28th Amendment to fix education

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28th amendment to fix education

Houston, Texas, 2017. On a beautiful, historical day in July, a realistic idea along with its accompanying online petition was displayed for the whole world to see and sign, particularly the American citizens living inside the U.S.

After over 25 years of an uphill battle to desperately fix education, utilizing a vast array of outlets and means, ranging from governmental measures, partisan policies, debatable debates, parental involvement, to election campaign promises, and tens of trillions dollars of spent school taxes, the American people now realize that there are absolutely no more options or choices left to repair or strengthen education in America correctly and effectively. With no others helpful solutions, Americans now have an urgent need for a new U.S. 28th constitutional amendment to be known as “Bill of Education Amendment “

The unique and winning idea is to constitutionally grant these three missing and crucial elements so badly needed in education to the 51 individual states in the Union: Full Control, Obligated Responsibility, and Committed Accountability. No more blame games, dirty politics, professional incompetence, broken promises, and endless irresponsibility after the “28th amendment to fix education” becomes a national law.

It’s plain and simple: Only the US Constitution has the full legal authority to grant education responsibility/control to individual states in the Union with an official amendment. Period!

How smart were we with other 27 amendments to solely fix and improve everything else?

As a school volunteer and a parent with more than 25 years of experience, I can’t figure out precisely how the latest Federal policy “Every Student Succeeds Act “(December, 2015) and President Donald Trump’s education agendas will play out to fix or strengthen education in America. The newest federal policy ESSA is just another disastrous attempt causing more turmoil and setbacks against our beloved young generations and their future in years to come, exactly like the same old policies and measures of the past. One of them was “No Child Left Behind Act”(January, 2002) with massive failures after 15 years of chaotic implementation.

Since the first federal education policy “Elementary and Secondary Education Act” (March 1964) and the establishment of the Federal Department of Education by President Jimmy Carter (October, 1979,) this country has been dead wrong trying to fix other political, economic, and health care problems without recognizing education in America is still the top number one priority with its severe problems that must be taken care of first.

In our strong capitalism society, every controversial problem, such as unemployment, medical services, and financial well-being, all have their own self-automatic adjustments and corrections based on the principle of “demand and supply.“ There is no need for a big government’s help or interventions.  

Some 34 years ago, President Ronald Reagan was 100 percent correct when he sent out a special report to American people titled “Nation At Risk On Education“.

The future of this nation with steady prosperity, social stabilization, and individual happiness must be measured mostly by how effective the education system is for our younger generations.

The United States can’t simply live alone on this troubling planet Earth without facing constantly tougher, continuing competitions on the education fronts from friends and foes alike overseas. Furthermore, continuing to borrow and import skilled and knowledgeable workers with low paychecks from foreign countries is certainly not a long term solution for our huge and long lasting problems in America.

We can’t afford waiting 25 years more (from Kindergarten to college graduations) for Bill of Education Amendment to be enacted and incorporated into the US Constitution. Right now, a majority of American people recognizes clearly that education and academic performances in America have been constantly getting worse, with tons of different problems pilling up every school year and after many major elections.

Our grandparents and parents all gave their first and utmost important lifetime advice to us: Education is the future. Remember?

Do I make myself clear, Ladies and Gentlemen living in this beautiful, brave, and can-attitude nation of the USA?

Lee Nguyen ( Houston, Texas. U.S.A.)

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