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2011 Signatures to Pass Hawaii Anti Human-Trafficking Laws in 2011

With your help, we can pass much-needed state laws in Hawaii defining human-trafficking as a felony offense while recognizing victims. Hawaii is now 1 of 4 states lacking any local anti human-trafficking state laws.

According to the Honolulu StarAdvertiser, federal agents report that Hawaii is also one of the handful of states with the worst child-trafficking problem. Whether the victim be a child or an adult, international or U.S. citizen, sex-trafficking should never be tolerated by ignoring the state's opportunity to address the crime on the local level.

Sign this petition. United we can stop human-trafficking in Hawaii.

Please pass HB141 SD1 (Labor-Trafficking) and HB240 SD1 (Promoting Prostitution). Please do not gut them in Conference!

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