Not enough has changed! School is still unsafe. For Your Kids and Their Teachers!


Not enough has changed! School is still unsafe. For Your Kids and Their Teachers!

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Nick Harris started this petition to LAUSD MY SCHOOL BOARD, DISTRICT & GOV’T. and

SCHOOL DISTRICTS ACROSS THE USA LIKE LAUSD  are returning and forcing Teachers and Students to in person school in Now..either full-time or with a hybrid model.  This is too soon.  The dangers that caused school closures haven’t been abated: They’ve gotten worse.  

We request:

1) Extended and increased government funds for families to ease their childcare, housing, healthcare and other needs stemming from this crisis- and the need to stay safe at home.
2) A Distance Learning model that encourages compliance and participation by being made mandatory- not optional as it was this past semester.  
3). A 3 month ‘safe period’ between the decision to return to in person classes and the actually return.. to guarantee the protections from C-19 that officials say may work actually do work because we can observe them at work in all other sectors of society- before we put students, teachers, our children, families and friends at risk.

Children’s health  should not be gambled away in the name of a hurried and misplaced return to normalcy. 

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Staying home is the best preventative medicine.  

Families need government financial assistance to ease the burden of childcare etc.., We urge government to extend payments to families. 

We urge those in power to continue Distance learning at least through Spring of 2021.

Distance learning, will be more effective when the district mandates that the class work is mandatory- not optional as it was this spring.  Teachers, ask for more resources for Families and themselves To ensure this. 

We should feel safe for 3 months straight before we go back to in person learning.  The health and hopes of children shouldn’t be hinged on a roll of the dice ‘hoping’ that the virus will go away.  The hope of our students future should be founded on the strength of patience, safety and the fortitude of vision necessary to garauntee that no child will catch and die from C-19 at school- because they will be happily learning at home. 

Just as a family can fully feel safe in knowing that their child won’t contract TB at school- because districts don’t allow anybody with a positive TB test on campus- we request that those we petition refrain from starting in person learning until they can make the same guarantee with respect to Covid-19. 

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This petition made change with 4,195 supporters!

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