One-Stop Drop-Off Recycling Centre & Lids4Kids Home

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For just over a year, I've been hosting plastic sorting workshops for various collectors, day care centres, schools, scouts, community groups and special needs volunteers wanting to prevent recyclable plastic from going to landfill.

All of our local volunteers are currently operating this project out of our own homes and garages. We desperately need a location to set up a one-stop drop-off recycling centre to keep this project going and give our passionate local groups somewhere to gather, learn about recycling and help sort plastic & other items.

Our volunteers that have benefitted from participating so far have included individuals experiencing anxiety, depression, isolation, autism, dementia, alzheimers, stroke, OCD, cerebral palsy, drug & alcohol addiction and chronic pain as well as day cares, schools, workplaces and community groups such as scouts, Rotary, Lions and sporting clubs.

I've had many volunteers tell me that participating in this project has provided them with a simple but meaningful way to tackle Australia's waste problem, an opportunity to Think Global, Act Local and make their little corner of the world a better place.

Many Canberrans don't realise that there are dozens of completely recyclable items that can't actually be placed in their kerbside recycle bin. Sadly these items needlessly end up in landfill when they could have been repurposed into another product.

When I discovered this, I founded a grass-roots 100% volunteer project, Lids4Kids Australia to rescue, recycle and repurpose plastic bottle lids into sustainable products. Thanks to thousands of like-minded Australians, the idea went viral and we now have 25,000 volunteers nationwide across 15 Lids4Kids groups who've prevented over 30 tonnes of plastic from going to landfill.

I've since learned that many other items can be rescued from landfill by dropping off at specific locations which unfortunately are spread all over the Territory. I would like to create a one-stop shop where people passionate about preventing unnecessary waste can walk-in and drop off their items at a single location and join our volunteer sorting workshops.

I've tried unsuccessfully over 12 months to have a permanent location donated by a Canberra building owner with vacant commercial space. Lids4Kids Australia is also on the ACT Property Group waiting list, however the waiting list for community groups is several years long.

Please sign this petition to help me encourage the successfully elected ACT Government to donate a location (or grant the funds to rent one) ASAP (preferably Belconnen) so that we can host volunteer sorting workshops for the many different community groups that would like to continue their involvement post COVID-19.

Cheers, Tim Miller,

Founder Lids4Kids Australia