Adequate Signage Northbourne Ave -New 40km Zone. Removal of fines -all households notified

Adequate Signage Northbourne Ave -New 40km Zone. Removal of fines -all households notified

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Started by Narelle Slarke

20000 people were recently fined due to the recent introduction of a 40 km zone on Northbourne Ave.

Compared to other signage in Canberra, the current speed limit signs are too few, too small, spaced out, inconsistently patterned and often on one side of the road on a three lane highway therefore not large enough.They are  barely  visible, especially at night.

The ACT Government keep saying they are "trying to make the road safe", but todays Canberra Times states 5 million dollars and at least 20000 people have been fined.

How could so many people not know about this change?

Northbourne Ave has been 60 km for years.

It was NOT correctly advised, and signs are confusing. Upon entering and leaving it says "Roadwork 40 " and  "Roadwork over - 60 "  giving the  impression its a temporary thing. We are then told we are "not paying attention to the road" (all 20000 of us) and insulted.

As a resident of a suburb adjacent to Northbourne, I have been advised by mail of EVERY other change to Northbourne Ave - except this.

This includes the Summernats, Light rail construction and most recently the Woden Light rail link.

I was not advised of this change .This is no longer good enough. We do not deliberately "speed" in built up areas. Yes change it, but advise us in writing, every home. Northbourne Ave is confusing and is a disaster.

I request removal of all fines until adequate, large flourescent signage is installed on  both sides of the road and all Canberra households recieve notification of this massive change by mail.

No other road in Canberra or most Suburban areas eg. Bungendore is 40km -how confusing.

You put the light rail in, so keep us informed please and adequate large signs up!

1,748 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!