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With your help, we can pass much-needed state laws in Hawaii defining human-trafficking as a felony offense while recognizing victims. Hawaii is now 1 of 4 states lacking any local anti human-trafficking state laws.

According to the Honolulu StarAdvertiser, federal agents report that Hawaii is also one of the handful of states with the worst child-trafficking problem. Whether the victim be a child or an adult, international or U.S. citizen, sex-trafficking should never be tolerated by ignoring the state's opportunity to address the crime on the local level.

Sign this petition. United we can stop human-trafficking in Hawaii.

Please pass HB141 SD1 (Labor-Trafficking) and HB240 SD1 (Promoting Prostitution). Please do not gut them in Conference!

Letter to
Deputy Prosecutor Jon Riki Karamatsu
Hawaii State House
Hawaii State Senate
and 2 others
President of the United States
Hawaii Governor
The rise in Human Trafficking among international and domestic trafficked persons is increasing as Hawaii is now 1 of 4 states in the nation that has not passed local legislation making it all too easy for victims of this modern-day slavery to fall through the cracks of our justice system as they are mistakenly seen as "illegal immigrants."

Hawaii has also recently been implicated in a federal investigation of the largest labor-trafficking case in U.S. history involving more than 400 victims. (Global Horizons).

Existing laws are non-existent to deter Labor-Trafficking while protecting victims. Effective deterrents require bringing traffickers who exploit trafficked persons, to justice.

The lack of legal definition in our Hawaii criminal statutes creates a reluctance in the implementation of adequate services and facilities in Hawaii to meet the needs of trafficking victims in terms of health care, housing, education, medical services, and legal assistance-- services which safely support the recovery and ability of trafficked persons to regain control of their lives and also to assist with the prosecution of traffickers.

In order to deter Human Trafficking, Hawaii must recognize that Human Trafficking is a serious offense. This can be simply accomplished by prescribing appropriate punishment, giving priority to the prosecution of trafficking offenses, and protecting, rather than punishing or ignoring, the victims of these offenses.

Please pass HB141 SD1 (Labor-Trafficking) and HB240 SD1 (Promoting Prostitution)

Please do not gut these bills.