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A violent criminal killed our daughter while out on parole.

Breaking news: The Victorian Government has agreed to reform parole laws and will look to pass these in the next three weeks. Thank you so much to everyone who supported us in this campaign. You can read more in the media here


Since July 2008, more than a dozen people in Victoria - most of them young women - have been murdered by parolees.

Our beautiful daughter and sister, Elsa Corp, was one of those tragic victims of a failed legal system.

Elsa was just 26 and had the world at her feet. But on February 1st, 2010, Elsa went on a blind date with David Patrick Clifford. She was bashed, stabbed and strangled in what the judge said was a “prolonged vicious attack”.

Imagine our horror when we learnt that Clifford was a violent criminal who had been released into the community by the Parole Board just two weeks earlier - even though he had already breached parole and a suspended sentence following other earlier convictions and was awaiting sentence over the bashing of a bar owner.

This loophole in the law is costing lives and tearing families apart. But there is hope.

The Victorian Government has said it will consider changing the State’s parole laws. If we can show that the community cares about this issue, they’ll be forced to act.

Sign our petition to ask the Victorian Government for:

NO bail for parolees charged with new offences of violence, sexual offending or use of a weapon,
MANDATORY cancellation of parole when charges are laid for an offence of an equal or more serious nature, to be reviewed within a week by the board;
NO parole on conviction for new offences for parolees; and
POLICE officers with knowledge of the new offences to report to the board at the parolee’s hearings.

Together, we can fight to change the law to protect other families from the pain we’ve been through. Please sign our petition.

Letter to
Victorian Government
On February 1st 2010 our daughter/sister Else Janet Corp was violently murdered by a parolee, who had been known to the police and had been convicted of drug related and violent offences. He was on a suspended sentence when accused of another offence but was nonetheless released into the community by the Parole Board on 13th January 2010. He murdered Elsa on February 1st 2010. This has not been the only case of an accused violent parolee being allowed to remain free in circumstances that would alarm any reasonable person and using this freedom to commit more violent crimes and/or murder. Below are the changes we are petitioning for:

1. Immediate mandatory remand once a parolee has been charged with an indictable offence involving violence, sexual offending or carrying/use of a weapon
To facilitate such a procedure it would require a change to the Bail Act to make it mandatory remand when an accused was charged in these circumstances. We would also need to ensure that the Parole Board reviewed these cases within a defined period (such as 7 days)
2. Mandatory revocation of all parole when a parolee has been charged with an indictable offence of an equal or more serious nature (and in the same category) as that for which he is on parole. The Parole Board would again have to review this within 7 days and either revoke or reinstate parole
3. Once a parolee was convicted of an indictable offence there would be a mandatory revocation of all parole
4. Representation at parole/review hearings by a police officer who has knowledge of the circumstances of the new offending

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