A doctor's tortured victims

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To the Chief Minister of Maharashtra,
We are writing this letter to bring to your attention to an act of cruelty that requires attention. We are petitioning to save 9 innocent, tortured dogs, and punish a cruel man. Dr. Virinder Bedi, a soulless breeder residing in Godrej Hills, Kalyan West, Mumbai has abused, starved and bred these dogs literally to their graves. As you will see in the images, which are screenshots of his own Facebook page, this atrocity has been a hobby for him.
Lucky for these dogs, animal activists of Benevolent AW along with help from the police raided his hellhole and rescued these animals just in time. With broken spirits, 3 of the 9 dogs are extremely critical while the rest are undergoing a slow recovery.
They may not be so lucky for long, as Dr Virinder Bedi is misguiding the law into returning these dogs to his care. His care? Only to be left for dead?
Dr Virinder Bedi is a human doctor or surgeon of some sort, practising somewhere around Kalyan. An unimaginably ruthless man with zero compassion and total disregard for life is a doctor!
We request your help to ensure that this man is never allowed to keep another dog. We also need your help to ensure that he is punished for his acts by getting his medical practice on unsuspecting patients shut down! He should be jailed for the suffering he’s inflicted on God knows how many lives.
Please pay heed to this crime. Help us keep these 9 dogs safe and away from Dr Virinder Bedi and impose justice by getting his medical license revoked and ensuring he gets jail-time. No being should be made to suffer like he made those dogs suffer.