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2nd Petition for the Immediate Re-Legalization of Marijuana

We the undersigned demand that President Obama immediately implement he MERP Model for Marijuana Re-Legalization through a special emergency "joint" session of Congress.  This is the same approach that was used to pass the TARP Bailout on 10/03/2008: a bill that was opposed by over 80% of the American People and which only benefited the very same "banksters" that have destroyed the US economy.  According to a recent Zogby Poll Marijuana Re-Legalization is now supported by 52% of the American people and is expected to grow by at least 1% each year.   The MERP model basically treats the unlimited, untaxed, unregulated "self cultivation" of Marijuana as a sacred, inalienable right.  By implementing MERP three important goals would immediately be achieved without any expenditure of American "blood or treasure."  It would (1) destroy the Mexican Drug Cartels; (2) allow access to free medicine by the sick and the poor, and (3) will immediately stop any further home invasions by law enforcement.  It will also unleash the Agricultural and Industrial products that can be made from Cannabis (e.g., Hemp).   Note that a street address is optional as long as you provide an email address.  The purpose of this petition is to send a message to Obama and alert the activist community about upcoming events to end Marijuana Prohibition by implementing the MERP Model.

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