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A world-wide call for a Global Labor Treaty for Living Wages will not only help eradicate poverty, it will help bring an end to labor abuses around the world. And not a moment too soon, for when secret "trade-agreements" like the TPP start to pass we are seeing the future of oppression written out in contractual agreements with global implications.

PROFIT COMES FROM comes from oppressed workers and unprotected mineral/land rights. And it is the corporate ethos of "Profits Over People" that is quite literally killing the world...destroying nations, enslaving the vulnerable and poisoning our planet.

This petition, calling on President Obama to initiate a Global Labor Treaty for Living Wages, was created because economic inequality and social injustice is suffocating the natural gifts and resources of our human potential.

In order to bring balance back to our Earth and restore dignity to our civil unions we must bring back the power of people-driven politics, so that we may end the practice of starvation wages and escalating corporate hegemony.

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If we CHANGE the way BUSINESS is done in the world - WE *CAN* CHANGE THE WORLD!!


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Letter to
President Of The United States President Barack Obama
President of the United States
Dear President Obama,

Hunger, despair and growing economic inequality are growing at an alarming and ever-increasing rate. And as such, we can no longer afford to ignore the urgent need to implement a Global Labor Treaty for Living Wages.

A Global Labor Treaty for Living Wages will hold corporations accountable for crushing domestic labor and exploiting workers of undeveloped nations around the globe while the richest of the rich extract and pollute our natural resources...condemning whole generations of vulnerable citizens to a life of poverty and disease.

As this is a Human Rights issue...we, the undersigned, call upon you, the leader of the Free World, to create a single point of accountability to hold corporations (and their shareholders) responsible for labor abuses and ecological crimes against domestic and global communities.

It is inhumane and immoral to destroy any and all opportunities to build infrastructure and create lasting stability.

We speak with one voice to demand a change in the way business is done in the world!

We call for Equality and Economic Justice!

We call for a Global Labor Treaty for Living Wages!

Thank you.

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