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Stop the removal of historical Confederate Monuments.

These monuments are a reminder of what our country had to go through to become whole again. Many of these monuments are not only in dedication to the men who served in the Confederacy but they also served in the US army pre-civil war. It is important to save these monuments for future generations to see these monuments and learn about them and the men who gave everything for a several causes. These were brave men, good men and religious men. I beg the President, Vice President and the US Supreme Court to stop the purge of our American History in our cities and towns across the south.  I urge President Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and the U.S. Supreme Court to sign a bill into law protecting these monuments, all military monuments from removal. Please save our history. 

Matthew Evans
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Justice for Jeffrey U.S. Embassy needs to intervene!!

On Monday April 23rd at approximately 2am, Jeffrey Alexander Tavarez was brutally murdered in cold blood as he arrived to his home. He was an American who moved to the Dominican Republic after falling in love and fathering a child with Dauriza Daniela Burgos. He had received a very large lawsuit settlement in NY, 2 months prior to his death. On said night, his life partner Daniela paid and arranged for several hitman to wait outside their home so they can gun down her son’s father in cold blood. Her brother has also been implicated as a coconspirator in this heinous crime. The motive to her betrayal was to gain full control of the lawsuit money. Moments after Jeffreys death Daniela claimed she knew nothing of his belongings nor where his passport stood. She later changed her story and escorted the police to a pawn shop to retrieve Jeffrey’s jewelry and stated his passport was in a safe box and turned it to the police. The Dominican Republic is a corrupt island and jurisdiction can be easily influenced by the wrong people.Jeffrey’s family is seeking justice!!! Unfortunately, we can’t trust the jurisdiction of Dominican Republic to handle this case alone and we are desperately seeking help from the U.S. We need the Embassy, specifically Steve A. Linick, the Inspector General of the U.S. Government, to get involved and for these criminals to get prosecuted to the full extent of the law, for this brutal murder. We sometimes seek happiness outside the US whether to live, retire, or simply vacation. When our loved one looses their lives especially as tragically as Jeffrey lost his shouldn’t the U.S. help us fight for justice? Please intervene and enforce with greater power. Please sign as your signature is a another voice heard.

Victoria Garcia
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State Governors: Join Alliance of many US states to work with Paris Climate Accord.

Trump broke the US' commitment to the 190+ nations in the Paris Climate Accord to work to prevent global warming ... so Washington, California, New York formed a Climate Alliance to meet the climate goals laid out in the agreement. Many other states have now joined them. Why don't you?  Ask all states' governors to join The Climate Alliance. Yours is not yet a Climate Alliance state? Persuade its lawmakers to make it one. Contact all state governors by signing this petition. Contact your state's  federal level lawmakers here  state level lawmakers  here  governor here Trump seems ill-informed and juvenile but posting comments about him achieves little. The actions above address the climate issue directly. Circumvent Trump's action. Please sign this and repost it on social networks. Thank you. Extra! The EU has decided to bypass the Trump Administration with regard to this... Click here for The Guardian's report.

Nigel Rees
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End daylight savings time

End daylight savings time (DST) - What more can I say! Numerous articles for and against ending this outdated practice have been written.  The vast majority of articles share the positive reasons to abolish DST; reasons include decreased confusion, health benefits, etc.  A very few articles share why DST should be kept; all of the reasons I have seen are based on certain industries wanting to keep/enjoy extra money they get from DST practices (evening summer BBQ's, purchase of more convenience store items, etc.).   Please read up if you have questions.  There are ZERO compelling reasons to keep DST!  States can individually change (like Arizona, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and others have done) but it makes it difficult for that state.  This should be done across the U.S. I would much rather set conference appointments and travel without first checking local time of my intended destination.  Less sleep disruption in the spring and fall would also be great! If anyone knows a better way to get this in the national spotlight please share.  I'm 55 years old and it has bugged me my whole life.  Let's do this!

Curt Calder
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Justice for all crimes of animal cruelty no exceptions to anyone

I have always aspired to be better but throughout my life I would watch other people in the community abuse their animals or neglect the animals in many ways and I have done nothing about it till now. I have seen posts and pictures of dogs and cats who are looking for homes ready to be put down by shelters. I have seen dogs ears cut off or left in cars for days out in the heat with the windows up or emaciated/ starving on the streets and left homeless or chained up. It’s wrong and should not be tolerated. Many people have been let off easy when charged with neglect and I feel more needs to be done. There needs to be justice. These animals cannot speak for themselves so we need to speak for them. All of them. Not one breed not one animal should be left out. Not even animals in zoos. There’s too much neglect and little is being done about it. So the question is why haven’t we done anything to make this situation better and why hasn’t there been any actions taken to fix this problem. Let’s strive to make this country better because America deserves be great again.

Ryan Urban
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Prison isn't a drug rehab, heroin is in prisons

This petition is to make awareness to the fact that there are street drugs in our prisons.  Heroin is in our prisons.  Any street drug is in our prisons, so putting people to prison if they are drug addicts is no solution to their drug problem.  Please make better solutions for drug addicts than putting them to prison.  They can still use drugs in prisons and overdose in prison.  Drug treatment is also not a solution in prison when there is straight access to drugs in prison.  

Sam West
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A new threat to thousands of wolves in the Great Lakes and Wyoming is Congress' latest salvo against the Endangered Species Act. Since January congressional Republicans have introduced 34 legislative assaults against endangered species and their most powerful protection: the Endangered Species Act. Bad bills like the one targeting Great Lakes and Wyoming wolves undermine the Act, putting threatened and endangered wildlife back in the crosshairs. We expect more of these dangerous, senseless riders in the days and weeks ahead. This and every other attack from Trump and Congress allowing endangered wolves to be hunted and killed must be stopped. Please join us in pushing back against this bill and the torrent of wildlife decimation. The science-based approach of the Endangered Species Act has brought wolves in the Great Lakes region back from the brink of extinction. Stripping protection from wolves now is exactly the wrong thing to do. Nine out of 10 Americans support the Act and want it strengthened or unchanged. Yet Congress keeps pushing to destroy this bedrock American law. While Washington and the media are distracted, we aren't. Congress is getting ready to hurt wildlife not just by weakening the Endangered Species Act, but with other malicious tricks like taking funding away from species like monarch butterflies, wolverines, walruses and the golden-winged warbler. This means even though these vulnerable species may be designated for protection, they could be wiped out. Nothing less than extinction is what's at stake in the coming days. Two dozen lawsuits against Trump's anti-wildlife administration have been filed. Just last week a new wolf pack was identified in Northern California -- but we won't be hearing good news like that in the future if Congress rips away at the bedrock law that keeps wild wolves and so many other vulnerable creatures alive. PLEASE take action now.

Anthony Turitto
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Hope for N.h Recovery Center is being closed down 4 out of 5 centers. One of those Hope Centers being in Berlin N.h. We have barely any type of recovery help. The Hope For N.h. Recovery Center was one of the best things that happened to our community. It brought so many addicts in to begin their journey of recovery. Including myself! It has been nothing but a great impact on all of us and our town. The center has provided many meetings for anyone in need. I have personally have shown such great effort and consistency at the Hope Center I was honored to receive the key to the building and to run and facilitate some of those meetings. It has helped me greatly in my recovery.  I know our local recovery center being shut down will cause great negative impact. There is no doubt in my mind that over doses will rise,  along with drug crimes. We live in a small town as is. With little to nothing to do. The Hope Center has provided fun things for us to do, other then just the meetings. We need to be heard. Please help with funding. We need someone with a powerful voice. Who can help us keep the Hope for N.h Recovery Center open. Please sign. I pray someone who has power sees this and can help us!   

Monique Levesque
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Public Nudity Should Be Exempt From Penal Laws!

Bare Body Freedom Activist, and Music Au Naturel Artist and Producer, Ton Dou, believes the responsible at will practice of wholesome nakedness is an essential part of the natural plan, and the solution to many of the issues humans have had with themselves and each other historically, and continue to perpetuate the problems we struggle with in society everyday. Ton Dou writes the lyrics, sings the songs, talks the talk and walks the walk of intrinsic wholesome nakedness in the light of day for the world to see because he believes it is precisely what the world needs to see if it is ever to be experienced the way nature intended it to be. Ton Dou believes it is not only when we die that we are with the Great Spirit, it is also when we are naked on the land or at sea. He also believes Bare Body Freedom is as natural and significant a human right and life choice as any other, and should never be legislated as criminal behavior, and it is this message he hopes will resonate with every member of society. He needs your help to tell law makers and law enforcers whose jobs are to serve and protect us, that we are not alarmed and / or offended by the mere sight of the bare human body.  We are capable of determining whether something is right or wrong with an individual’s behavior, and in this modern day of technology, we are capable of documenting it!He needs your help to tell them that we appreciate and respect the natural human right of others to be responsibly bare for psychological and physical purposes if they choose.  We are fully supportive of every member of society who resorts to nature to live a harmless, happier, healthier and more productive life.He needs your help to tell them to use currently existing laws to address lewd and lascivious behavior, when and where it is thought to have occurred whether nudity is involved or not.  We believe that an individual’s state of nakedness is not an indication of a crime, and that an assessment of their behavior should be made before any other legal action is taken. He needs your help to tell them the bare human body predates any form of governance, and while human laws govern human conduct, nature's laws determine human appearance.  We are very happy to have laws that help to keep us safe, and fully supportive of every official who writes and/or enforces them with this element of nature in mind. He needs your help to tell them, before electing them, that we expect them to fulfill their duties to serve and protect, on behalf of all of humanity, in concert with the laws of nature.  We need your vote of confidence, and your commitment to provide for the practice of the most natural of human rights, and to protect it by removing it from penal laws nationwide. If law makers and law enforcement officials provide for the protection of the responsible at will practice of simple nudity, whether publicly or privately, society will eventually be rid of the stigma associated with the bare human body, and the average person will develop greater appreciation for who they are naturally, and more willingness to be respectful of others. If they do not, a natural source for physical and psychological health, happiness, and safety as a result of increased awareness will continue to be undermined for the average person, and nudity penal laws will continue to create and claim victims as the result of the suppression of a natural human right that if practiced would minimize or eliminate these problems naturally. Please sign this petition and be one of the very important people who are helping to send this message to lawmakers about this very important natural human rights cause. UNITED PEOPLE SPEECHULTIMATE FREEDOM CONCERTDear United States Legislators, I started a petition on behalf of all of humanity for the most natural of human rights, and genuinely hope it reaches you in good health and great spirit. I would very much like to have your input, and hope you will not hesitate to contact me with any concerns, questions or recommendations you may have. Sincerely,Ton Dou

The Bare Body Freedom Movement
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Petitioning U.S National Park Services, U.S. Governors

Introduce more national and state parks in the US

There are many animal and plant species around the globe. Everywhere from the North Pole to the South Pole. Although it may look like there are many animals and plants, there are not. The millions of diverse species are not all doing well in their environment. Many species are endangered and threatened, their numbers decreasing year after year. Some species are receiving help in order to increase their numbers, but there are so many species that are getting no help, and their numbers are decreasing faster than ever. We depend on animals and plants for food, medicines, oxygen, warmth, and even items like paper and clothes. If living organisms go extinct at the rate that they are now, the human population could be in big trouble. State and National Parks are solutions to this problem. Instead of helping a specific organism, the parks protect the land and everything in it, protecting other species from illegal trading as well. This will help many endangered species increase in number and will help the environment balance. So please promote state and national parks, they help the species that need it. 

Ashrith Kollu
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