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Fund the testing of backlogged rape kits

Eleven-year-old Madison Wertz of Williamsport, Pa., learned about the national backlog of rape kits from a YouTube crime show that she and her dad, Michael, watched in early 2016. Madison was appalled to learn so many victims’ kits have sat untested for years, and she leaped into action. She began collecting signatures on a petition to help pay for Pennsylvania's backlog of untested kits. After about 6 months and 750 signatures, she was nominated for the Williamsport Sun-Gazette's 2016 Person of the Year. Now, with the help and support of my office as Pennsylvania Auditor General, Madison is collecting signatures nationwide to encourage each state to pass legislation that fully funds the testing of its untested rape kits; to upload all usable DNA evidence into CODIS, the federal database that matches DNA to identify serial offenders; and to prevent such a backlog from ever forming again. As auditor general, I produced a special report in September 2016 that evaluated the state of untested rape kits in Pennsylvania and offered 10 recommendations for improvement and action. Please join Madison and me as we fight to help all victims of sexual assault find justice, regardless of what state they live in. Your signature can spur action that helps victims find peace and leads to serial offenders being put where they belong: behind bars, where they can't hurt anyone else.    

Eugene DePasquale
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Stop the removal of historical Confederate Monuments.

These monuments are a reminder of what our country had to go through to become whole again. Many of these monuments are not only in dedication to the men who served in the Confederacy but they also served in the US army pre-civil war. It is important to save these monuments for future generations to see these monuments and learn about them and the men who gave everything for a several causes. These were brave men, good men and religious men. I beg the President, Vice President and the US Supreme Court to stop the purge of our American History in our cities and towns across the south.  I urge President Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and the U.S. Supreme Court to sign a bill into law protecting these monuments, all military monuments from removal. Please save our history. 

Matthew Evans
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All states need to pass automatic voter registration laws

We know all too well that, following the Supreme Court’s 2013 decision to gut crucial sections of the Voting Rights Act, many state legislatures have introduced prohibitive measures to restrict the right to vote. But in Oregon, Governor Kate Brown signed a first-in-the-nation bill to automatically register all eligible Oregonians to vote when they obtain or renew a driver’s license or state identification card. The law is now in effect, and it has been successful in registering more people to vote – over 51,000 have registered so far! Join Governor Brown today and add your name below calling on states around the country to follow Oregon’s model for voter registration.

Kate Brown for Governor
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State Governors: Join Alliance of many US states to work with Paris Climate Accord.

Trump broke the US' commitment to the 190+ nations in the Paris Climate Accord to work to prevent global warming ... so Washington, California, New York formed a Climate Alliance to meet the climate goals laid out in the agreement. Many other states have now joined them. Why don't you?  Ask all states' governors to join The Climate Alliance. Yours is not yet a Climate Alliance state? Persuade its lawmakers to make it one. Contact all state governors by signing this petition. Contact your state's  federal level lawmakers here  state level lawmakers  here  governor here Trump seems ill-informed and juvenile but posting comments about him achieves little. The actions above address the climate issue directly. Circumvent Trump's action. Please sign this and repost it on social networks. Thank you. Extra! The EU has decided to bypass the Trump Administration with regard to this... Click here for The Guardian's report.

Nigel Rees
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A new threat to thousands of wolves in the Great Lakes and Wyoming is Congress' latest salvo against the Endangered Species Act. Since January congressional Republicans have introduced 34 legislative assaults against endangered species and their most powerful protection: the Endangered Species Act. Bad bills like the one targeting Great Lakes and Wyoming wolves undermine the Act, putting threatened and endangered wildlife back in the crosshairs. We expect more of these dangerous, senseless riders in the days and weeks ahead. This and every other attack from Trump and Congress allowing endangered wolves to be hunted and killed must be stopped. Please join us in pushing back against this bill and the torrent of wildlife decimation. The science-based approach of the Endangered Species Act has brought wolves in the Great Lakes region back from the brink of extinction. Stripping protection from wolves now is exactly the wrong thing to do. Nine out of 10 Americans support the Act and want it strengthened or unchanged. Yet Congress keeps pushing to destroy this bedrock American law. While Washington and the media are distracted, we aren't. Congress is getting ready to hurt wildlife not just by weakening the Endangered Species Act, but with other malicious tricks like taking funding away from species like monarch butterflies, wolverines, walruses and the golden-winged warbler. This means even though these vulnerable species may be designated for protection, they could be wiped out. Nothing less than extinction is what's at stake in the coming days. Two dozen lawsuits against Trump's anti-wildlife administration have been filed. Just last week a new wolf pack was identified in Northern California -- but we won't be hearing good news like that in the future if Congress rips away at the bedrock law that keeps wild wolves and so many other vulnerable creatures alive. PLEASE take action now.

Anthony Turitto
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Make hand counted paper ballots for official elections mandatory by law.

The confidence of the People of the United States of America in our form of government and the election process for various reasons and perceptions, whether justified or unjustified, has been eroded to a point that is not good for our continued existence as a nation of States that are united. Today, there is a prevalent perception that we are forced to vote for the lesser of two evils, and that in fact there is no lesser of two, but rather two faces of the same evil, presented by two political parties that dominate our local and federal elections. The confidence of the American People in the governments of the nation and the States is arguably the lowest it has ever been. Adding to this, we have seen the advent of electronic voting machines that are used in our elections, further raising the skepticism regarding whether we have a real voice in determining who our elected officials will be. This leaves us wondering whether the voting is rigged for the benefit of certain entities that do not have our interest at heart, but rather their own pockets and hold on power. When our form of government was first established over two centuries ago, the framers of the Constitution could not have foreseen the technologies of today to include the computer and electronic voting, or the dangers of electronic sabotage that would subvert the will of the People. In such a technologically advanced environment that exists in these times we need a new law mandating manually counted paper ballots in elections to eliminate the risk of hacking, or even the very perception that such crimes are being perpetrated. We the People signing this petition believe in our form of government as laid out and explained in our Constitution, and seek to preserve that form of government in its purest form as a Republic of elected representatives. We stand united in insuring the integrity of our voting system and securing the blessings of Liberty to our posterity, and we stand united in demanding a new law for a new time. We know that no system is perfect or impervious to corruption, but we believe that this would be a great step to making the best of the form of elections that we do have, and a worthy venture of restoring the confidence of the People in our electoral processes. We have seen a campaign of not voting at all, saying that there is only the illusion of choice, showing an apathy among the People regarding the vote and a doubt of whether we truly have a government that governs by our consent. We maintained the right to bear arms to defend ourselves from tyranny, maintaining the power necessary to insure the government is in service to the People which formed it. However, we also have our common sense and good reason, therefore we petition the government to show its good faith and fidelity in its service to the People, and to address many concerns regarding the integrity of our election process by adopting this measure. It is time for We the People and our government servants, the President of the United States, and the members of the House and Senate, and the Governors of the several States, to stand together to protect the integrity of our elections and to reinvigorate the enthusiasm of the People of this nation for its form of government and processes of election. This measure will serve to help dispel the perception of the People that our government has become a government that rules by force and deception, instead of serving by our consent in honest accordance with the principles of our Republic. This may cost us more time and money, but it is well worth it, for it would serve a great deal to preserve our nation and the form of government that We the People had established over two hundred years ago.

Jerry Rose
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Justice for all crimes of animal cruelty no exceptions to anyone

I have always aspired to be better but throughout my life I would watch other people in the community abuse their animals or neglect the animals in many ways and I have done nothing about it till now. I have seen posts and pictures of dogs and cats who are looking for homes ready to be put down by shelters. I have seen dogs ears cut off or left in cars for days out in the heat with the windows up or emaciated/ starving on the streets and left homeless or chained up. It’s wrong and should not be tolerated. Many people have been let off easy when charged with neglect and I feel more needs to be done. There needs to be justice. These animals cannot speak for themselves so we need to speak for them. All of them. Not one breed not one animal should be left out. Not even animals in zoos. There’s too much neglect and little is being done about it. So the question is why haven’t we done anything to make this situation better and why hasn’t there been any actions taken to fix this problem. Let’s strive to make this country better because America deserves be great again.

Ryan Urban
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Introduce more national and state parks in the US

There are many animal and plant species around the globe. Everywhere from the North Pole to the South Pole. Although it may look like there are many animals and plants, there are not. The millions of diverse species are not all doing well in their environment. Many species are endangered and threatened, their numbers decreasing year after year. Some species are receiving help in order to increase their numbers, but there are so many species that are getting no help, and their numbers are decreasing faster than ever. We depend on animals and plants for food, medicines, oxygen, warmth, and even items like paper and clothes. If living organisms go extinct at the rate that they are now, the human population could be in big trouble. State and National Parks are solutions to this problem. Instead of helping a specific organism, the parks protect the land and everything in it, protecting other species from illegal trading as well. This will help many endangered species increase in number and will help the environment balance. So please promote state and national parks, they help the species that need it. 

Ashrith Kollu
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Reform the Mining Law of 1872

This 200 year old act is unchanged ever since it was made. It allows people to buy rights to one acre of land for $5, and mine it for metals like copper, silver, and gold. There are no royalties or charges for environmental destruction and it's been that way since the gold rush. The mining process involves Mountain top removal, which is a method of mining. This process destroys many ecosystems and causes a decrease in biodiversity. Biodiversity is the range of different species in an ecosystem, and is essential to avoid extinction. Other than that, there is a lot of soil erosion in this process which ends up in topsoil depletion. Topsoil contains all the things a plant needs for growth, and it takes thousands of years to form again. Once the metal is mined, there is cyanide used for the separation of the metal from the rock. The cyanide then, leaches or runs down into the river or groundwater, which pollutes the water and causes potential health risks for all living things (shown in the picture above). I am hoping that with charges for environmental damage and increasing the price of land, it will remind companies that they are responsible for the damage they cause. I will work with my community and possibly senators to make a change. I need your support and help for this.  I will also be updating with more information as I make progress. ________________________________________________________ image url:

A. I.
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Changing our Pet Safety Laws Across All 50 States

There is an epidemic in this country of pet owners who are not taking proper care of their pets and not only ignoring their pets, but neglecting them, because they clearly should not own pets and currently, there is no legislation in place to protect our four-legged companions. By U.S. law, pets are seen as property, not as beings. This has to stop and we need to change that description. Pets are NOT things!! Canada just declared that animals are now considered "sentient beings" and not just property. We need to follow suit!! We need to create and enforce strong protective laws for these creatures. As of now, there is nothing in place. In cases of neglect, pet owners need to be held accountable for their poor judgments by way of fines and animal neglect charges and placement on offender lists, similar to those in place for assault offenders. The description of neglect should include starvation, deplorable living arrangements, leaving pets in hot cars or out in the elements, abandonment and abuse. This plea is directed to our individual state governors. If you don't sign the petition, then please, do your part to make your voice heard. We need to speak for those who cannot.

Kathy Joint
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