A citizen’s plea to the Indian judiciary; Expedite court hearings, deliver #JusticeOnTime

A citizen’s plea to the Indian judiciary; Expedite court hearings, deliver #JusticeOnTime

17,679 have signed. Let’s get to 25,000!
Petition to
N. V. Ramana (Chief Justice of India)

Why this petition matters

Started by Shashank Shah

Tareekh pe Tareekh pe Tareekh.

You may remember this as a movie dialogue, but it is a reality that lakhs of Indian citizens are living with as they endure intolerably long delays in getting justice. My dear friend Anil, who has property cases pending in court for over 23 years, is one of them.

In the last four years, Anil has had to frequent the court for two contempt petitions filed against him by the Bombay high Court, and go through immense amounts of stress, only for the cases to be adjourned, time after time.

Deeply troubled by this pattern of judicial pendency, on 26th Jan 2022, my 63 year old friend began an indefinite hunger strike, demanding that his judicial hearings be expedited. Sign this petition to stand by and support his demands, since what he demands is true for all citizens of India.

My friend, an alumnus of IIT Mumbai, has courageously put his life and reputation at stake while demanding a change that will resonate with every Indian citizen seeking relief in civil and criminal conflicts. Common citizens who go to the courts hoping for justice are more often than not forced to go through dire emotional and financial distress as their cases remain pending for years. Having spent all their life savings to  approach the court for justice, there are also times when the litigant either dies waiting for a judgment and closure of his case, or just too many years would have passed for any relief to be relevant.

Anil resorted to a hunger strike with the hope that this would force authorities to address the unwarranted pain and struggle common citizens go through. I have started this petition to not only support my friend’s unwavering efforts, but also for thousands of my fellow citizens who await justice. Sign the petition and demand a more efficient judicial system.

Anil started his protest on India’s 73rd Republic Day, and he can be seen at Mumbai’s Azad Maidan between 10 am and 5 pm every day making his protest known to the public. As the days go by, he feels physically weaker, but his spirit remains unshakable. Sign this petition, share it on all your networks, so that Anil is no longer alone in his fight.

17,679 have signed. Let’s get to 25,000!