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Actions to defend elderly, handicapped, kids, women, et al   :)

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Actions to defend elderly, handicapped, kids, women, et al:

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Dear Mr. President- Do Not Yield:
Will You Join the Call for Shared Sacrifice?

Read Bernie Sander's letter to the president -- and add your name!:  

What are your budget priorities? Take a poll:


Back our champions today:
As we recently announced, Progressive Future is now Fair Share Alliance.  And, while our name has changed our fight to defend Medicare and education funding in the current budget battle goes on.

As you read this President Obama has stepped in to lead negotiations and everything is at stake.

Republicans like Sen. Mitch McConnell want to cut Medicare and slash other critical programs.  And, they won’t even discuss making millionaires and big corporations pay their fair share.  In fact House Majority Leader Eric Cantor recently backed out of talks led by Vice President Biden over this point.

President Obama is working to craft a budget deal with Democratic and Republican leaders before July 4th.  We need Democratic leaders Sen. Harry Reid (NV) and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi (CA) to continue to stand strong against crippling cuts to Medicare and education funding, and press to raise needed funds by taxing millionaires and closing tax loopholes for oil companies and other big corporations.

So, now is our chance to make a difference by showing our champions that they have the public support to hold their ground.

Click here to send a message to Sen. Reid and Rep. Pelosi urging them to keep standing strong.

Thanks for standing with us to make sure the rich and powerful pay their fair share, and the rest of us get a fair shot.


Adam Lioz, Program Director


Actions and alerts by, for, diffabled, on these issues   :)

Boehner Protest Update:
Speaker Boehner's staff gave a vague statement to the ADAPTers assembled at the office.  ADAPTers responded with a rousing version of "Put John Boehner in a Nursing Home". (See below for lyrics.)

The group has moved on to the Speaker's Country Club share the message that
there are better ways to reform Medicaid.

You can send an email message yourself to speaker Boehner at:


Put John Boehner in a Nursing Home

ADAPTed by Bob Schoenfeld


Put JOHN BOEHNER in a nursing home

Put JOHN BOEHNER in a nursing home

Put JOHN BOEHNER in a nursing home

And leave him there to rot!

Join ADAPT in Washington DC on September 21st to Rally for Real Medicaid Reform!

NATIONAL ADAPT MAILING LIST - Adapt Community Choice Act List

When phone lines are busy, try the FAX:
If folks can't get through on the phones or want to send another message, they can FAX the office at (937) 339-1878.  Here's a letter folks can fax...

June 27, 2011

Speaker John Boehner
12 South Plum Street
Troy, OH  45373

Dear Speaker Boehner:

In times of economic crisis in our beautiful country, ADAPT has a solution that frees our people and reforms Medicaid to benefit all Americans. Thousands of Americans with disabilities have no liberty because the current federal Medicaid policy does not allow flexibility for states to fund services in home and community-based programs. Rather, the federal Medicaid policy forces states to spend large sums of money into nursing and intermediate care facilities. The ADAPT Community has proposals for REAL MEDICAID REFORM.

Meet with ADAPT and back this reform to save billions and give disabled and older Americans life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Block grants are not the solution! Ending the institutional bias in federal Medicaid policy is!  You must agree:
-        Not to block grant Medicaid;
-        To support Community First Choice Option;
-        To not implement federal cuts to Medicaid; and
-        To support a federal mandate to in-home and direct support services.

Please contact Darrell Price at 937-626-3247 to discuss this issue further.


ADAPT Members From Across the Nation.

Urgent Alert:  Call Speaker Boehners District and DC Offices Now As ADAPT Demands New Strategy for Medicaid Reform:

Twenty members of ADAPT, the national disability rights direct action
organization, are at the Troy district office of U.S. Representative John Boehner, demanding that Boehner set a date to meet with them on federal Medicaid spending strategy.  Boehner and the Republican party want to make drastic cuts to Medicaid spending.  ADAPTers say that money can be better saved by ensuring that a greater proportion of Medicaid spending be invested in home- and community-based supports.

Telephone Speaker Boehner at both his Troy, Ohio and Washington, D.C.
offices: Troy, Ohio Office:  (937) 339-1524
Washington, D.C. Office:  (202) 225-6205

This is the message:  Speaker Boehner should meet with ADAPT because people with disabilities and seniors want to be able to live in our own homes, not nursing facilities and institutions.  The strategy of investing in home- and community-based supports is a proven cost saving measure.  For more information about ADAPT, please visit  . 

ADAPT is also on Twitter at .

Open letter to Speaker John Boehner - the Pastoral Council at St. Maximilian Kolbe:
Released today

5720 Hamilton Mason Road
Liberty Township, OH 45011

June 26, 2011

To the members of the Pastoral Council at St. Maximilian Kolbe:
This morning, members of the national disability rights collective ADAPT visited your church for the purpose of bringing to your parish's attention the dire crisis facing Medicaid and the role of one of your parishioners, U.S. Representative John Boehner, in that crisis.  As we peacefully said "good morning" to parishioners and passed out flyers, Father Geoffrey Drew came out to ask us to leave.  Unfortunately, his tone was that of someone asking children to get off a lawn.  He also stated that the church would close its non-profit status if we didn't leave, which we found odd, if not incorrect.  Because local police were then called and we were asked to leave the premises, we did not have a chance to engage with parishioners on this topic, which we feel is a fundamental human rights issue.  The events of this morning notwithstanding, Representative Boehner, in his capacity as Speaker of the U.S House of Representatives, has a key leadership role in figuring out how to lead America out of the fiscal crisis and towards sustainable economic health.  Most people would not envy someone attempting
such a complex political task.  However, we do feel that Representative Boehner does have the ability and responsibility to make good decisions about our country's fiscal health, and to make these decisions without unduly affecting the 49 million poor American children, seniors, people with disabilities and pregnant women who need Medicaid services because there is no other option.  There is a way forward in Medicaid, but it is not about cuts. Instead, we
strongly believe that the way to save money in Medicaid is to spend less money on institutional and nursing facility long term care, and to invest those dollars in home and community based supports, which cost far less per person. The costs of institutional long term care drive Medicaid spending higher year by year, and we can keep this down by investing dollars to support more people in their own homes, which is where most people really want to be able to live. We want to be able to live with our families, and to age in our own homes.
Representative Boehner has an opportunity NOW to lead the way on this issue.  We would ask that first, he focus on re-balancing Medicaid long-term care spending towards community supports and away from institutions and nursing facilities.  Second, the idea of block granting Medicaid to the states should be dropped, because it will lead to inequities of resources across the states. Third, we would ask that he support every state applying for the Community First Choice Option, a new federal program that provides an enhanced federal Medicaid reimbursement match for states offering community
living service options.  Fourth, we would ask Representative Boehner to support the introduction of a bill that would create a federal mandate requiring that states offer home- and community-based services and supports for Medicaid recipients.  Taking action on all four of these points can, quite possibly, lead us away from Medicaid cuts and fiscal crisis, and give the country the room we need
to discuss how best to provide for health care and supports for everyone in our country.  Our request for you is that we want to ask you to speak with Representative Boehner about these points, and to facilitate a discussion among the 3,194 families in your parish, about our concerns.  We have noted that part of your mission is to "provide a safe and nurturing home for prayer, worship,
education and spritual growth."  Certainly this matter seems to fall under, at least, the education of the parish.  We look forward to your response on this urgent matter.  Our local contact is
Darrell Price, who can be reached at (937) 626-3247.  For more information about our organization, which has fought for disability rights for more than 30 years, please visit People of ADAPT



Cc: Reverend Geoffrey Drew
    Archbishop Dennis Schnurr
    Carolyn Jurkowitz, Executive Director, Catholic Conference of Ohio
    U.S. Representative John Boehner
    Members of the press.

ADAPT Calls on Washington and the States to Endorse Real Medicaid Reform that Protects the Civil Rights of Seniors and People with Disabilities:
At the Strategy Meeting in Philadelphia this past weekend, ADAPT's leadership decided to organize a campaign to defend against the current round of attacks on Medicaid.  June 22nd is the 12th anniversary of the Olmstead decision.  We decided it was the perfect day to announce the campaign which includes a national rally in DC this September.  Below is a media release that you can personalize for your group or organization.  Please join us in calling for
responsible Medicaid reform, and send any media coverage you receive to Amber Smock at OUR PEOPLE!



June 21, 2011

Mike Oxford, 785-224-3865
Bruce Darling, 585-370-6690
Bob Kafka, 512-431-4085

ADAPT Calls on Washington and the States to Endorse Real Medicaid Reform that Protects the Civil Rights of Seniors and People with Disabilities-
June 22nd is the anniversary of the landmark Supreme Court decision in
Olmstead, which applied the integration mandate of the Americans with
Disabilities Act (ADA) to long term services and supports.  In that decision, the Supreme Court affirmed that people with disabilities have a civil right to live in the community in the most integrated setting.  Twelve years later, members of Congress and state governments are trying to de-fund that right by cutting Medicaid and giving states flexibility to cut programs that assist people with disabilities and seniors to live in their own homes and communities.  In response to these harmful federal proposals, ADAPT is launching a campaign for real Medicaid reform that protects peoples liberty in every state of the country.  Over the next few months, ADAPT and other disability organizations are mobilizing their members to visit their Congressional and state representatives and organize events in Washington DC and every state.  We need to remind these federal and state policy makers that de-funding Medicaid de-funds our freedom and that is not acceptable, said Rahnee Patrick, ADAPT Organizer from Chicago.  While Congressional Democrats have vowed to protect seniors and nursing facilities, their current proposals also cut vital home and community-based services that allow seniors and people with disabilities to stay in their own homes.  Congress and state governments need to recognize that the freedom of Americans with disabilities and seniors is a civil rights entitlement that
they shouldnt eliminate or diminish, said Bruce Darling, ADAPT Organizer from Rochester, NY.  The campaign will be highlighted with a rally in Washington DC on Capitol Hill, Wednesday September 21st.  ADAPT and the other campaign organizers are urging disability, senior and civil rights organizations in every state to hold their own events this summer and immediately begin working to bring people with disabilities and older Americans to our nations capital in September. 

ADAPT continues to meet with Congressional representatives and identify ways to contain Medicaid spending that implement peoples right to live in the community and save taxpayer dollars at the same time.  These proposals include:

Expand the use of community-based services.  Studies have demonstrated that by reducing the over-reliance on institutions and nursing facilities and shifting toward more cost-effective community-based services, states can contain Medicaid spending.  Despite the growing body of evidence showing that community-based services are more cost effective, the federal government still allows states to continue their wasteful, institutionally-biased practices.  Demedicalize services.  By reducing the reliance on costly medical personnel to provide assistance by allowing attendants to perform these tasks, states could use the same amount of Medicaid funding to support more seniors and people with disabilities living in their own homes.  Changes in state Nurse Practices Acts could save millions of Medicaid dollars.  Many of the long term services that are widely perceived as medical become a basic part of daily life to a person with disabilities.  States continue to require that medical
personnel provide such services, unnecessarily increasing Medicaids costs.  Expand consumer directed service options.  By empowering people to manage their own services and reducing the need for administrative overhead, states can also reduce Medicaid expenditures.  Many seniors and people with disabilities can manage their services and supervise the people providing the direct care, reducing the need for agencies to provide supervisory and
administrative supports like training and scheduling.  Reorganize Medicaid services to eliminate wasteful bureaucracy.  The current
system wastefully organizes services based on diagnosis and age even though people may have the same functional needs.  By organizing services based on functional needs states can eliminate redundant and needlessly expensive bureaucracies and reduce Medicaid expenditures.  A system based on functional needs also eliminates gaps in services and makes services easier to access, reducing the need for professional assistance in navigating the system we currently have in place.

ADAPT:  , is a national grass-roots
community that organizes disability rights activists to engage in nonviolent direct action, including civil disobedience, to assure the civil and human rights of people with disabilities to live in freedom.

Act Now: Urge U.S. Senate and Congress to Reject Medicaid Cuts Take Action!:
Medicaid Cuts Are the Wrong Way to Balance the Budget-
With both the House and Senate in session this week, we expect the debate about how to reduce the deficit to be front and center. Advocates for older adults, people with disabilities, and children are organizing a massive effort to urge Congress not to balance the budget on the backs of our most vulnerable citizens.

Negotiations are happening behind closed doors. Now is the time to weigh in with your Members of Congress. Tell them "DON'T CUT MEDICAID." Cuts to this vital program will only shift costs to states and transfer the burden to people with disabilities, seniors who depend on the program for long-term care, and children and their families.

Call or email your Senators and Congressional Representative this week and urge them to reject Medicaid cuts in any form.

If you prefer to email your message, click here, the Take Action link to email a sample letter that you are welcome to edit and personalize or send “as is.”

If you prefer to call to voice your concerns, use this toll free number: 866-922-4970.  If you aren't sure who your Representative is, you can search for them by entering your zip code in the "Find your Representative" tool at this link:

You can find your Senator’s contact information at this link: telephone message:  "I'm calling to urge the Senator/Representative to resist all efforts to undermine Medicaid through funding cuts, spending caps, or block grants. Cuts to this vital program will only shift costs to states and transfer the burden onto people with disabilities, seniors, children and their families.  Medicaid is critical for the health care of eight million people with disabilities."



Stop Balancing Budget on Women's Backs:
Urge those negotiating the debt ceiling to tax the wealthy and cut defense spending!  As Vice President Biden's debt ceiling negotiations with Democratic and Republican Congressional leaders enters a critical phase, it's time that feminists speak out and be heard.  Please tell the negotiators loud and clear to put increasing revenue on the table, increase taxes on the wealthy, and cut defense/contractor spending.

Right now, the Republicans are holding the lifting of the nation's debt ceiling hostage unless they win two trillion dollars in budget cuts at the same time. These are the same Republicans who made no big deal out of President Bush II's lifting of the debt ceiling, principally to finance the Iraq war and give tax cuts to the wealthy (or as Bush II said, his base: the haves and the have mores). This revenue slashing did not create jobs – it just created massive debt.

Tell the Republicans they can't balance the budget on the backs of women and children. It simply cannot all come from programs for women, children, health care, education. Nor are ideological cuts to domestic and global reproductive health really spending cuts. Every dollar of spending that enables a woman to plan her family SAVES the government four dollars in spending.

Nor can balancing the budget come from cutting Medicaid for the poor and the middle class. Yes, the middle class. Remember, Medicaid pays for the cost of 2/3rds of the people (mostly women) in nursing homes, most of whom were middle class. Medicaid also covers disabled children and adults, many of whom have parents who are in the middle class or working poor, but simply cannot afford health care costs. It's NOT time to throw tens of thousands of seniors out of nursing homes and it is NOT time to deny services to disabled children or adults.

And as far as Medicare goes, the government should be allowed to negotiate cheaper drug prices. We will not stand for eliminating persons under 55 years of age from Medicare coverage.  Some politicians want us to think cutting Defense spending or repealing the tax cuts are politically impossible. But polls show the majority of Americans support doing these things rather than cutting crucial services. It's time to be heard– before it's too late.  For women's lives and the nation's future,

Acts: Smeal
Feminist Majority


1600 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 801, Arlington, VA 22209 | 703.522.2214 |


AAUW Action Network: Social Security Matters for Women:
Tell Your Members of Congress that Slashing Benefits is Not an Option-
The American Association of University Women emphatically opposes slashing or means-testing benefits, raising the retirement age, toying with risky privatization schemes, or raiding the program in a misguided attempt to reduce the deficit. In AAUW's 2011-2013 Public Policy Program, we support strengthening Social Security while enacting common-sense reforms and improvements.

Social Security matters for women and girls. The program, which has over 70 years of successes, is one of our nation's best anti-poverty programs and provides critical benefits to millions children, disabled workers, surviving spouses, and retirees. Without Social Security, it is estimated that over half of elderly women would live in poverty -- after all, older women frequently don't have 401(k) accounts or sufficient retirement savings, have contended with a lifetime of pay inequities, and generally outlive their spouses and men in the workforce.

If you've been paying into the program, Social Security is there to help pay for necessary services and accommodations if you become disabled, just as it is for millions of Americans today. Social Security survivors' benefits are still the largest and most generous life insurance program in the country, insuring 98% of American children against the loss of a parent and caretaker. In short, Social Security is a national commitment through which we care for one another across generations.

Send this message to Congress. Tell your Senators and Representatives that Social Security matters for you, that it matters for your children and their children, and that it matters for all women and girls.

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To send a message to congress, click here, "Take Action" link in the upper right hand corner. Then, you'll be able to add your own story to the draft email provided.

Double your impact! Tweet, Facebook, and forward this action alert to friends and family.

Follow AAUW on Twitter, and read our award-winning AAUW Dialog Blog for discussion, information, and advocacy for women and girls!


 AAUW questions? Please contact or call 800/326-2289 between 10 am and 5 pm Eastern, Monday through Friday.



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