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Re-evaluate the school dress code

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I am starting this petition not because I believe that the current dress code is sexist, but because, as a Grade 12 female student at AB Lucas I find the dress code rules that have been established to be unfair and unnecessary. In some situations where female students are asked to put sweaters on and "cover up", a message is implied that we as female students must cover up to ensure the male students are not distracted. These type of conditions in regards to female sexuality are sexist and out dated. This “distraction” standard for a dress code sets up a model in which we are concerned about protecting the male students learning. This standard presumes that female students are considered a distraction and therefore its a females actions that must be policed. The sexualization of a teenage girls body is not her problem, it is the problem of those who choose to sexualize a 17 year old's body. Female students should be able to wear shorts in the summer months in order to stay cool, you should not be teaching young girls that their bodies are inherently sexual or inappropriate.

Although some cases in which administration enforces dress code rules involve female sexuality, the dress code rules do not only affect female students, male students are constantly asked to cover up their arms, but for what reason? Is it really that offensive for shoulders to be showing on a hot summer day. Administration states that many outfits are considered "inappropriate", but in reality who is it offending? 

View the AB Lucas Dress Code here (page 29) :

As students we agree that there should be rules set in place in regards to dress code, but the rules should be set in stone and should be reasonable. For example it is unreasonable to expect a female student to cover her shoulders to spare someone else. Laura Anderson, a 17 year old female student who also attends AB Lucas was sent home and forced to change after being told her outfit was inappropriate. Laura's outfit did not violate any of the rules stated in our schools handbook. The dress code at Lucas is unspecific, and people like Laura are being sent home based on subjective standards of individuals with administrative powers. Much of the reasoning behind what those individuals make the decision are inappropriate could be unfounded, but the dress code says that administration has the power to be the final say on it without question. It's nonsense to punish students for following rules that are unclear, and it limits their freedom of expression in ways that are unjustified. A.B. Lucas seriously needs to take another look at their dress code and reconsider the lines: "clothing must not be inappropriately revealing" and "administration will determine what is considered to be appropriate dress for school", because they are imprecise, unjustified, and resulting in the punishment of students for the administration's ambiguity.

I would like to clarify that this is not an issue of sexism. I simply started this petition to allow for a place for people to openly voice their opinions towards this concern in order to hopefully produce an impact. The goal of this petition is to promote the idea of voicing opinions in a controlled way, to hopefully allow for some compromise in regards to our current dress code.

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