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  • Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills

Vince Cable is the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills. He has been MP for Twickenham since 1997.

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Sir Vince Cable: RESIGN as Lib Dem leader for comparing Brexiteers with 'Jihadists'

In an article for the Mail on Sunday on 6th August 2017, the leader of the Liberal Democrats Sir Vince Cable made remarks that compared 'hardline' supporters of Brexit to 'Brexit Jihadis' - a disgusting comparison in light of the number of ISIS-inspired terror attacks that have taken place on British soil in recent times. The article can be read here. Although we respect Cable's right to use emotive and passionate language to justify his view as a 'Remainer,' after all both sides have gotten pretty 'fruity' with each other since the EU referendum in June 2016, it is clear that this particular comparison is unacceptable and in incredibly bad taste. It must be remembered that 'Jihadi' is a term that refers to someone who is a holy warrior in the name of Islam. Thanks for your support! The team at Your Brexit. Our original article on this matter can be viewed below. The leader of the Liberal Democrats Vince Cable could be heading for a whole world of trouble after he used the term 'Brexit Jihadis' to describe a number of people who had voted Leave in the EU referendum of 2016. Let's just allow that to sink in for a moment. The term 'jihadi' is incredibly emotive at the moment after the spate of terror attacks on British soil in 2017 at the hands of ISIS-inspired fanatics. The word itself can basically be used for anyone waging this 'holy war' in the name of Islam. When describing so-called 'anti-EU hardliners' and people being referred to as 'martyrs for Brexit' while writing for the Mail On Sunday, Cable added: 'To describe such masochism as 'martyrdom' is dangerous. We haven't yet heard about 'Brexit jihadis' but there is an undercurrent of violence in the language which is troubling.' What the hell is talking about? He is referring to people who both online and in the 'real world' have legally described their anti-EU thoughts in a passionate manner. If fools like Cable are allowed to spout nonsense on a very public platform about passionate Brexit supporters being 'Brexit Jihadis,' surely we could all argue that his comments are just as inflammatory and potentially harmful. Ever since the EU referendum result became known in June 2016, Brexit supporters have been subjected to some horrific abuse from the so-called intellectuals and just generally 'better human beings' who are horrified at the thought of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union. It goes without saying that they have given some back as well - that's the way the game works after all! However, to be described by a senior politician as 'Brexit Jihadis' is just plain wrong - it goes beyond what many people would describe as 'reasonable argument.' Being compared to sick and twisted ISIS fighters and suicide bombers is unacceptable, and although we would hope that he explains his remarks in due course, we won't be holding our breath!  

Your Brexit
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Vince Cable, Secretary of State for Business, Skills and Innovation.: End plans to do away with the British Antarctic Survey (BAS).

The British Antarctic Survey is a world-leading research organisation with an unparalleled international reputation for polar science. Its research has over five decades led to many world-changing discoveries, including the ‘hole’ in the Earth’s protective ozone layer. Today its scientists are conducting vital work to try to understand the unique environments of the Arctic and Antarctic, particularly the very rapid climatic changes occurring at the poles. The merger would undermine the work of polar scientists and diminish Britain’s national presence in the polar regions. The work of the British Antarctic Survey has never been more important, or more relevant to the UK. For example, teams of BAS scientists are presently looking into the risk of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet collapsing, which on its own would lead to three metres of global sea level rise, affecting low lying areas across the world, including major cities such as London. We believe that proposals from the Natural Environment Research Council (which reports to Vince Cable's department) to merge the British Antarctic Survey with the National Oceanography Centre ( would damage British Polar science at time of vital international need. We believe the British Antarctic Survey should remain as a separate entity dedicated to polar scientific research, fully funded, with its headquarters kept in Cambridge within the world-leading research centre in which it is embedded.

Tony Juniper
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Petitioning Council of the European Union, European Commission, European Parliament, United Nations, UK Parliament, Human Rights Campaign, Jeremy Corbyn MP, Theresa May MP, Mr Sauli Niinistö, Mr Christian Kern...


My name is Elisabeth, I am Catalan. I am a 29 year old mother of two and I live in London. Like most of you, I have signed many petitions that have arrived in my mail box from and other organisations during the past years, mostly about wars and violent conflicts around the world. But I never imagined that I would have to write one of my own for my own country. As all of you have seen in the front pages of newspapers and media websites around the word, on Sunday Spain's government ordered a brutal and horrible action towards Catalan people who were peacefully queuing in streets and in polling stations. The scale of violence and brutal force used by the national police can only be described in images... no words can fully describe it..... indiscriminate hitting with truncheons, guns firing big rubber balls which are illegal weapons in Catalonia, kicking, slapping, dragging people by the hair, throwing people from stairs...... More than 800 people were injured, many of them had to be treated in hospital, two of them are in a serious condition. A young woman who was defending elderly people was taken by a police officer who broke three of her fingers one by one purposefully as a punishment for interfering while he was hitting innocent people. I am sure that the images of elderly people on the ground bleeding from their heads have appalled all of you..... There are no reasons, no excuses, no logic, no political views and agenda that can justify these barbaric actions and the brutality that happened yesterday. And yet, most European Countries, world leaders and the European Union are quiet! They don't dare to condemn the brutality of the images because they don't want to be at odds with the Spanish government because of their own political interests despite the UN Human Rights Comitee 'warning the Spanish authorities that their “worrying” efforts to halt Sunday’s poll appear to violate fundamental rights and risk stifling debate “at a critical moment for Spain’s democracy"' (the guardian).  This is complete hypocrisy!!! Europe and the 'Western World' always praise themselves for their 'freedom', 'democracy', 'sense of justice', 'human rights', 'freedom of expression', etc. and try to indoctrinate the whole world about it. They invade other countries in the name of 'democracy and justice' and to create 'democracies' like their own. They condemn the violence and brutality of any government in the developing world which shows signs of totalitarianism. They help and support minorities in developing countries. They are 'the saviors of the world', the 'more advanced countries', the countries that the rest of the world has to be moulded up to. And yet........ In front of their eyes, on their doorstep, in a part of their Europe, a part of their 'developed Western World' they saw yesterday brutality and violence being used by a state against a minority; they saw blood on elderly people; they saw repression, censorship, human rights being breached..... and yet..... most remain silent. Or even worse.... Boris Johnson was the first person from the British government to tweet on Sunday evening:"The Catalonian referendum is a matter for the Spanish govt & people. Spain is a close ally and a good friend, whose strength and unity matters to the UK" @borisjohnson Is this all that the British government has to say about the brutality of Sunday? Regardless of the political views and beliefs, would it not be normal for a politician and human being to start his tweet by saying how sad he is about what happened 'today' in Spain and that he feels sad for the more than eight hundred injured people and wishes the more seriously injured of them a quick recovery? Where is the humanity in our 'Western' governments when violence creates victims in their own Western World, perpetrated by their own allies? The European Commission declared on Monday that 'this is an internal matter for Spain' and 'We trust the leadership of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy to manage this difficult process' ( They support Spain's Prime Minister brutal actions! I am certain that if yesterday's events had happened in a Middle Eastern Country, Asia or Africa, all of Europe would be condemning the brutality of the 'bad' totalitarian government against a peaceful minority. They would all feel proud of being the 'good', 'advanced', 'democratic' governments of the West and would tweet and appear on the news publicly condemning the brutal events. Some of them might even try to help and diplomatically intervene! The EU, Boris Johnson and Angela Merkel called yesterday's actions an 'internal problem' of Spain. They don't call it 'internal problems' when they invade, intervene and interfere in lots of developing world countries! Catalan people need help and they stubbornly deny it because they don't want to damage their relationship with Spain. This is pure hypocrisy! Where is their belief in human rights now? On Sunday I was extremely sad to see my people being beaten, the grandparents of my friends bleeding, family friends in younger sister full of fear....the images of my country made my heart full of tears..... But the sadness also came from realizing how hypocritical our 'Western world' is, that Europe and the European Union are useless, that they don't protect their citizens.... that even knowing that tension was escalating, even after the UN posted a report about the breach of human rights by the Spanish Government last Thursday (before all this brutality happened!), Europe remained quiet, the European Union didn't act or try to mediate.... I have always felt very European, felt very proud of being 'Europe', felt very proud of the values of our 'Western World' and subconsciously believed in our 'advanced status' in terms of democracy, justice, human rights.... On Sunday, Spain's brutality made my heart sink.... but Europe's and its leaders' silence and words made me feel lost in a world that I had believed in. Spain has blood on its hands but so do European countries for allowing it to happen without trying to mediate, and even worse, for not even condemning the brutality.Please help me in asking Europe's and the World politicians and leaders to condemn yesterday's events, to tell Spain's government that it is not right to use brutal force against unarmed and peaceful people, to condemn the breech of human rights as the UN has already done. Are you happy that your government and your representatives agree with Spain's brutal actions yesterday that shocked the world? Do you agree that your government and representatives don't condemn acts that breach human rights? This is not an internal problem in Catalonia. This is a problem that affects all of us as it shows the hypocrisy of all our governments and representatives and it shows that we are undefended and alone and that if it is not a part of their interests (oil, political alliances, financial benefit, winning electors...) our leaders and politicians don't care if blood is being shed in front of our homes. Please help me, us, and all of you who believe in human rights by signing this petition and forwarding it in facebook, whatsapp, twitter, etc. to as many people as possible. We all, as human beings have to protect human rights and condemn violence, as clearly, our politicians and representatives sadly don't. Thank you.....................................

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Include breastfeeding supplies in the Healthy Start Voucher Scheme UK.

In the UK we offer healthy start vouchers to mothers who are eligible which enables the purchase of artificial milk, I believe this should be altered to include breastfeeding support materials, such as breast pads, milk storage bags and breast pumps. In the UK we have one of the lowest rates of breastfeeding in the world, and I believe that by adapting the Healthy Start vouchers to assist breastfeeding mothers, it would encourage the normalisation of breastfeeding throughout the UK. Please sign if you agree!

Lisa Waters
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Stop Gibraltar farm housing build

Today locals of lordswood and surrounding areas have found out that 450 homes will be built over land between lordswood and Hempstead.  This will cause many problems ,  Medway hospital are under tremendous pressure and in the media lime light due to this. The local school will be under pressure to ensure a space for new families.  North Dane way will become a nightmare for traffic.  The locals in surrounding areas enjoys the rural areas for may reasons and have been fighting hard to prevent this from happening.  The MP'S who think this is a good idea should come visit our area and discuss this with the locals and look into the cons as we see it not from a financial point of view !    

Laura Forsey
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Petitioning Rt Hon Vince Cable MP

Railcare Wolverton

On Wednesday 31st July 2013, Railcare went into administration, placing jobs in Wolverton, Milton Keynes and Springburn, Scotland at risk. On Friday many employess were made redundant in brutal fashion, their names read from a list having already not been paid for nearly 6 weeks. The Wolverton and Springburn sites are of national significance, situated on the West Coast Mainline, the skilled jobs and site could not be replaced. The jobs in MK are the last on the once vast Wolverton Works but this is not nostalgia, as from October this year the order book of the business remains strong. It is the Coalition's stated aim to "rebalance" the UK economy back towards skilled and manufacturing. However since the news broke, little has been done to ensure these priceless jobs are maintained for the long term, despite the short term difficulties of Railcare. The Wolverton & Springburn communities are strong. The Wolverton Works are 175 years old this year, but the future is just as important. We are therefore calling on Vince Cable MP to support the UK economy and secure the future of both Works by providing funding to ensure skilled workers can remain in their roles until a buyer for the business is found or through to October when the business can return to health. We also call on Vince Cable MP to ensure all workers are paid for all periods they are owed in full and as quickly as possible. Cllr Peter Marland Leader, Milton Keynes Labour Group & Wolverton ward member @pete_marland

Cllr Peter Marland
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Delay the RBS sale of Hough End Hall until December 2015 so the community can buy it.

  Friends of Hough End Hall is working to make this fine Tudor manor house available as a resource for the community of South Manchester. The Hall is currently owned by the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), through its subsidiary 'West Register'. We have succeeded in having it listed as a 'community asset' which means a sale cannot be concluded for six months. While the Hall has been vacant for some two years, there is now pressure from the Treasury for RBS to get rid of its property portfolio as part of the Bank's “de-leveraging”. That means that when the moratorium on its sale ends on 25 November, they will want to sell the Hall as soon as possible. Our problem is that our best chance of raising the money to buy the Hall is through a big grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund. But although our meetings with them have been encouraging, it will take longer than this until they could agree the money. This is because of the considerable amount of work needed to demonstrate that our plans to run the Hall are water-tight, and the set dates that they work to for considering proposals and finally agreeing funding (December, 2015) We have spoken to management at West Register, who although sympathetic, have clear instructions from above to make a sale as soon as possible. We are therefore asking that a special case be made for Hough End Hall, delaying any sale until the process of consideration by the Heritage Lottery Fund is completed in December 2015. With a sale price of £300k, Hough End Hall is an insignificant part of RBS's £5.3Bn property assets for sale (£3.7Bn with West Register).  We understand the need to realise the value of RBS assets for the tax payer, but suggest that supporting this community bid to buy fits fully within that mission.  

Friends of Hough End Hall
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Remove Swimmer Taylor Mckeown from the 2018 Commonwealth Games

By allowing Olympic Swimmer Taylor Mckeown to compete in the 2018 Commonwealth games, We are telling the Australian public that it is acceptable to bully and harras teenagers. Recently Taylor Mckeown bullied a young 19 yr old girl, telling her "your work is shi*t" and "your a joke". She then proceeded to post this attack on her personal page ,asking fans to do the same. After repeated attempts to get Taylor to stop the bullying ordeal, the young teen gave up. Days later she was to afraid to open her phone hundreds of messages from Taylor Mckeowns fans, continuing the bullying! this is not acceptable. How can we possibly teach our children bullying is not ok, when there "role models" condone this behaviour!   remove Taylor Mckeown from the 2018 Commonwealth games, And show her and the Australian Public Bullying IS NOT OK! newspaper link:

J Dawson
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Help keep our family together

  My name is Maria Watts.I've been with my partner Hayley Altmann for 4 years. We have 5 year old twin boys.Hayley has been a second parent since they were 15 months old.The boys and myself are British citizens. We applied for Hayleys right to remain under article 8 in April 2015,it was denied. We appealed and our hearing was twice delayed till the 30th of June 2017.Our appeal was refused. The judge recognised us as a family and Hayley as a second parent but expected us to move to Israel where Hayley is from. We cannot uproot the children. The Israeli immigration rules as well as the difficulty to integrate were not considered.Neither were the fact that we have never been there or that we do not speak the language. Hayley was forced to book a flight for the 17th of October.We can only make a new application for entry clearance in around 7 months due to regulations concerning finances.The affect on Leo and Reece would be immense.It is heartbreaking. The boys are extremly attached to Hayley and having her leave after years of being with her every single day would have a detrimental and highly upsetting affect on them.They have just started school and are doing so well and thriving. All they know is their life in the UK with their two mummys and extended family,including grandparents,aunt,uncles and cousins. In addition,Hayley is a professional,a senior caring assistant who so many people in the UK could benefit from her set of skills. She would not be a financial burden on anyone and is a person of good character. We are shocked and dismayed as to why they would prefer to either seperate a family and put us through so much unnecessary upset or expect 3 British citizens to just move to another country rather than do the logical and humane thing-Allow Hayley to stay so we can continue being a family. Please help us as much as you can and thank you.        

Maria Watts
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No More Plastic Straws in McDonalds

Plastic pollution is a growing problem in the world. By 2050 it is estimated that, by weight, there is going to be more plastic than fish in the world. And, in recent years it has also started to make its way into the food-chain. Whales are known to have eaten plastic bags, so too have Sea Turtles. Whilst, fish have succumbed to eating polyethyelene microplastics. However, in recent years a new problem has come to the attention of the public: Plastic Straws. They are known to have caused the drowning of turtles  as they get stuck in their nostrils. This is needless and inhumane. Especially when an easy alternative is already readily available worldwide. Paper straws do exactly the same, except when they have been used they biodegrade. McDonalds, one of the largest Transnational Corporations in every country is one of the front-runners in their production of plastic straws, if they can stop, why can't many others follow their lead?! When we, as a nation, signed up to the UN Sustainable Development Goals we pledged to help life under water- this could be one of the biggest steps in helping us achieve this. Please sign...#PlasticStrawsSuck 

Sam Street
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Uphold the VAT Exemption Threshold for businesses supplying digital products

The changes to VAT on digital products is not new or sudden - the change was agreed in 2008 and we've done a lot to communicate it to businesses. Regardless, the majority of UK micro-businesses will not be affected. Here's a breakdown of how the changes affect micro-businesses: Micro-businesses that trade only in the UK - and never sell to the EU - won't have to do anything. They won't have to register for VAT in 2015. Micro-businesses that do sell to other countries in the EU but only do so through marketplaces like an app store also won’t have to register for VAT. It's up to the operator of the marketplace to account for VAT charges. Micro-businesses that trade to the UK and to the EU will have to register for VAT. But if they can separate out their cross-border business from their domestic they will only have to register for VAT on their cross-border sales. UK sales will be unaffected. Hope that helps clear up the change. Vince P.S. Lib Dems want to introduce a digital bill of rights - can you let us know what should be a part of it?

3 years ago