Irish Healthcare should be based on medical need - NOT on how much money you have.

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The Irish Healthcare System should be based on medical need - NOT on how much money you have.

Irish citizens who can afford private healthcare insurance skip the queue and force others with serious medical needs (who's taxes pay for the system), including their children, to go onto long waiting lists.

The Irish Healthcare system is an obscene 2-Tier system.

------------------- #stillwaiting --------------------------------------

MORE THAN 6,000 people in Ireland have been waiting more than a year to either see a consultant or have surgery to restore their eyesight - Nov 2017.

Some have organised buses to travel to Belfast in Northern Ireland (UK-NHS) to restore their eyesight.

------------------- Most Expensive in Europe ------------------

The Irish Healthcare System is one of the most expensive in Europe (11% GDP v 9% OECD average) yet has the longest waiting lists .... dysfunctional in the extreme.

------------------ Abysmal Productivity ---------------------------

The productivity (number of medical procedures per day) in the Irish Public Healthcare system is abysmal ..... a fraction of other European Healthcare systems, leading to long waiting lists, which force people to buy very expensive private healthcare insurance to get access to private healthcare ... a disgrace.

---------- Vested Interests Force Long Waiting Lists --------

Vested interests conspire to cause long waiting lists and force people to pay on the "double" (public taxes plus private insurance) for what is normal healthcare in other European countries.

------------------ Your Duty as a Voter  ---------------------------

"It is your duty as an Irish Citizen to bring your brains and your moral compass to the Polling Booths and vote for what is right and just."

----------------- Fake TDs --------------------------------

You are obliged to bring your brains to the Polling booths and NOT to vote for "Fake TDs" who are failing to represent your interests but instead represent their own interests, vested interests and lobby groups, on direction of their party hierarchy under the “Whip System” in the Irish Dail.

************** A Social Media Experiment *************

This petition is my social media experiment, to determine if a, non-celebrity, non self- promoting, non ego-massaging, ordinary Irish  taxpayer can initiate social / economic / tax changes to eliminate gross unfairness and injustice for the benefit of ordinary hard working Irish citizens, in which, clearly your elected "Fake" TDs are not interested and couldn't care less. 

The petition objective is :-

  • to inform and enlighten voters of grossly unfair and unjust laws passed by your TDs, so that voters will in future bring their brains to the polling booths and force political policy changes to right the wrongs in the current Irish Tax Laws (i.e Motor Tax, LPT, VAT on new homes ...etc) and
  • to establish the Canons of Taxation as the accepted framework for fair and just taxation policy.
  • to empower themselves as taxpayers and
  • to Refuse to be Abused.

The Government earns no money - it belongs to you the hard working taxpayer, who pays for everything including the Health Service but receives nothing in return. 


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