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1,000,000 People for Better Lives for All Autistic Persons!

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I'm  a mother of a daughter, diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder and I'm diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder myself. I am passionate to see funds be released to provide more services of different kinds for adults with autism as well as to see covered services for all families of children with autism, including low-income families and minority families. Currently, the diagnostic and support services that do exist are for those 21 and under, and those are available usually to families able to pay or who have quality, private insurance. Sometimes states may provide limited coverage for these families. As for adults with autism, virtually no diagnostic or support services that families can access or afford. In my state, adults like myself who yearn for an autism evaluation must wait a year in advance if we must depend on insurance; if you are 21 or over, support services are almost nonexistent. In a nutshell, this petition calls for a comprehensive package of covered services for all persons with autism in the US.

Goal of Petition:  The goal is to obtain funding for mostly support services but also for research, for persons of all ages, races, incomes and walks of life who have suspected or diagnosed Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs). Currently, most autism services are available only to autistic persons under age 21 whose families are able to pay for these services. Services for autistic adults are very limited or available only in certain areas in the US. Because of this, far too many people of all ages even in this age of awareness, continue to "fall between the cracks." This petition calls for comprehensive coverage for all autistic persons.

Currently, there are $931 million available for autism funding; this includes $693 million in the Combating Autism Re-Authorization Act (CARA), signed into law by President Obama in September 20, 2011 but never appropriated ( This also includes $238 million in autism projects that expired at the end of September 2012 (, Sept. 19, 2012). What is needed is for these funds to be re-newed, appropriated and then re-allocated to include adults with autism.

Thank you for considering this petition. If you wish to find out more feel free to look at my letter to the US President and the US Congress below. Your support means very much to every person who is touched by autism!


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