Cancel the Plans for the Best Achievement in "Popular" Filmmaking Oscar.

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Dear Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences,

The recent proposed changes to the 91st Academy Awards have been met with near universal backlash amongst cinephiles and the general public alike. Suggesting that popular films should be seperate from general films sends the message that popular films are inferior forms of art. By introducing the category and imposing a 3 hour time limit, smaller and emerging filmmakers are not given the opportunity to present in front of the world.

The same applies to the already under-appreciated technical artists. Stealing their moments, on television, in front of fans, friends, family, potential investors, etc. in favor of honoring films that have already had their time in the limelight is dangerous for the industry as a whole. We should cultivate the voices of emerging talent, we should give a platform to the under-appreciated, not silence them to give the mic to the Hollywood elite. 

Therefore, we humbly ask that you reconsider your decision. If it must be added, we ask that you do not silence other voices to compensate. Thank you.