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"A Comprehensive Study of Racism in America as a core curriculum."

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The matter of racism coupled with the hateful public rhetoric produced by the implementation of President Barack Obama as Commander and Chief continues to remain a dividing wedge within our nation. This is not to say that this destructive philosophy has not been always lurking underneath the veneer.


Regrettably, we have continually allowed racism to exist without any apparent proactive solutions to first educate our children on this matter, and secondly combat this abhorrent way of life. It is my contention, that we must begin to educate our son’s and daughter’s (the future leaders of our nation), on the origins, methodologies and practices of the reprehensible philosophy of racism which has divided our nation for far too long. Moreover, the matter of racism has been so deeply embedded within our cultural psyche, that many Americans remain wholly unaware that there was a time in human history that racism (color prejudices) did not exist.  Sadly enough, this knowledge continues to escape most Americans, and most certainly our children.


One of the most fundamental and pragmatic ways to accomplish this endeavor is by adopting my strategy, and thus implement my campaign to incorporate a comprehensive education of racism into the American educational system as a core curriculum.


From K-12 to the university academic systems, a comprehensive education on the origins, methodologies and practices of racism as a core curriculum remains instrumental to the betterment of our nation.


M. Quinn


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