YouTube, Google, Blogspot, GoFundMe, Patreon, Twitter, Facebook

YouTube, Google, Blogspot, GoFundMe, Patreon, Twitter, Facebook

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Natasha DeLima started this petition to Natasha News Natasha DeLima and

Despite the Executive Order preventing election interference, a new DOJ, a lawsuit pending that is being heard by the Supreme Court on censorship, the abuse continues.  YouTube does not even pay me a living wage despite 2 channels and a blog, despite the fact that I earn a paycheck and I set them up by putting on double ads, and some "non skip" ads to show they steal it all.  They think paying a couple hundred a week when the channels earn 5 times that, is acceptable, and it is not.  Twitter just unlawfully suspended me on 11/9/18, citing violating twitter rules when I was not.  They are all out of control because the Senate was won, and there was massive voter fraud being exposed, and my reach is large as is anyone telling the truth.  These people will not stop until they have consequences.

YouTube has frozen the subscriber and view count going on 2 years.  Despite it being impossible to "freeze" channels, they manipulate the data and do not allow for new views, or increased subscribers, even though new people find all of us every single day.  Judicial Watch is suing them for doing this, and they need consequences badly.  They are all evil and target and weaponize their websites.

Google is being sued (Blogspot)  I renewed my blog, but they have hijacked it and I have no access to it, and I had to renew it because they used it to steal my audience and write up a sick twisted stalker blog about me and my work  I pay for this blog, and renewed it October 29,2018, but no one can asses it because Google is holding it hostage.  They are also underpaying me in ad revenue and hiding views on the new blog.  

lawsuit  Gary Franci  Larry Klayman

 Fair Use Laws and Virtual Property case which is now case law for this case and others

 intellectual property lawyer

 Lead Plaintiff Natasha 

Youtube is Stealing MILLIONS OF DOLLARS and millions from channel owners, in ways of stealing ad revenue.  When videos are monetized, they are running the ads, deleting the views and comments left on channels, and then demeaning channel success by subtracting thousands of views per channel, to steal the revenue.

We have been robbed by so many thousand dollars.  They have tampered with accounts, closed accounts, deleted subscribers, views, entire channels.  They have Breached Their own Contract with Channel owners.  They changed user terms, lying about their advertisers, just to embezzle more revenue & stress out channel owners.  However in a contract, people have to be alerted to changes in terms & also agree w/ them.  When they are hidden to deceive, how can anyone agree? 

Go Fund Me Has unlawfully closed my fundraiser, without provocation, notice, or any reason, it is connected to this petition, my videos, and retaliation for the truth.  Naturally, the connection is location, power, Democratic base, and too much influence on each other.  Also none of these sites like consequences for their illicit criminal actions, or discrimination, harassment, abuse, or anything in between

Patreon is deleting comments, and they appear to be embezzling revenue and hiding actual channel "patrons".  They have been harassing me since I got on there and deleting private conversations between myself and patrons, and deleting comments completely and putting them into spam, making it look as though I am not responding to comments.  Now they are deleting them.  The only reason to tamper w/ comments is that they have something to hide = subscribers that I don't know are there.  This whole site is set up to embezzle and a video showing this is upcoming, it's also being turned in to the FBI 

Twitter, has been closing accounts, locking people out, harassing them, and bullying  Deleting followers, deleting to make people appear to have worked less hard at building up an account it's so juvenile. 

Twitter has harassed worldwide and suspended accounts during the election and discriminated against people opposing sharia law.  They violated free speech and have perpetuated ridiulous amounts of anger and stress across the globe. There are victims of a suspension and still is as of January 13, 2017.  Since Twitter has done this to many users of the twitter site, compensation for this bullying and harassment is on the website  Infliction of emotional distress, cyberbullying, harassment, and cyber crimes are all against the Constitution.  Twitter has to cease their bullying and adhere to USA laws. 

Twitter executives leaving - controversial policies & politics

Twitter and Facebook & Youtube are committing federal crimes on their websites that are massive, & despite being under investigation they continue to escalate.

Twitter Censoring, Shadowbanning and harassing twitter users

When I rented private healing videos, at $2.99 = $4.99, several hundred times they were rented and I was paid for 5. 

Youtube is going crazy.  Their number 1 channel,  is having millions of his views stolen and people unsubscribed that subscribe.  Youtube is messing with channels small and large, stealing the monetization and they have tampered with free speech.

Youtube is deleting subscribers every day now, and totally messing with comments and views.  They are cut out up to 85%, that I can see in some cases. 

August 11, 2017, they demonetized our videos, and Diamond & Silk lost 95% of their monetization.  So did Paul Watson & Myself.  On a 3 day break, where I uploaded videos & caught them at the crime of embezzlement, they refused to advance my videos on the other 3900 (90 new uploads from August 1-10) and in the time after July monetization, they cut it down by 2/3.  After this "handful of videos was said to be not suitable content, even though they were fine and monetized in July, YouTube did not increase or add monetization back, even after the videos were approved.

YouTube has been sent correspondence and their answer was "we can't answer you now on monetization under the contract you have, since you have reported a lawsuit"  .  Channels earn between .10cents and .30 cents a view per video, and they also pay YouTube (the advertisers).  YouTube steals those views, to steal each time x millions of views and channels.  This is a massive crime. 

They have no 0 accountability until now, and the upcoming slew of multi million dollar lawsuits and Plaintiffs between all of us filing lawsuits is over 1/2 million people suing YouTube alone, ( and then add Facebook, Twitter and Google) 

YouTube embezzlement live


Math, logic, and numbers tell you if you earned so much in July, then added subscribers, 90 more videos and had more viewers, you would make MORE money than the month before.  But YouTube embezzlement team cut it down, causing the choice to either force a 3rd demonetization or pay up.  

The lawsuit now has mounting Plaintiff's, we are protecting the names so that they don't end up in a river somewhere, in the mounting democratic body bag count that never ends.  But when it comes to this case, all Plaintiff's will be revealed and compensated under the law. 

All of the injured parties that sign and have been harassed or injured by this petition are asking for criminal restitution, and compensation for the infliction of emotional distress.  

These web sites instead, have the responsibility to be non discriminatory, non abusive, and lawful.  If we do not hold them liable for what they have done, they will have ruined the safety of social media platforms at the expense of our lives, and the profit they take from advertisers on all sites.  

Please sign this petition to end internet abuse. 

This is the operation theory of the left & they try every single thing to bully and intimidate and demean people 


Compensation from Twitter and Facebook for Infliction of Emotional Distress, bullying, and closing twitter accounts before and during the election, and then afterwards.

Facebook for unlawfully deleting posts or accounts that were using free speech.

Youtube - Comensation for harassment, bullying theft, stealing monitization for years, putting accurate channel counts on all of my channels, ceasing the theft of views and comments 100%, reimbursement for video rentals revenue that was stolen and for loss of those rentals and subsequent lost earnings because once you were stealing revenue, I had to end that income.  Interest on all monitization and triple damages under Massachusetts law for operating in bad faith.  Additional compensation for infliction of emotional distress, and for continuing into 2017, for freezing video counts and for forcing me to terminate monitization from daily harassment as Youtube tried to fight a virtual fight, while stealing from me.  

We are seeking civiil damages for this abuse and endless cyber crimes, that continue to occur.  We informed the secret service of these crimes & they are even blocking our positive and supportive tweets to our new President from showing up on his feed.

We are seeking compensation from all 7 websites, Google, Youtube Twitter and Facebook, Go Fund Me, Patreon, and BlogSpot 

We are presenting this petition to the websites in hopes that they choose to honor the terms of the Petition.  If they refuse, both criminal charges and a 5 billion dollar federal law suit will be filed.  Once the petition is presented, they have 60 days to accept it.  

0 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!
At 7,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!