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A Homeland For Persecuted Whites.

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Today, white, caucasian peoples of European descent are the most persecuted population in the world. Whites only make up 9% of the world population, and yet we are the only ethnic group without a home.

We face racial persecution every single day in all countries. The murder rate for white Boer farmers in South Africa is 20 times the international average; this is genocide.

In America 81% of all white murder victims are killed by peoples of African descent. Many whites agree that multiculturalism is a failed policy, and that the resulting crimes are casualties of the culture war in America.

People should have the right to choose to live with those of a common ancestry, heritage, and shared cultural beliefs. To force multicultural agendas, and their resulting culture wars to those who do not accept it is a hate crime the costs lives. To deny someone the right to establish communities comprised of their own peoples is racism.

The only possible solution is to designate a territory of land, or lands that white peoples from North America, and Europe can go to to escape persecution. Alaska alone could easily accommodate the world's white caucasian population.

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