes. Out of the six, four year public institutions in WA, only Evergreen hasn’t equipped fully commissioned officers with patrol rifles and provided annual, rifle based, active shooter training. A shooter has 20 minutes for a murderous rampage.

Take Action Today to communicate with our administration and legislators that all fully commissioned police departments at institutions of higher education must be prepared with training, equipment, and staffing to handle rapidly changing emergencies. All of them must meet mandated guidelines to protect our children and families. The administration currently determines how many lives will be lost. Many of these gun free zones mean our families and friends depend on police intervention. Prepared Police arrive immediately. Please reduce response time to protect innocent victims and eliminate unnecessary deaths! Please don't let more innocent suffer because of time.


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