Fire the voters for Academy Award for Best Animated Feature

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That the Oscars are a sham is not a surprise. It is an unavoidable feature of the movie industry, that bribery wins voe rlegit talent. But the voters and critics for the animation awards have relentlessly proven themselves to be vile, despicable human beings multiple times.

The epitome of their behaviour can be seen in the 2015 nominations, where voters described the Irish movie Song of the Sea and the Japanese movie The Tale of Princess Kaguya as "Chinese fuckin’ things". More recently, reviewers have attacked Klaus and I Have Lost My Body, using Islamophobic slurs for the latter.

In general, its is abundantly clear that most voters and reviewers perceive animation as aimed for children to the point of ignoring works aimed at adults. But this kind of inhumane language and behaviour cannot go unpunished.

I ask you to please spread awareness about this idiotic façade and bring the bare minimum of human decency to these awards.