40 deaths since 27 May 2020, Save Endangered Wild Elephants

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Wild elephants are dying at an alarming rate, most of them are calves and juveniles. The numbers are shocking. Since 27 May 2020, there were around 40 wild elephants deaths from various wildlife ranges across the country. Most of them were suspected or confirmed killing either due to conflict or due to illegal activities in and around the forest.

These are only reported numbers, I fear there could be more deaths which go unreported or unnoticed. We are heading towards an unhealthy ecosystem in the wild and extinction of various species including elephants who are listed under Schedule 1 endangered species of Wildlife Protection Act 1972.

Meanwhile elephants are also being captured from wild due to conflict and are permanently captivated. We do not even have enough facilities and funds to rehabilitate existing captive elephants. While new elephants are domesticated from the wild, the existing sick, old and abused captive elephants under private custody even without ownership papers, are neglected. The public has to send petitions and file court cases inorder to get attention on captive elephants.

I request you to kindly form a conservationists team immediately across the country to research and find out the root cause of elephants straying out of the wild and also the illegal activities going inside or around the forest. Without addressing the root cause inside the forest, finding solutions for conflicts outside are just temporary. It's time to find a permanent solution before it is too late to save the species and ecosystem. 

Details of 40 Wild Elephant deaths since 27 May 2020.

- Palakkad, Kerala, another young tusker died with severe injuries in mouth on 4 July 2020

- A 6 year old tusker was found dead in Kadambur of Satyamangalam Forest, Tamilnadu on 3 July 2020

- An 8 year old tusker under treatment died in Sirumugai forest range of Coimbatore, Tamilnadu on 3 July 2020

- 35 years old female elephant found dead in Krishnagiri, Tamilnadu on 2 July 2020

- An adult female who was under treatment died in Sirumugai forest range of Coimbatore, Tamilnadu on 2 July 2020

- An young tusker was electrocuted in a Private resort in Nilgiri Mudumalai forest range, Tamilnadu on 2 July 2020

- A female elephant (gunned down) aged around 20 years was found dead in agriculture land near Coimbatore, Tamilnadu on 2 July 2020

- 8 years old jumbo found dead in Rudrapur Uttarakhand on 1 July 2020

- Shunned by herd, elephant calf dies due to ‘trauma’ in Maharashtra on 29 June 2020

- One more female elephant dies in Pethukutti, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu on 25 June 2020

- Elephant touches live wire, dies in Alipurduar, West Bengal on 24 June 2020

- Wild elephant falls off slope, dies in Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh on 24 June 2020

- A female elephant was found dead in Sirumugai forest range of Coimbatore Tamilnadu on 23 June 2020

- On 22 June 2020 a female elephant was found dead in Bedapada of Hindol Range of Dhenkanal district Odisha, due to herpesvirus infection

- An young tusker died with injuries in mouth, near Coimbatore Tamil Nadu on 22 June 2020

- 3 years old elephant calf found dead in Amangarh, UP on 20 June 2020

- Elephant Found Dead In Angul District Of Odisha on 20 June 2020

- A carcass of an eight-year-old elephant was found in Ramnagar forest division’s Dechauri range on 18 June 2020

- Once again an elephant was ruthlessly killed. The incident took place in Kanchibazar area of ​​Buxa Tiger Project in West Bengal on 18 June 2020

- A wild elephant was found dead at a village in Chhattisgarh's Raigarh district on Thursday 18 June 2020

- Tusker Found Dead With Bullet Marks In Odisha’s Boudh on 17 June 2020

- Elephant dies in West Bengal after coming in contact with live wire on 16 June 2020

- Young Elephant electrocuted in Chattisgarh on 16 June 2020

- An elephant calf died after getting stuck in marshland, Dhamatri district in Chattisgarh on 16th June 2020

- On June 14 2020, a carcass of an eight-year-old female elephant was found in the Dhela range of the Corbett Tiger Reserve, Karnataka

- An adult elephant found dead in Erode, Tamilnadu on 14th June 2020

- 2 year old calf found dead in Assam on 14th June 2020

- 2 elephants found dead in Odisha on 13th June 2020

- Carcass of four months old calf found in Odisha on 13th June 2020

- 3 elephants found dead in Chattisgarh on 9, 10 & 11 June 2020

- Female elephant found dead in Meghalaya 13th June 2020

- Makhna elephant died in Malappuram Kerala on 8th June 2020

- 2 elephants aged 12 years and 7 years old found dead in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu on 5th June 2020

- Injured elephant died in Dehradun on 28th May 2020

- Elephant carcass found in MM Hill Wildlife Karnataka on 28th May 2020

- Mother elephant was killed in Palakkad Kerala on 27th May 2020

I request the authorities to kindly take immediate initiative on the following

1. Expert study to research inside the forest to know the actual cause of elephants straying into human habitats. Address their needs inside forest, so straying out of the forest will be reduced.

2. Also to check on illegal human activities in and around the forest. Wild elephants has to be strictly protected from killing and accidents due to human activities. All illegal activities to be stopped and strict punishment for those involved.

3. Abandoned or lost wild elephant calf, if not possible to reunite with herd, the calves should be put together for rehabilitation without taming and released back to wild as a herd when they are fit for it. Captive elephants does not contribute ecological value to nature. Elephants ecological role is in the wild, not in captivity.

4. Check on captive elephants who are sick, old, abused under private custody and those without ownership papers to be confiscated and maintained in rehabilitation centers with natural environment.

Ramesh AS

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