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  • Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills

Vince Cable is the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills. He has been MP for Twickenham since 1997.

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Ban plastic cutlery and straws in fast-food chains to protect our oceans and marine life.

Globally, we throw away 500 million straws a day and according to, we dump 8 million tonnes of single-use plastic in our oceans yearly. Plastic cutlery and straws have an incredibly short usage time, yet take several 100 years to break down and decompose when they end up in our oceans. No marine species are safe from the toxic impact of the plastic that is heavily polluting our oceans. Straws and cutlery often end up in the digestive systems and in the noses and throats of our marine life, ultimately killing them and contributing to the depletion of already struggling species of fish and marine mammals. Multiple studies have also shown that we too are consuming the plastic fragments ingested by fish. Starbucks, McDonald's and Subway are giants in their fields. They have the power to lead the way in industry-wide change when it comes to the wasteful and toxic throwing away of hundreds of millions of pieces of single-use plastic DAILY. When they make the change, others will be encouraged to follow. If smaller, independent coffee and fast-food stores are able to use paper straws and biodegradable alternatives to plastic cutlery, huge companies like Starbucks and McDonald's most definitely can too. It is thought that if we continue on our current trajectory, by 2050 our oceans could hold more plastic than they do fish. We have to make a change NOW. 

Kirstie Brittain
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STOP FAILING OUR CHILDREN More Beds For Adolescent Mental Health. #wecaresherry

#wecaresherry   "Standing In The Gap". With failing mental health services in the UK, over 200 children aged between just 10 & 19 committed suicide in 2016. Children as young as 10 are being refused NHS support in the UK due to a shortage of mental health This means the number of children will continue to rise.  One child's life you could save right now is Sherry's. This is Sherry's story.  Sherry is just 17 years of age. Sherry suffers from ADHD and Bipolar, she has suffered on and off in her young life with mental health issues but Sherry is now in desperate need of a long term psychiatric bed. This young vulnerable girl has been failed by mental health services in the UK for a long time but no more than the last 3 weeks. At the tender age of just 15, Sherry was admitted into a Priory Hospital, where she spent 9 months being treated for Anorexia. While being admitted the hospital failed to complete their inventory check meaning that Sherry was able to take the glass from a make up mirror into hospital. She was also placed in a room with a tv meaning she had means to hang herself with cables which she did. Now in just a few short weeks, Sherry has been in and out of hospital but in the last 10 days she has attempted suicide 9 times, she has also been seen by 18 'professionals' who have discharged her. This team of professionals includes a psychiatrist. In this 10 day window she cut herself over and over again to the point her wounds were so deep that it went into her muscle. Sherry inflicted this harm on each arm and each leg, yet she was deemed fit to go home by the hospital!! She told the psychiatrist, "my name is Sherry and I have a story, that I took my own life, I've known it for a long time, and I will do it". Such chilling words to come from such a young lady, those words were then played out again when she then took all of her prescribed medication in front of her youth support worker and ended up in critical care for two days while she fitted as her body was trying to cope with the dose she took. We then hoped and prayed as she gained strength that she would be detained under the mental health act but NO she was again released from hospital and sent home with no care other than from her loving parents. Her parents Andi and Chris have done everything above and beyond to help Sherry, even down to removing sharp objects from the house so she couldn't hurt herself but again on Wednesday 15th November 2017, Sherry left the house and within 15 minutes an ambulance and police were at the top of their street. Heartbroken once again Andi & Chris just knew instantly that it was Sherry, she had again cut her self over then tried to get on to the train tracks to end her life. Thankfully, a member of the public saw her and called the police. They acted with extreme speed, if they hadn't she wouldn't be alive today and her 'story' would have come true Sherry is thankfully FOR NOW, currently sectioned for 28 days while under assessment but they can release her after that. This again will probably be to lack of adolescent mental health beds. If she is again discharged she will continue to do what she does until she succeeds with what she currently wants to do and that is end her life. BUT..This is not just about sherry it's about all the youngsters who suffer with mental health problems.God forbid if Sherry had achieved " her story " who would of taken responsibility for her death? It wouldn't of been any of those 18 professionals.Please help us get this petition noticed by signing & standing in the gap with us for a loved child with mental health. Please share with everyone and anyone you know so we can start to help save our next generations lives!!  Thank you.  #wecaresherry please visit our fb campaign page    

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Implement scanning for all UK newborn babies for Hip Dysplasia

I am re-raising this issue as it is something that has personally touched my life and since being diagnosed in my teens I have faced years of multiple surgeries and continuous pain. The International Hip Dysplasia Institute suggests 9 out of 10 cases of hip dysplasia are only diagnosed during adolescence or adulthood and is the most common cause of hip arthritis in women younger than fifty, and the reason for 20% of all total hip replacements in the USA. Early diagnosis, prevention, and simple treatment is the best solution An ultrasound scan could pick up this 'silent' condition and allow the child to have less-intrusive treatment rather than surgery later on in life. Dysplasia, when detected within the first few weeks of life, can usually be corrected by simply placing the baby's legs in a special harness for about three months. Hip dysplasia is a condition where the 'ball and socket' joint of the hips don't properly form in babies and young children. Implementing scanning for all UK newborns for hip dysplasia and ensuring immediate less-intrusive treatment if found could reduce lifelong surgery and disability. It is said that 'If all babies were scanned and treated in their first 6 months of life it would reduce dysplasia surgery by 90%'. The NHS is incredible and this is in no way meant to cause offence to them as they provide incredible care but we all know the NHS is in financial crisis. The cost of scanning all newborns and treating those with hip dysplasia early is far cheaper than the costs of finding it later with inevitable repeat surgeries, joint replacements, education and career disruption, disability benefits and treatment for depression and chronic pain. We currently check babies using the 'Ortolani test' which is a manual examination where both legs are gently grasped and rotated outwards - a clicking sensation indicates a possible abnormal hip. This manipulation test can unfortunately be unreliable even in experienced hands. It is also suggested that hospitals do not always pick up on bilateral dysplasia as it works on one hip feeling different to the other.  It is estimated that up to 50% of abnormalities remain undetected, even though babies are routinely examined twice - once soon after birth, and again at the six-week postnatal check. Hip Dysplasia is often known as a “silent” condition. It does not cause pain in babies and doesn’t normally prevent them from learning how to walk at a normal age. So if the diagnosis is missed it may not become apparent until a toddler starts walking with a limp which then can only be corrected by surgery. In girls it is often not picked up till adolescence. This is something that needs to change. I beg you to look into this issue and for everyone to sign this petition so we can activate change. This is not a preventable condition yet scanning babies will result in avoiding the need for surgery later in life and cases of disability. 

Alice Bell
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We Demand Police investigation, and the immediate prosecution of all MP's found to be committing expense fraud regardless of party or house.

The People of this country are sick of watching MP's avoid prosecution, when a person off the street would be jailed. MP's make the rules, they should be bound by the rules like everyone else. Parliament is elected by the people for everyone, not to exempt a select few. Over many years we have watched MP's defraud, steal and get away with slaps on the wrist just because they are MP's, and "the need to avoid a scandal";   The process of self governance on fraud has failed entirely, and the stench of it has become to much.  The time has come to completely start again, and end the culture of self interest that MPs of all parties and houses are used to.  There needs to be a drastic change in policy to prevent further incedences of fraud being covered over by MPs.  As soon as the I.P.S.A suspect an MP is obtaining money by irregular methods, the Police should automatically be brought in to investigate and it should be up to them and following that The Crown Prosecution Service to decide if prosecution is needed no one else.  It is time to bring them inline with everyone else, and make them as  vulnerable to prosecution as the rest of us.  And if they are found guilty they should jailed and never be allowed to hold public office again, and no party should be allowed to take them on in any "Advisory or Consultative" postions.    

Paul Tulk
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Andrew Griffiths Out, Voted To Take 1.1 Million Free Meals From Our Children

Our MP Andrew Griffiths voted in the Houses of Parliament with 311 other Tory and DUP members. Tories and their DUP allies voted through sweeping cuts to free school meals. These votes will affect 1.1 million children. Currently all families on Universal Credit can claim free school meals - a transitional measure to help people move to the six-in-one benefit. Our MP has now voted for all the deepest cuts to the NHS, Social Care, Welfare. The Burton & Uttoxeter constitutions feel this is now a step to far. Andrew Griffiths does not hold our best interests at heart, and is damaging our community with his Tory whip votes, enough is enough.  What we want to happen! 1) Andrew Griffiths to publicly apologise for his vote, to take away free school meals. 2) To stand down as our MP our community can’t take anymore harsh cuts.      All Views are my own and not of any organisation or groups I am involved with.  

Alex Eaton
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Sir Vince Cable: RESIGN as Lib Dem leader for comparing Brexiteers with 'Jihadists'

In an article for the Mail on Sunday on 6th August 2017, the leader of the Liberal Democrats Sir Vince Cable made remarks that compared 'hardline' supporters of Brexit to 'Brexit Jihadis' - a disgusting comparison in light of the number of ISIS-inspired terror attacks that have taken place on British soil in recent times. The article can be read here. Although we respect Cable's right to use emotive and passionate language to justify his view as a 'Remainer,' after all both sides have gotten pretty 'fruity' with each other since the EU referendum in June 2016, it is clear that this particular comparison is unacceptable and in incredibly bad taste. It must be remembered that 'Jihadi' is a term that refers to someone who is a holy warrior in the name of Islam. Thanks for your support! The team at Your Brexit. Our original article on this matter can be viewed below. The leader of the Liberal Democrats Vince Cable could be heading for a whole world of trouble after he used the term 'Brexit Jihadis' to describe a number of people who had voted Leave in the EU referendum of 2016. Let's just allow that to sink in for a moment. The term 'jihadi' is incredibly emotive at the moment after the spate of terror attacks on British soil in 2017 at the hands of ISIS-inspired fanatics. The word itself can basically be used for anyone waging this 'holy war' in the name of Islam. When describing so-called 'anti-EU hardliners' and people being referred to as 'martyrs for Brexit' while writing for the Mail On Sunday, Cable added: 'To describe such masochism as 'martyrdom' is dangerous. We haven't yet heard about 'Brexit jihadis' but there is an undercurrent of violence in the language which is troubling.' What the hell is talking about? He is referring to people who both online and in the 'real world' have legally described their anti-EU thoughts in a passionate manner. If fools like Cable are allowed to spout nonsense on a very public platform about passionate Brexit supporters being 'Brexit Jihadis,' surely we could all argue that his comments are just as inflammatory and potentially harmful. Ever since the EU referendum result became known in June 2016, Brexit supporters have been subjected to some horrific abuse from the so-called intellectuals and just generally 'better human beings' who are horrified at the thought of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union. It goes without saying that they have given some back as well - that's the way the game works after all! However, to be described by a senior politician as 'Brexit Jihadis' is just plain wrong - it goes beyond what many people would describe as 'reasonable argument.' Being compared to sick and twisted ISIS fighters and suicide bombers is unacceptable, and although we would hope that he explains his remarks in due course, we won't be holding our breath!  

Your Brexit
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'They Can't Feel Pain' - Get the Tories to Acknowledge Animal Sentience in Post-Brexit Law

Today, the Conservative Party have shockingly announced that animals 'cannot experience pain, suffer, or feel emotions' - when discussing their plans regarding the EU Withdrawal Bill. The majority of animal welfare legislation is attached to the EU, and the government has been tasked with adopting certain EU laws directly after March 2019, but has dismissed animal sentience - an absurd viewpoint that defies all scientific evidence or everyday logic. A national outcry has already been raised over this revolting decision and the implications it may have. Not only is it morally repulsive, but this choice potentially allows for all animals (excluding pets) - to be exploited. This could see various inhumane practises, such as fox hunting, return in the coming years. That is why I ask of you to sign this petition, so that the Tories understand that we, the people of this country, will not stand for such a perversion of the laws regarding animal rights, nor will we allow them to return the United Kingdom to the cruelty of the past by ignoring one of the most prevalent issues of our time. Do not let the greed and foolishness of a few, defy everything our society has fought to acknowledge and protect.

Shayla Kirkham
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Vince Cable, Secretary of State for Business, Skills and Innovation.: End plans to do away with the British Antarctic Survey (BAS).

The British Antarctic Survey is a world-leading research organisation with an unparalleled international reputation for polar science. Its research has over five decades led to many world-changing discoveries, including the ‘hole’ in the Earth’s protective ozone layer. Today its scientists are conducting vital work to try to understand the unique environments of the Arctic and Antarctic, particularly the very rapid climatic changes occurring at the poles. The merger would undermine the work of polar scientists and diminish Britain’s national presence in the polar regions. The work of the British Antarctic Survey has never been more important, or more relevant to the UK. For example, teams of BAS scientists are presently looking into the risk of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet collapsing, which on its own would lead to three metres of global sea level rise, affecting low lying areas across the world, including major cities such as London. We believe that proposals from the Natural Environment Research Council (which reports to Vince Cable's department) to merge the British Antarctic Survey with the National Oceanography Centre ( would damage British Polar science at time of vital international need. We believe the British Antarctic Survey should remain as a separate entity dedicated to polar scientific research, fully funded, with its headquarters kept in Cambridge within the world-leading research centre in which it is embedded.

Tony Juniper
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My name is Elisabeth, I am Catalan. I am a 29 year old mother of two and I live in London. Like most of you, I have signed many petitions that have arrived in my mail box from and other organisations during the past years, mostly about wars and violent conflicts around the world. But I never imagined that I would have to write one of my own for my own country. As all of you have seen in the front pages of newspapers and media websites around the word, on Sunday Spain's government ordered a brutal and horrible action towards Catalan people who were peacefully queuing in streets and in polling stations. The scale of violence and brutal force used by the national police can only be described in images... no words can fully describe it..... indiscriminate hitting with truncheons, guns firing big rubber balls which are illegal weapons in Catalonia, kicking, slapping, dragging people by the hair, throwing people from stairs...... More than 800 people were injured, many of them had to be treated in hospital, two of them are in a serious condition. A young woman who was defending elderly people was taken by a police officer who broke three of her fingers one by one purposefully as a punishment for interfering while he was hitting innocent people. I am sure that the images of elderly people on the ground bleeding from their heads have appalled all of you..... There are no reasons, no excuses, no logic, no political views and agenda that can justify these barbaric actions and the brutality that happened yesterday. And yet, most European Countries, world leaders and the European Union are quiet! They don't dare to condemn the brutality of the images because they don't want to be at odds with the Spanish government because of their own political interests despite the UN Human Rights Comitee 'warning the Spanish authorities that their “worrying” efforts to halt Sunday’s poll appear to violate fundamental rights and risk stifling debate “at a critical moment for Spain’s democracy"' (the guardian).  This is complete hypocrisy!!! Europe and the 'Western World' always praise themselves for their 'freedom', 'democracy', 'sense of justice', 'human rights', 'freedom of expression', etc. and try to indoctrinate the whole world about it. They invade other countries in the name of 'democracy and justice' and to create 'democracies' like their own. They condemn the violence and brutality of any government in the developing world which shows signs of totalitarianism. They help and support minorities in developing countries. They are 'the saviors of the world', the 'more advanced countries', the countries that the rest of the world has to be moulded up to. And yet........ In front of their eyes, on their doorstep, in a part of their Europe, a part of their 'developed Western World' they saw yesterday brutality and violence being used by a state against a minority; they saw blood on elderly people; they saw repression, censorship, human rights being breached..... and yet..... most remain silent. Or even worse.... Boris Johnson was the first person from the British government to tweet on Sunday evening:"The Catalonian referendum is a matter for the Spanish govt & people. Spain is a close ally and a good friend, whose strength and unity matters to the UK" @borisjohnson Is this all that the British government has to say about the brutality of Sunday? Regardless of the political views and beliefs, would it not be normal for a politician and human being to start his tweet by saying how sad he is about what happened 'today' in Spain and that he feels sad for the more than eight hundred injured people and wishes the more seriously injured of them a quick recovery? Where is the humanity in our 'Western' governments when violence creates victims in their own Western World, perpetrated by their own allies? The European Commission declared on Monday that 'this is an internal matter for Spain' and 'We trust the leadership of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy to manage this difficult process' ( They support Spain's Prime Minister brutal actions! I am certain that if yesterday's events had happened in a Middle Eastern Country, Asia or Africa, all of Europe would be condemning the brutality of the 'bad' totalitarian government against a peaceful minority. They would all feel proud of being the 'good', 'advanced', 'democratic' governments of the West and would tweet and appear on the news publicly condemning the brutal events. Some of them might even try to help and diplomatically intervene! The EU, Boris Johnson and Angela Merkel called yesterday's actions an 'internal problem' of Spain. They don't call it 'internal problems' when they invade, intervene and interfere in lots of developing world countries! Catalan people need help and they stubbornly deny it because they don't want to damage their relationship with Spain. This is pure hypocrisy! Where is their belief in human rights now? On Sunday I was extremely sad to see my people being beaten, the grandparents of my friends bleeding, family friends in younger sister full of fear....the images of my country made my heart full of tears..... But the sadness also came from realizing how hypocritical our 'Western world' is, that Europe and the European Union are useless, that they don't protect their citizens.... that even knowing that tension was escalating, even after the UN posted a report about the breach of human rights by the Spanish Government last Thursday (before all this brutality happened!), Europe remained quiet, the European Union didn't act or try to mediate.... I have always felt very European, felt very proud of being 'Europe', felt very proud of the values of our 'Western World' and subconsciously believed in our 'advanced status' in terms of democracy, justice, human rights.... On Sunday, Spain's brutality made my heart sink.... but Europe's and its leaders' silence and words made me feel lost in a world that I had believed in. Spain has blood on its hands but so do European countries for allowing it to happen without trying to mediate, and even worse, for not even condemning the brutality.Please help me in asking Europe's and the World politicians and leaders to condemn yesterday's events, to tell Spain's government that it is not right to use brutal force against unarmed and peaceful people, to condemn the breech of human rights as the UN has already done. Are you happy that your government and your representatives agree with Spain's brutal actions yesterday that shocked the world? Do you agree that your government and representatives don't condemn acts that breach human rights? This is not an internal problem in Catalonia. This is a problem that affects all of us as it shows the hypocrisy of all our governments and representatives and it shows that we are undefended and alone and that if it is not a part of their interests (oil, political alliances, financial benefit, winning electors...) our leaders and politicians don't care if blood is being shed in front of our homes. Please help me, us, and all of you who believe in human rights by signing this petition and forwarding it in facebook, whatsapp, twitter, etc. to as many people as possible. We all, as human beings have to protect human rights and condemn violence, as clearly, our politicians and representatives sadly don't. Thank you.....................................

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Make Mental Health a priority in every school/workplace

Mental health services is something that needs to be available for anyone who needs it.� We need it in schools, workplace, any where there's people, because if the services are there with you it would make it easier for people who need help to get that help.� When i was in school it wasn't available , so all my problems built up inside untill they all came out at once.The  constant bullying, the fear of failing exams, feeling insicure about how i looked & what other people thought. Thats when I  started to selfharm alot, i even tried to end my life more than once, i was in deep depression nearly all the time.          I don't want anyone else in a similar situation to go through this alone because; YOU ARE NOT ALONE � We need a mental health worker in every school & workplace, to help them find the good in life and get the support they need.❤

Amy fordham
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Uphold the VAT Exemption Threshold for businesses supplying digital products

The changes to VAT on digital products is not new or sudden - the change was agreed in 2008 and we've done a lot to communicate it to businesses. Regardless, the majority of UK micro-businesses will not be affected. Here's a breakdown of how the changes affect micro-businesses: Micro-businesses that trade only in the UK - and never sell to the EU - won't have to do anything. They won't have to register for VAT in 2015. Micro-businesses that do sell to other countries in the EU but only do so through marketplaces like an app store also won’t have to register for VAT. It's up to the operator of the marketplace to account for VAT charges. Micro-businesses that trade to the UK and to the EU will have to register for VAT. But if they can separate out their cross-border business from their domestic they will only have to register for VAT on their cross-border sales. UK sales will be unaffected. Hope that helps clear up the change. Vince P.S. Lib Dems want to introduce a digital bill of rights - can you let us know what should be a part of it?

4 years ago