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Abolish Human Abortion!! Stop the butchering of babies!!

It is wrong to kill a man, woman or a child older than a couple days, but it is always safe to murder babies, simply because he/she is not wanted, or the child is not as perfect as their parents want it.   When the citizens of the United States are given the chance to vote on the issue of abortion, the majority votes anti-murder. However, President Barack Obama has specifically stated that he will not sign any bill that includes anti abortion legislation. So in essence, he will not stand for a black boy named Trayvon getting killed, but he will let millions of babies die, simply because they aren't wanted or look different. A druggie thug who attacked a man is more important than a baby. Millions of babies are murdered because we stand by and let it happen. The murdering of babies will stop when we decide we will not tolerate it any more. It is time to let the President and Congress know you will not tolerate abortion(child murder) any more.

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