Have A Ice Age Live Action Remake Happen.

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Ice Age was an animated movie released in 2002, by 20th Century Fox (now known as 20th Century Studios) & Blue Sky Studios. And has gained a lot of fans, and also started the Ice Age franchise, with 5 movies in total, 7 shorts, and 2 holiday specials. And is one of the animated movies, better than their sequels, and was also nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, but lost to Spirited Away. There has been no news on a 6th Ice Age movie. But, what about a Live Action remake of the first. Since Disney bought 20th Century Fox, the chances have increased for a Ice Age live action reboot. Doesn't need to be more than one movie, but a live action version of the first movie would satisfy a lot of fans of the franchise, and maybe it could get a sequel if the movie is successful and makes a lot of money at the box office. Yeah, people may have mixed feelings about live action remakes of popular animated movies. But, a Ice Age Live Action remake would be cool. It could maybe include Deleted Scenes from the first film, and maybe have the toner a little darker (like Jungle Book 2016). Keep the storyline from the first, but maybe add some changes. Don't know about voice actors for Manny, Sid, & Diego, maybe have the original actors return or maybe some new ones. I wouldn't might who voices Manny, Sid, & Diego in the live action reboot. As of for me, Ice Age was a part of my childhood, loved it when i was a kid, my favorite was Manny, and would love to see him in Live Action form, along with Sid & Diego and don't forget, that acorn loving squirrel, Scrat. If you want a live action Ice Age, Consider signing this petition if you are a fan of the franchise. Non Ice Age fans are welcome as well.