28th Amendment to fix education

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                        HERE IS WHY WITH MY EXPLANATIONS BELOW:    

Hi Michael,

Yesterday some of my petition supporters sent me a live video of WH meeting to discuss about this subject and issue: The Federal Department of Education to be merged with Labor Department.

I need to take sometimes to write a special letter to US Congress and the WH voicing my valid grave concerns. In the meantime, I would share my thought with you today, our Nation’s Fourth of July Independent Day holiday:

* For more than 38 years, the Federal Department of Education hasn't made any significant improvements or impressive positive results in education for American school children. Young American generations have been poorly prepared for their future during the past 38 years since the Federal Department of Education was hastily created by President Jimmy Carter in 1979.

* During the 2016 Presidential election/campaign, GOP candidate Donald J. Trump promised to abolish the Federal Department of Education. I was one of the early supporters of Trump’s campaign, pinpointing his great agendas to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, including his verbal promise of getting rid of the Federal Department of Education in Washington D.C. Even I wrote several articles on Facebook, Google, and Twitter to predict in July and September 2016 that Donald J. Trump will be the 45th President of the USA.

* Now someone cabinet member in the WH proposed to merge this ineffective and broken federal department with another bureaucratic, inefficient federal department. They called it as a new and improved department!! Here is my logical analysis: It looks like you have two old wrinkled 5 dollar bills, each was put in left and right pocket and now you put them together in one single pocket and then declare that you have more money. Obviously, they all wanted to do magic tricks and cheats to the American people....It is a very, very stupid idea.

* The new department certainly won't solve any single, current turmoil, problem, and setback in education in America. And the whole country has been trying zillion different things including tens of trillions dollars of school taxes to fix education in America. All efforts, policies, and measures failed completely! Why so? These 4 crucial elements for education in the US’ education system have been still missing: FULL CONTROL, OBLIGATED RESPONSIBILITY, COMMITTED ACCOUNTABILITY, JOB DUTY FULFFILMENT.

* The 10th Amendment has also been one of the major factors that facilitated the deteriorations of education over the years when this vague amendment doesn’t spell out correctly the delegated power between the Federal government and local State government regarding to education issues. Who has the full authority and essential power to do the job of education in America? The 10th Amendment actually did open up a giant room inviting political candidates, elected officials to come in for nonstop debates, verbal promise, and blame games to get votes on behalf of education, elections, and self-promotion agendas.

And a majority of American was already aware of politicians' campaign promises to fix, strengthen, and improve education in America during the past 38 years. Do you believe elected leaders and political candidates will stop selling campaign promises of education improvements along with blame games in the next 38 years?

Michael, up to today, there are absolutely no more choices or options left available for the United States to correctly fix, improve, and/or strengthen its education and school systems except this my proposed idea: 28th amendment to fix education. My idea for the whole country and her future is to constitutionally grant those 4 important but still missing components in our education system to 51 local states in the Union.

They all need and want an official amendment to be added to our existing US constitution to declare so. We all no longer are able to use federal policies, verbal promises, election campaign, blame games, school taxes, and debatable debates to solely fix education in America. 

The Federal government already has too much power and responsibility. Let’s provide each and every local state a much needed tool in order for them to fulfill the obligated responsibility to do the job of education. They will have to prepare a better future for our young American school children during this difficult and challenging 21st century. The ongoing tougher competitions on the education front around the globe will make them not to ignore their committed accountability for effective education.                                         

As young American people grow up along with effective, sound education system as they can be ready to rebuild the United States of America after the 28th amendment to fix education become a national laws.

I hope you and tens of millions American citizens out there to sign my petition in support for my “ 28th amendment to fix education” idea ( Just google search the sentence “ 28th amendment to fix education” for a link and have it signed online.

I love you, Michael!                     HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY

 Lee (07/04/2018 - Texas USA )

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