Require all Abbotsford Police Officers to wear & turn on body cams

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Police brutality and racism are not issues that are unique to one country or district. No police department in Canada with the exception of Calgary has required their police officers to wear body cameras. There is a significant lack of accountability and transparency of police officers in scenarios of excessive force and racialized violence towards the Black and POC community. Body cameras are one of the ways that we can keep police officers accountable by showing exactly what happened during the encounter which can them be submitted as evidence in legal and/or independent investigations regarding police conduct.

In light of George Floyd's untimely demise at the hands of police officers who compressed his windpipe effectively murdering him, there is a great need for the Abbotsford community to ensure that justice is served and that all citizens are treated fairly.

This petition is to allow the public to raise their voices to show the APD and Police Chief Mike Serr that we will not allow innocent lives to be harmed by the ones who have vowed to protect us and uphold the law. We will no allow body cams to be considered an insignificant or too expensive of a measure for the fifth time.