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Petitioning Amber Rudd MP, UK Parliament

Prohibit the purchase of Acid to those without a licence

Acid attacks have become rife in London and all over the United Kingdom. This year the number of attacks doubled. Too many families and individuals are suffering and falling victim to this grievous and criminal act. On June 21st Resham Khan, pictured above, was driving in a car with her cousin. Out of nowhere they were attacked with acid. They’ll both have scars that will never leave them. Their lives have been changed forever. An attack like this could happen to anyone.  It is about time that the law changes for the purchase of corrosive substances - right now you can buy it easily from any hardware store if you are 18 and over.  Corrosive acids like sulphuric acid are very lethal and life damaging substances. You should only be allowed to purchase corrosive substances with a licence to buy. The person purchasing should go through checks so their details are held on a database or hold a licence. Imagine how many attacks would be stopped if there were controls that made it harder to buy, and meant we knew more about people buying it? Acid attacks have become too common, the Home Office needs to do something to bring it under control. It is a disgusting criminal act. We need licensing laws now to deter this from happening. Please sign this petition to convince the Home Office to take action.

Sarmad Ismail
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Petitioning UK Parliament, British Airways, Easy Jet, Ryanair, Virgin Atlantic, Civil Aviation Authority, Monarch Airlines

Ban Nuts and Nut Products from Airlines

Aim: to ban the sale and use of nut and nut products (such as nut cooking oil) in food offerings, and ALSO to give air stewards the right, under law or policy, to inform a passenger with externally purchased nuts that they are not at liberty to consume them during flight. My Cousin, and Julie's niece and Goddaughter, Amy May Shead is a 29-year-old woman who was left severely brain injured after a catastrophic allergic reaction to one mouthful of food containing nut-products, while on holiday in Budapest. While this tragic incident, which has left Amy unable to walk, talk or see, did not occur on an airline, The Amy May Trust, the organisation raising vital funds for Amy's continual medical care and rehabilitation are raising awareness of the dangers of nuts and nut products to other nut allergy sufferers.  Airlines are a confined space and a unique environment compared to all other modes of transportation. Unlike other forms of both private and public transport, or open spaces (all of which can be fatal to a nut allergy sufferer), an airline is an airtight tube within which the ventilation system can cause serious consequences to passengers who may be affected by contaminated air. Equally, if a reaction takes place onboard, the patient will require urgent and time-sensitive medical care, often within moments of the reaction taking place, even with personal medication such as an EpiPen, reaching a hospital within the required time is an unfeasible solution when thousands of feet in the air.  Off the back of UK national exposure of Amy's tragic story, The Amy May Trust are petitioning to remove all nuts from airlines.  While we understand the small comforts of travelling, such as a snack with your first-holiday drink onboard, we also realise the seriousness of many allergies, of which nuts pose a life or death danger, which is why we believe nuts and nut products should be banned from this unique mode of transport. We also appreciate the vast majority of airlines handle a passenger with a nut allergy extremely well, yet a blanket ban and the right for an air steward to inform a passenger with externally purchased nuts that they are not at liberty to eat them while onboard, will dramatically reduce the risk to both the sufferer and the airline. There are many alternative snacks to offer onboard a flight, but a nut allergy sufferer has only one life. 

Tom Martin & Julie Martin .
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Petitioning Theresa May MP, RSPCA, Xi Jinping, U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, UK Parliament, European Parliament, National People's Congress, Elizabeth ll

Make animal cruelty illegal in China.

China is one of if not the worst country when it comes to animal cruelty, each year thousands of animals are brutally killed and in front of each other. Did you know regularly in China dogs are stuffed into small cages before being hanged up by their paws and skinned alive, this happens in front of other dogs and those dogs see what's going to happen to them and they start barking and wailing in fear and for what so some rich people can wear fur clothing? This has to stop every animal can feel pain people need to stop thinking that because they can't speak they can't feel either and that means we control them but we don't! Animals were here first this is their world not ours we need to respect them! In the photo attached to this petition you can see a dog very much still alive having a leg sawn off and there's more to come for that terrified dog and many other animals. Pets are actually stolen off of the street, taken from their loving homes and killed in the most painful ways possible. I am absolutely disgraced to be human if that's what other humans will do for no good reason. Some of us clearly have no humanity in us if we can do this to poor defenceless animals or just sit back and pretend it's not happening because it is happening... right now! So please be the right kind of human and have humanity, sign the petition do these animals good and pass it on so we have a greater chance of stopping this. Please help them, because they need you to care.

Animal Rights
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Petitioning Michael Gove, UK Parliament, Jeremy Corbyn MP, Theresa May MP

Repeal the government decision to exclude animal sentience in the EU Withdrawal Bill

UPDATE: Michael Gove has promised to make “any necessary changes” to UK law to recognize that animals can feel pain, however we can't trust that we will get the animal rights that this country wants until something is in law. We need to keep up the pressure on the Government to ensure animal sentience is put into law. Under EU law all animals are considered sentient (meaning they are beings that feel pain). This law is there to protect the welfare of animals. MP Caroline Lucas had submitted an amendment clause (NC30) to the EU (Withdrawal) Bill, which sought to transfer the EU Protocol on animal sentience into UK law, so animals continue to be recognised as sentient beings under domestic law. Not allowing this amendment could see animal welfare go backwards instead of forwards allowing unethical exploitation of animals for hunting, battery farming and inhumane slaughtering for food.It flies in the face of commonly held scientific belief that animals do feel pain and have emotions. This is not a matter of left or right wing politics it's about protecting animal rights and coming together to ensure that animals maintain sentient status in UK law, to protect animal welfare. As Ben Fogle said "dogs are much smarter and more emotional than politicians believe them to be." The UK is still among the highest animal testing nations on the planet with 3.9 million testing procedures carried out here in 2016. Regardless of what has been claimed about how good our animal laws are we are ranked the 7th highest animal testing nation. I do not trust that the animal welfare we are petitioning for will be delivered by our government without the EU Protocol on animal sentience as a basis for improving animal welfare laws moving forwards. "There can only be one reason to deny animal sentient status, and that is to exploit them"

Joe Faulkner
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Petitioning UK Parliament, Theresa May MP

Petition for the release of Charlie Gard from Great Ormond Street Hospital's care.

What do we want? We the undersigned call on the Prime Minister to help release Charlie Gard from the care of Great Ormond Street Hospital so that he can undergo treatment in another hospital of his family’s choosing. On April 11th 2017 a high court judge ruled that Charlie’s parents be stripped of their parental rights and Charlie be refused all treatment. Charlie’s parents are running out of time with their baby, we feel strongly that Charlie should have a chance to live. He literally has nothing to lose but potentially a healthier, happier life to gain. With the help of over 200 thousand people from all over the world, Charlie’s parents have managed to raise over £1.3m so that their son can benefit from treatment. Why do we want it? Charlie Gard was born perfectly healthy on the 4th August 2016. He was admitted to hospital at 8 weeks old and was diagnosed with a devastating disease called Mitochondrial Depletion Syndrome. Charlie’s condition is caused by disruption in the mitochondria, the part of the cell that provides energy to his muscles, kidneys and brain. After seemingly endless research and speaking to doctors all over the world, Charlie’s parents found a doctor in the US who has been treating children with similar types of Mitochondrial Depletion Syndrome using something called Nucleoside Bypass Therapy. Nucleoside Bypass Therapy could potentially repair Charlie’s mtDNA and help it synthesize again by giving him the naturally occurring compounds that his body isn’t able to produce, it’s a non-harmful, non-invasive oral medication. Charlie Gard has been accepted by doctors in the US and with funds having been raised we now need permission to remove Charlie Gard from the care of Great Ormond Street Hospital where doctors want to move him on to palliative care. Charlie’s parents have spent over 3,000 hours at his bedside and know him better than anyone else. They are absolutely convinced he is not in pain. When he feels their presence, he opens his eyes as much as he can and they do not believe he is blind. High Court judge Mr Justice Francis ruled that in all ‘likelihood’ Charlie had suffered severe and irreversible brain damage and there was little hope the treatment could achieve ‘anything positive for him. We do not believe that ‘in all likelihood’ is a strong enough reason to sentence Charlie to death. Charlie’s parents know his sleep/wake cycle and can wake him up by tickling his feet and soothe him to sleep by stroking his head. If his parents thought there was absolutely no hope they would not be fighting. We need to change things and show how determined parents can forge a path for other families encountering similar obstacles. We need to find treatments for incurable diseases. We need to give other people hope. We need to start saving lives starting with Charlie Gard.    

Kayleigh Price
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Petitioning UK Parliament

Stop supermarkets from selling raw fruit and veg in plastic packaging.

In all the supermarkets in the UK and some independent greengrocers we often see fruit and vegetables sold packaged in plastic bags. The same retailers will sell the particular fruit or vegetable both in pre-packed and loose form, which leads one to believe that the pre-packed version is simply offered for convenience or to maximise profits. However when one considers the huge amount of plastic that is used for making this packaging it wouldn't be hard to believe that the damage to the environment would be the same or even more than that which plastic carrier bags cause. There is not reason why fruit and vegetables(with very rare exceptions) can't be sold in their natural form by weight. Furthermore the supermarkets can replace the small clear plastic bags that they place on the fruit and vegetable aisles with brown paper ones (same as those that they offer for buying mushrooms). Soft fruit such as strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, grapes and blueberries can also be sold in rugged cardboard punnets instead of plastic ones. Cardboard punnets are made of recycled paper and cardboard and they can be recycled again and they are biodegradable. Furthermore, cardboard does not contain any BPA or similar chemicals which are present in plastic packaging and which can leach into our food and end up in our boddies. The UK government rightly stopped the supermarkets from offering plastic carrier bags for free and they also have the power to stop retailers from offering fruit and vegetables pre-packed in plastic packaging which is not necessary and causes pollution.

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Petitioning UK Parliament

This government must carry out a FULLY TRANSPARENT INVESTIGATION into the Grenfell tragedy

The investigation into the Grenfell tragedy must be FULLY TRANSPARENT and allow the MEANINGFUL PARTICIPATION of the affected residents, their families, and the surrounding community. The government cannot be allowed to cover up any uncomfortable revelations about negligence and poor planning of the Grenfell estate by the Tory-run Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea.  The government cannot be permitted to protect itself or those who should be held accountable. The process must unearth the TRUE CAUSES of the fire for the public interest. Prevent the government from whitewashing the truth and from keeping the UK's planning and regulation laws in the dark ages any longer. Stand with the residents of Grenfell as well as the residents of the UK's other tower blocks and make sure this does not happen again. 

andrew gow
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Petitioning UK Parliament, Theresa May MP

Make Autistic hate crime as punishable as racism

Far too often in the United Kingdom we see some of the most vulnerable members of our society i:e the Autistic community being abused to the highest degree, they are subjected to horrific levels of bullying and psychological torture; often by those who pretend to befriend them just so they can exploit them for their own personal gain and amusement. Autistic teenager 16 year old Emily O'Reilly (pictured above) was brutalised on her way to a friends house.  If you follow the link above then you will see the urgency of this epidemic, the consequences of such treatment and atrocities are often fatal; why should it be allowed to continue that the lives of some of our most vulnerable are left so undervalued in both society and the justice system?     The 1 in 100 people in the United Kingdom who are born with this condition who will most likely experience this kind of abuse is far too many to not implement stronger sentencing for those who commit targeted violent attacks against the autistic community.    I urge the government to advise and work with the justice system to put in new legislation, and to follow the guidelines in sentencing already regarding racially, religiously and sexually motivated attacks;  let them be just as protected under hate crime laws as everyone else.   Thank you and please share & sign!

Oliver smith
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Petitioning UK Parliament, European Parliament

Ban occupying forces from closing Al Alaqsa Mosque

Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem has been closed today by occupying forces and several Palestinians have been shot dead in the Mosque. Today is the first time since 1948 where Friday's prayers did not take place for the locals. If this incident occurred in any other Mosque in the world then there would be an outcry from faith goers across the world. We need to preserve the Human right for every worshipper to follow their faith without intervention from external forces. I would urge everyone to share the message of hope to maintain level of decency and standard  by backing this support of every worshipper regardless of which religion to be permitted to attend place of worship.

Asad Baig
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Petitioning Theresa May MP, UK Parliament

Help reinstate Connie Yates & Chris Gard's parental rights

What do we want? We the undersigned, call on the Prime Minister Theresa May to help reinstate parental rights to both Connie Yates and Chris Gard that were wrongly stripped away from them on 11th April 2017, by a High Court Judge.  Background Information: Connie and Chris are the dedicated parents of a 10 month old little boy named Charlie Gard, who has been a patient at Great Ormond Street Hospital, for the majority of his life. Their son, Charlie, has a rare genetic condition called Mitochondrial Depletion Syndrome. This is a condition that zaps away energy from the muscles due to a low amount of Mitochondrial DNA. This is a condition that doesn't yet, have a cure. However, there are treatments available in America such as Nucleoside Bypass Therapy, that Connie, Chris and 83,000 other people raised £1.3m for Charlie to have, over in America. His parents wished for Charlie to try this treatment (a non-invasive and oral medication), which would help to restore Charlie's Mitochondrial DNA and help it synthesise by giving him the natural compounds that he isn't able to produce enough of. This is the treatment, that a Doctor who specialises in Mitochondrial diseases in the USA, feels would be beneficial to Charlie. With a lot of deep and dedicated time put into researching, his parents found that the treatment they wish for their son to have, is a  treatment that has already been tried on other children; some who even live in the U.K. Those who have tried this treatment, have also had the same genetic condition as Charlie, but the only difference being, is the strain. It then came to the parents attention as well as the UK publics attention, that the treatment has massively improved the lives of others who suffer with the rare genetic condition, with some pictured now riding a bike, smiling and perfectly healthy! All that Connie and Chris want to do, is help their son to get better, just like these children who are living a happy life. They want to give Charlie that same chance. What is the crime in that?They have always got Charlie's best interest at heart!  However, Doctors at Great Ormond Street Hospital disagree with the parents beliefs and think that this medication wouldn't benefit  Charlie. They believe that Charlie is so severely ill, he should be allowed to 'die with dignity' and that life support should be withdrawn (against the parents wishes) to prevent further suffering. This is suffering that Chris, Connie and their families strongly feel that Charlie isn't in and in fact, strongly believe that there are signs of Charlie getting stronger e.g. charlie is putting on more weight, he is opening his eyes more frequently, he is becoming more aware of his surroundings etc. As there wasn't a mutual agreement made, this led to a full legal battle between the hospital and the parents of Charlie Gard, unfortunately with no success for the parents. Throughout the legal battle, Connie and Chris were stripped of their parental rights, which not only prevents them from taking Charlie to America to receive a last option of treatment, but it also blocks them from making any future decisions for their child. Why is it that Connie and Chris can't be trusted as parents, to decide what is right for their own child, when all that they wish to do is help their son to stay alive? Would this also mean that we parents, who would without a doubt do the same as Connie and Chris and exhaust every possible treatment, shouldn't be trusted to decide what is right for our children too? Why do we want this? We the signatories, strongly believe that Connie Yates and Chris Gard should have their Parental Rights reinstated, because they have shown nothing but love, care, dedication and loyalty to their baby boy, just like any other parent would do. They're the people that dress, wash and comfort Charlie, just as any other parent would do for their own child. They are also the inspiration couple, that have fought so hard to do what they know is best and right for their precious son, regardless of how draining it would be, just like any parent would do! They should be the people who get the final say as to what they think is best for Charlie. If they don't, what hope is there for the parents of this country? No parent should have to worry about having their Parental Rights stripped from them, for wanting the best for their own child. We think that you are the right person, that could help do this, or at the very least guide the courts that would allow parental rights to be reinstated!  Was stripping away their Parental Rights really a necessary action to take, considering both parents intentions are and always will be to help Charlie and never to cause him significant harm?  Have more faith in the parents within this country and protect our rights as parents. Have more faith in Connie Yates and Chris Gard and reinstate their Parental Rights, that they rightly deserve.  (Please consider this as an important matter that needs to be addressed ASAP) 

Kayleigh Price
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