A new form of capitalism: Geonomics

Let's make a deal with all the fossil fuel companies, CAFOs, mining companies, and all other resource-intensive industries.  We'll untax their profits IF they agree to pay true costs for resources (which, rightfully, really belong to all of us; BP didn't make the oil in the ground, did it?), as well as pollution, land use and whatever else they don't actually produce, but merely take from nature. 
This Geonomic idea would discourage the waste of resources, end land and commodity speculation on the markets by taking away the "fuel" for it in the form of taxes which would be returned to the community, free up innovation by untaxing true productive operations, and vastly reduce pollution by finally taxing these "externalities."  It would also end most poverty and wealth inequity by ending monopoly rights on income from non-manmade resources via a Single Tax on these, while rewarding true innovation and productivity by untaxing wages and capital.  In Al Gore's vernacular, "Tax what you burn, not what you earn."

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