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In the wake of Kevin Hart's departure as the host of the 2019 Oscars, we have a huge laughter gap for the night. Specifically, for Mr. Hart, according to IndieWire:

"Hosting the Academy Awards is his dream, but not if it means saying he's sorry for homophobic tweets: "I've done it. I've done it."

"Kevin Hart said that if he had to choose between hosting the Oscars and apologizing for his homophobic tweets, he’d rather “pass on the apology.” And on Thursday night, he made good on his claim, stepping down from the role… and apologizing as he did it.

The Academy announced him as host just two days ago, and almost immediately met a tsunami of backlash. That was the day the trades reported that they just couldn’t seem to land an Oscar host — and, the day of the Academy Museum show-and-tell where Academy president John Bailey was upset because, they had hired a host; they just hadn’t announced it yet. So they did, immediately.

Kevin Hart had been eager to host the Oscars since 2015; it was on his bucket list. That played well with the Academy, who had tired of so many former and possible Oscar hosts turning them down. Why not go back to such recent (safe) successes as Ellen DeGeneres and Hugh Jackman? No, they were dazzled by a genuine movie star with 34.6 million Twitter followers and someone with serious social media savvy, who wasn’t in everyone’s living room every night, like their host for the last two years, Jimmy Kimmel.

Kevin Hart, with more than $1.2 billion in total global box office, seemed like the perfect antidote to their declining ratings. Still, one can ask, legitimately, why the Academy didn’t see this coming. Did they not vet this guy?"

Andrew Dice Clay.

Period. No one better to step into the spotlight during this crisis.

Biggest comedian ever. Check.

Actor in one of the Oscar-nominated films. Check.

Lady Gaga loves him. Check.

Possible completion of the biggest comedic comeback in history. Check.

Mr. Rock N' Roll Detective. Check.              

It's the Diceman. Check.

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