POSTPONE All Recurring Monthly Debt (mortgage/rent, car loan) for EVERYONE!

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Dear Mr. President,

 Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, our Nation is facing extreme crises on two fronts: a threat to the health of our American citizens and a financial threat to our economy.

It appears you are receiving excellent medical advice on the health threat to our citizens.We propose a Plan Of Action (POA) pertaining to the financial situation we find our country facing.

Therefore, Mr. President, I hope you will take this Proposal into consideration.


A Temporary Freeze/Postponement (TFP) on all Recurring Monthly Debt (RMD) payments for everyone. EVERYONE.

 This means all individual citizens and all businesses, all the way up to the largest businesses/corporations.

  •  While the TFP on the RMD are in effect, no NEW interest on existing debt would accrue.
  •  Credit scores will not be affected due to the postponement of payments while the TFP is in effect.
  •  No penalties will be imposed.


This will immediately stop the current and pending financial hemorrhage the individual Citizen, businesses and the Nation is experiencing.

Examples of RMD that will be postponed:

  •   Home Mortgage payments
  •   Rent payments
  •   Vehicle Payments
  •   Credit Card Payments
  •    Etc.

Benefit of Action (BOA):

 Postponing RMD it will put the nation in a financial status quo, thereby preventing   the following:

  • Bankruptcies 
  •  Foreclosures
  •  Repossessions
  • Etc.

Explanation of Action (EOA)

Time is of the essence. By extending the Temporary Freeze/Postponement on the Recurring Monthly   Debt to EVERYONE, this can be implemented very quickly. It would take time to implement this action on a selective basis.


  •   For those who have not lost their income this will allow them to have a temporary surplus of income that would circulate into the economy. This will lead to an economic stimulus.
  •  This will NOT be funded by a Government loan/bail-out that would increase the national debt and put an increased burden our tax payers.
  • For those who have lost their income the infrastructure to assist them is already in place in the form of unemployment compensation and food stamps to help them get through the current situation.

 It is to be understood that the TFP on the RMD is NOT to be used to forgive the current debt of anyone or any business.

The postponed RMD payments will be paid back when the individual/business are back to work.


  • You have 32 months left on your car payment.
  • The TFP on the RMD lasts for two months.
  • Your car payment will be extended by two months.

This crisis will require sacrifices from all American Citizens, if implemented this POA will benefit:

  • Our Citizens
  • Our Businesses
  • Our Economy
  • Our Nation
  •  And You Mr. President. By implementing this POA you will prevent a National economic collapse and hasten our economic recovery.

The largest sacrifice will be carried by our financial institutions.

  • It is understood that the financial institutions will forego the interest losses on their loans while the TFP is in effect.
  •  These financial institutions would apply interest losses as business deductions for tax purposes.

As American Citizens we stand ready to support you on implementing this POA to safeguard our financial integrity.

Extreme Times call for Extreme Measures. You can do this. Please, make it happen.

Hang in there, Mr. President.

We are with you,

 Your concerned citizens