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30,000 Documented Abuses of Migrants is Enough - End the Border Patrol's Culture of Cruelty

Over the last 5 years, migrants have faced more than 30,000 incidents of abuse and mistreatment while in Border Patrol custody.

Please join us in calling for an immediate end to the abuse, clear and enforceable standards for Border Patrol short-term custody, and independent community oversight of Border Patrol.

The more than 30,000 incidents of abuses and mistreatment have been documented in a report just released by No More Deaths titled “Culture of Cruelty: Abuse & Impunity in Short-Term Border Patrol Custody.”

This systemic abuse must be confronted aggressively at the institutional level, not denied or dismissed as a series of aberrational incidents attributable to a few rogue agents.  The abuse, neglect, and dehumanization of migrants is part of the institutional culture of the Border Patrol, reinforced by an absence of meaningful accountability mechanisms.

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