Abolish Property Tax (LPT) on Family Homes

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 A Family Home is a basic need (shelter) and "essential to life" and should not be taxed in any decent modern Democracy. 

  • Shelter (a home) is a basic need in the hierarchy of needs.
  • Basic needs such as food, water, air, clothes, sanitation, shelter (homes), healthcare, education, personal transport ...etc are not taxed in decent fair societies,
  • The LPT property tax on Family Homes is odious and anti-family. 
  • Italian voters have scrapped their hated LPT Tax on Family Homes in Dec 2015

Each time this Petition is signed an email is automatically sent to those listed above, demanding that the LPT property tax on Irish Family Homes be abolished.

---------  DUBLIN HOME OWNERS FLEECED -----------------

"Due to the severe shortage of Family Homes in Ireland because of the financial crash and housing crisis, Dublin house values will be artificially inflated to bubble proportions, leading to Dublin home owners being "fleeced" by LPT property tax next year. This will severely impact on already struggling families."

--------- NO MANDATE to TAX FAMILY HOMES -------------

No EU Government has a mandate (consent from voters) to tax Family Homes. Tax on Family Homes is a legacy from 12th century central European feudal systems. It is not acceptable in a modern Democracy. 

  • Try a Referendum if you claim otherwise. 

----------------------- FAKE TDs ------------------------------

"Fake TDs", are elected representatives who do not represent your interest but the interest of others (lobbies) and take their instructions from party bosses under the "whip system".

You have a duty to yourself, your family and the wider community to "Bring Your Brains to the Polling Booths" and drain the swamp of "Fake TDs"

************** A Social Media Experiment *************

This petition is my social media experiment, to determine if a, non-celebrity, non-self promoting, non-ego massaging, non-politician, ordinary Irish  taxpayer can initiate social / economic / tax changes to eliminate gross unfairness and injustice for the benefit of ordinary hard working Irish (and EU) citizens, in which, clearly your elected representatives are not interested and couldn't care less. 

The petition objective is :-

  • to inform and enlighten voters of grossly unfair and unjust laws, passed by your TDs, so that voters will in future bring their brains to the polling booths and force political policy changes to right the wrongs in the current Irish Tax Laws (i.e Motor Tax, Property Tax (LPT), VAT on new homes, 2-Tier Healthcare ... etc) and
  • to establish the Canons of Taxation as the accepted framework for fair and just taxation policy.
  • to empower themselves as taxpayers and
  • to Refuse to be Abused.

The Government earns no money - it belongs to you the hard working taxpayer) 

****************** LIFE ESSENTIALS  *******************

 Life Essentials should not be taxed in modern fair Democracies:-

  • Food,
  • Water,
  • Air,
  • Shelter (family homes),
  • Personal mobility (Cars, bicycles, motor bikes, . ..),
  • Clothing (remember Gov fell due to tax on children's shoes),
  • Sanitation
  • Healthcare
  • Education ......... 

---------------- NOT WEALTH or ASSETS -------------

Family Homes are not:-

  • Wealth - no revenue streams to pay the tax. 
  • Assets - can't liquidate them to pay the tax - no where to live.
  • Property, like farm land (UNTAXED), Offices, industrial buildings, pubs, shops ... 

Family Homes are where families live with their kids.

----------------- LEGITIMATE TAXES --------------------

Legitimate and just Taxes are those which have the support and consent of the electorate. This LPT Tax Law on Family Homes does NOT have the support or consent of the Irish electorate and is therefore not legitimate. The citizens are sovereign in this Irish Republic.

It is an EU sponsored law and not acceptable. It has been rejected by Irish voters many times in the past ... remember "rates" on family homes!

-------------- COERCION not COMPLIANCE -----------

The high, so called, "compliance rate" is due to "coercion" by Revenue (by your TDs) who take the LPT tax from your pay, pensions and medical expenses refunds without consideration for inability to pay, exemptions or right of appeal and take it from families on the death of the owner. 

This LPT Home Tax Law is offensive, regressive and exploitative. It is anti family.

Irish Government should apply the principle of just and fair taxes, as in the Canons of Taxation and abolish it or citizens will vote to drain the swamp of "Fake TDs" representatives.

The odious LPT on family home has been abolished in Italy and for reform in France. It should be abolished across the EU because it is a tax on basic needs (shelter is a life essential) and not consistent with the “Canons of Taxation”

Abolition of the LPT, like Italy, is the only just way to reform this odious LPT law. 

-------------------------------- SAD ----------------------------

It is sad that elderly people desperately scrimp and save to pay the property tax to try and stay in their homes and when they fail to pay Revenue (TDs) take it from their medical expenses refunds. LPT is an Odious Law.

 ----------------------------- LPT is a 2-TIER TAX ----------------------

The LPT tax on Family Home Owners is a 2-Tier Tax

  • ONLY Home Owner Families have to pay this odious LPT Tax
  • State housed Families do not have to pay this LPT Tax!

------------------------ LOCAL SERVICES -----------------

If the LPT is for “Local Services” then levy charges, fairly, on ALL those who use those services.

------------------ RURAL HOME OWNERS --------------------

What Rural Home Owners get for their LPT Property Tax

  • No Mains Water
  • No Public Sewage system
  • No Street Lighting
  • No Footpaths
  • No Cycle Lanes
  • No Buses 
  • No DART
  • No Luas
  • No Public Parks
  • No Subsidised Theaters

------------------------ INHERITANCE TAX ------------------

Inheritance Tax, another unjust odious tax, is now abolished in many EU countries .. most recently Sweden. It should also be abolished in Ireland.

---------------- FINANCIAL TRANSACTION TAX  -------

It is unacceptable that there is no FTT in Ireland, yet Family homes are taxed.

Many other EU countries have FTT tax on financial transactions including Germany and France.

--------------------- REFUSE TO BE ABUSED -------------

TDs, Senators and MEPs are elected to represent citizen interests NOT the interest of others (lobbies)

Your Irish "Fake TDs" have given the Revenue Commissioners the power to take the Local Property Tax (Tax on your Family Home) from:-

- your bank account
- your pay 
- your welfare payments
- your pension
- your family, when you die.
- your Medical Expenses Refunds

This is abuse by your elected TDs.

-------------------- DANGEROUS COUNTRY ---------------

You know you live in a dangerous country when "The rights of the State come before the rights of the citizen."

--------------------- UNJUST ENRICHMENT ----------------

 Unjust Enrichment : (see Canons of Taxation) 

It is not acceptable that Tax on Family Homes is used to:-

  • pay off the debts of private companies i.e. Banks. 
  • prop up banks pension funds, bonuses and inflated salaries.

--------------- ARBITRARY SEIZURE of PROPERTY ------

Arbitrary Seizure of property by the State:-

  • by levy of this LPT Tax, with no consideration for inability to pay.
  • deferral if people can't pay, until they die, and then take it from their families.
  • force people to sell their homes so that some wealthy person or vulture fund can buy them!


  • Gov should budget for refunds of this unjust, anti family, odious tax on their Family Homes (like "Water tax" refunds.)

----------- Bankocracy NOT Democracy! --------------------------

The EU looks more like a Bankocracy or Taxocracy NOT a Democracy!


The internet opens the door to Direct Citizen Democracy.

"You can vote now to instruct your TD by signing Petitions.

You don't have to wait 'till the next election!

 "Refuse to be Abused" - and bring your brains to the Polling Booths!

Abolish this offensive anti family Local Property Tax Law by signing this ePetition.