Marianne Joy's Law - stricter driving laws in school zones!

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We lost our only child Marianne Joy in a very tragic car collision on 1st of October 2018. She was 11 years old and very talented, loving and a role model at her school.

On the way home from school with her friends, she was hit by a Range Rover on a pavement by an inexperienced driver in a school zone.

Marianne was our only child and she was our lives. At school, she went out of her way to help other children with whatever they needed. She was even elected as an officer so she could spend more time looking after younger pupils. She was very intelligent & enthusiastic for sport and a member of British Gymnastics and ambassador to Caritas Diocese of Salford.

The offender and her whole family tried to flee the country, but were caught at the airport about to board the plane & thanks to GMP’s hard work and dedication to this case. She has now served 10 months in prison for careless driving - less time than we have spent time off work after Marianne’s death.

We don’t want any parent to go through what we’ve been through.


1. Reconsider a review for the case so that appropriate justice be served.

2. Implement legislation which means that killing a child in a school zone should be considered as death by dangerous driving with a maximum sentence to lessen the growing numbers of the same incident in the country.

3. Prohibit inexperienced drivers from driving high powered vehicles for at least twelve months after passing their practical test.

We can’t get our Marianne back. But we can fight to make sure this doesn’t happen ever again - please sign this petition to help us!