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Twitter, Inc. is a global social networking platform that allows users to post and interact with each other through messages known as "tweets". Founded in 2006 in San Francisco, California, it has grown to become one of the world's largest social media platforms with millions of active daily users. Unlike other platforms, Twitter places a focus on real-time information, encouraging public conversation and exposure to broader perspectives. Apart from individual users, businesses, governments, and various organizations also utilize the platform for communication, promotion, and public relations.

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On July 14, 2019, our angel, Bianca was violently  taken from us at the age of 17. The murderer posted extremely graphic and disturbing photos of Bianca’s lifeless body on social media. The photos were uploaded and shared to several social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube and Discord.  The images remained highly visible on Instagram and Facebook for over a week. Almost a year later, the images are still being shared on social media. Bianca’s family has received numerous direct messages of the pictures on Instagram and Facebook. Further, when users reported the images for violating community guidelines/standards, many users received a response that the images did not violate community guidelines/standards or that the images would remain up with a sensitive content cover.  There are no words to adequately describe the pain, anger and feeling of loss our family is feeling after losing Bianca. To then have our daughter’s death exploited and mocked on social media is a trauma no family should have to endure.  Several of Bianca’s friends found out about her death from seeing the photos.  This exploitation and harassment on the internet cannot continue.  Social media and other internet companies must be held responsible for the content that is allowed on their platforms. We must demand that social media companies put in place software to detect violent and graphic images and block them before they are uploaded and shared.  As a last line of defense, companies must have an adequate number of trained content moderators to ensure community compliance.   Bianca’s Law seeks to preserve free and open speech online while addressing the proliferation of illicit content. The language of the Bill corrects the expansive interpretation and application of Section 230 which provides legal cover for companies that facilitate illicit content. This legislation is based on a recommendation made to Congress by the Department of Justice in 2020. Bianca’s law creates three narrow carve-outs under which internet companies would lose their 230 immunities: 1. A company purposefully acts to promote, solicit, or disseminate illegal content; 2. A company has specific knowledge of content on its site that violates the law; and 3. A company does not remove illegal content after it receives notice of a court ruling that the content violates the law. The legislation also requires internet companies to maintain a public reporting mechanism so that users can flag the company of illegal content on its service. Beyond the Section 230 carve-outs, Bianca’s Law also includes: 1. Social media must be required to immediately disable and suspend accounts of murderers live-posting their murder AND those accounts impersonating the murderer.2. Social media must have, use, and enforce a policy to stop the dissemination of banned (hashed) images in any and all forms.3. Social media must be required to provide a crisis response center to respond in real-time to parents whose children are the victims of crimes on and through their platforms, including but not limited to child sexual exploitation and livestreamed or live-posted murder, rape, and violence. This crisis response center is to serve the purpose of stopping the spread of harmful material and preserving evidence for law enforcement and/or the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.              4. Social media companies must have, use, and  enforce a policy recognizing the intellectual property interest of estates of deceased users. Parents’ Bill of Rights All social media companies must have, use and enforce a policy recognizing a parent’s right to control their deceased minor child’s social media accounts. We also believe that parents must be given control of all their childrens’ social media accounts whether the child is alive or deceased PARENTS BILL OF RIGHTS WITH RESPECT TO A CHILD’S SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS 1. Ownership and control of a minor child’s social media account should automatically transfer to the parents or legal guardians of that child upon the death or incapacitation of that child. 2. Any profits made by the social media through the posting of such graphic images should be placed in a “special fund” for victims. The social media companies must not be allowed to profit from the posting of such graphic images. 3. Social media must have a system for monitoring the profits made from postings of such graphic images retroactively to the time when they were ruled as inappropriate. 4. Social Media should not be allowed to “profit” on the viewing of images including but not limited to child sexual exploitation and livestreamed or live-posted murder, rape, and violence. 5. People who download, re-post or send/distribute these images should face criminal and civil penalties Please sign this petition to show lawmakers that we will not tolerate the spread of violent and graphic images on the internet!  We need laws enacted to force companies to protect citizens from the trauma and harassment that Bianca’s family and friends have endured for the past yearRead more

Kimberly DevinsUtica, NY, United States
Twitter, Inc, Parag Agrawal, @BusinessInsider
On or about the 8th of January 2021, Donald Trump was banned from Twitter for writing tweets about the US election that posed a risk of inciting violence. On the 6th of July 2022, @renoomokri made the following tweet in response to a TV interview made by one of the presidential aspirants in the Nigerian election.   "While his Obidients are applauding that interview, if you watch it with an unbiased mind, you see that Peter Obi considers himself a pilot and Kwankwaso a mere driver and substitute player. The people of Kano heard that. The North heard that. Others Nigerians heard!" To prove that this was specifically targeted at the northern part of Nigeria and to emphasize his point, he retweet a version again in the Hausa language as follows. "Kwankwaso bashine Dan takaran shugaban kasa da nake so ba amma shi ba "Direban mota" da yake so ya "tuka jirgin nijeriya" ne ba kaman yadda Peter Obi ya fada yau a Arise.Kwankwaso ya gina abubuwa da yawa har da gina mutane.Jahilci ne a kwatanta shi da Direba mota" Given the historical relationship between the northern and eastern parts (PeterObi hails from the east) of Nigeria, both tweets from @renoomokri have a massive risk of inciting ethnic violence in the northern part of Nigeria and subsequent reprisals in the east, especially since Kwankwaso has a huge following in the North and Peter Obi has a following in the east. Ethnic violence against the people of eastern Nigeria perpetuated in the northern part of Nigeria was one of the things that led to the Nigerian Civil war. Since then there have been multiple reports of ethnic violence in various parts of Nigeria. A lot of them are targeted at Ibos. In the east, some violence against northerners have occurred too. For @renoomokri to make such tweets to his 1.7million followers given the history of Nigeria is not only reckless and dangerous, but it is also extremely callous to try and stoke ethnic violence for political gain. @renoomokri is very knowledgeable about Nigeria's history so he knows this only too well. It should be noted that this is not @renoomokri first tweet with the potential to incite violence in the North. Only a few weeks ago, he tweeted images of a muslim prayer mat and insinuated that haram was being perpetuated by Obi's supporters in the North. This tweet was also dangerous because only on the 12th of May, 2022 a student was burnt to death because she was accused of committing haram in the north. @renoomokri should be stopped from continuing to use his Twitter influence to create the risk of ethnic or religious violence in Nigeria. Twitter already has a precedent for banning accounts that try to incite violence. They banned Trump! We are therefore calling for Twitter to immediately ban @renoomokri from its platform.  We are also calling on @BusinessInsider to rescind the "Business Influencer of 2022" award granted to @renoomokri. One comment that may result in ethnic violence is more than enough for @BusinessInsider to do this. @renoomokri has made multiple tweets in this regard. The risk to human life and property is too great if he remains on the platform and he continues his tweets.  Read more

Good NigerianNigeria
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Dear Social Media, I write this letter to notify you of the dark side, a side I encountered today that broke me within. As an owner and friend of two pitbulls that I wakeup with every morning, it hurts me to think they could ever be used as pawns in a serious battle of dogfighting. Scrolling through my Facebook timeline, my group found a page within Instagram that boosted dog fighting. Everyone immediately went to report and yet, Instagram didn’t approve within 10 minutes. How? How is this possible? According to Investopia, ‘In 2019, Instagram generated $20 billion in advertising revenue, according to Omnicore, a direct marketing agency. About 69% of America's marketers planned to spend most of their 2020 influencer budget on Instagram. According to a Bloomberg Intelligence report, Instagram was worth $100 billion by 2018.’ Which means, Instagram is worth more than 100 billion and yet they can’t find enough real people to go through these posts? Every report I make is a serious one. I ask you this, Instagram allows 13yo+ kids, as a parent would you allow your kid to see something like this? Shame on you @Instagram and shame on you social media if you don’t do anything to stop this craze. This goes for all social media apps, remove it all. I am sick to my stomach, and all I wanna do is cry for these voiceless animals. Please stand up with me. I want social media to tear down any animal abuse, and I promise I will not stop until it’s done. Thank you for listening and please don’t let this weigh on your shoulders WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS.  Sincerely, A young, hurt, animal lover.     Here are some more examples:  this link contains multiple links that include TR: blood/gory/animal abuse/ dog fighting..etc more

Meranda MorseBridgeton, NJ, United States
MSNBC, CBS, Department of Justice, United States Supreme Court, Commission on Presidential Debates, ABC, New York Times, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Inc
Live fact checking should run across the screens or should be announced live during the all presidential debates in order to allow transparency and to allow Americans to make informed decisions about who the choose for President.  This I believe would solve the following problems: It would restore Americans belief in the political process  It would shift the narrative of two party politics from identity politics back to politics of policy It would hold politicians accountable for misinformation It would create a more curious and well informed public  In order for this to be executed properly this should be enforced by a non partisan committee such as the Debate commission . Read more

Marcel dinkinscorona, NY, United States
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In the present day, no person in a wheelchair can fly in an airplane without leaving their wheelchair. Wheelchair accessible airplanes don’t exist, therefore, people with disabilities have to leave their wheelchair and transfer to a regular airplane seat. Sometimes, like in my personal case, these people are not able to hold their own balance. They may also have skin problems that prevent them from sitting on a regular seat. Some people cannot move a single part of their body from the neck down, therefore, proper setting and protection is mandatory. These things can only be achieved by us staying in our wheelchair while traveling. It is physically and psychologically painful for wheelchair users that depend on their wheelchairs to survive to think that it is completely impossible to travel for the only reason that airplanes are not wheelchair accessible. The safety mechanisms have been tested and it is known that it is possible already. Wheelchairs can today travel on cars, trains, boats, subways, and even some roller coasters. There’s plenty of information regarding the safety in the link below. I am please asking you to sign this petition to help us be one step closer to achieve this goal. We just want to be more independent, like everyone else. Thank you very much! more

Alejandro Bocija NovoLong Island City, NY, United States
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"The Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016 was introduced by Centre in Lok Sabha in July 2016 to amend the Citizenship Act, 1955 to make illegal migrants who belong to six communities viz. Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis and Christians from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan, eligible for citizenship of India. The bill also proposed to relax the requirements of citizenship by naturalization."As citizens of this country we register our deep anxiety and distress at the proposed amendment of the Citizenship Act under consideration of the Joint Select Committee of Parliament. Whatever humanitarian consideration prompted the proposed amendment granting citizenship to persons belonging to minority communities namely Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis and Christians from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh, it is going to be highly inimical to the indigenous people of Assam and to the federal structure of the state. At the moment, based on Assam Accord, at the intervention of the Supreme Court of India and on the instruction of the Central government, the Government of Assam is engaged in intensive updating of the National Register for Citizens (NRC) to include people permanently residing in the state till 24th March 1971 and to treat them alone as genuine citizens of the country. The present attempt of the Central Government to extend citizenship beyond the cutoff date of 24th March, 1971 is not acceptable to the people of Assam. The state of Assam is already overburdened with high influx of foreign nationals from Bangladesh, causing serious economic and social distress and identity crisis for the indigenous communities of Assam. Under these circumstances, the proposed amendment poses an existential threat to the existing indigenous communities. In view of the above, we request youto withdraw the proposed amendment, or at the very least to exempt the state of Assam from the purview of the proposed amendment to the Citizenship act.Read more

Maharshi Mohan BoraIndia
Twitter, Inc
Unbelievably, Katie Hopkins has been given a platform to insult, abuse and cause outrage for far too long. Attacking victims of Child Sex Exploitation is possibly the most disgusting act that any human can do. Does she have no boundaries? The scary thing is, this could happen to her own children right under her nose - being as self obsessed as she Is, how would she see the signs?  I think it's about time Twitter took action and removed her from their platform, just as Facebook have done with Britain First. Freedom of speech is something I believe in. Freedom of hate speech isn't, I'm sure many people feel the same way. Katie Hopkins' sick remark on Twitter.Read more

Alex EvansShrewsbury, ENG, United Kingdom
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The United States gives South Africa approximately 9.4 Billion Dollars in US aid. There is no record of where this money is directed. The South African Government vote 99% against the US in the UN, have violated the AGOA agreement by deliberately breaking every human rights law by changing their constitution to take land from the white minorities without compensation. They have further broken the international law and the Geneva Convention laws with this act. The South African government has openly threatened the US government and is in full support of Iran. They also support and have been hiding ISIS and other Muslim training camps within the country. Furthermore the South African Communist Party (SACP) an affiliate of the government ruling party demonstrated outside the US Embassy in Pretoria South Africa calling for the death of American Citizens.  (One bullet one American) The removal of Apartheid 25 years ago and with a newly elected ANC government in 1994 has seen a massive decline of law and order.  United Nations (UN) stats from 2012 state that South Africa has the highest murder rate of half a million people since 1994. The rape & corruption rate is the highest in the world. The South African Government has placed approximately one hundred and sixty four (164) laws discriminating against all minorities in the country mainly whites. We ask again why were Bill Gates, Ex-president Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson, Henry Kissinger, EX-Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, George Soros and the Clinton's doing there when the US gives South Africa 9.4 Billion in AID while they murder an average of 60 people a day and rape a female of any age every minute. The deliberate call for the killing of farmers by the South African politicians especially Julius Malema, Elias Ace Magashule, Andile Mngxitama and the denial by Cyril Ramaphosa (President) that this was the case, resulting in which has seen massive increase of torture, rape and murder.  (One bullet one Boer (Farmer)) This inciting of murder lays all the blood spilled upon these political parties namely the EFF, BLF & ANC. The overwhelming evidence of massive corruption and the refusal of the government to arrest said party members.  We demand full economic sanctions be placed with the immediate stop of all US aid to a country that has violated every human rights law known to modern man.  We feel the African National Congress (ANC) government with their affiliates the South African Communist party and United Trade Union movement need to be removed by any means possible. They have failed the people of South Africa and the world due to their criminal activities and human rights violations. The US Ambassador to South Africa Lana Marks needs to be recalled for supporting this evil agenda. EVERY PERSON IN THE WORLD WHO BELIEVES IN THE GOOD OF MAN, ALL EX- SOUTH AFRICANS NOW IS THE TIME NOT TO TURN YOUR BACK ON YOUR LAND OF YOUR BIRTH IN ITS TIME OF NEED. SIGN THIS PETITION AND GIVE US A MANDATE TO REMOVE THIS EVIL ONCE AND FOR ALL. Read more

THE HAWKWilliston, ND, United States
Tiktok , Twitter, Inc, Instagram
Tiktok has a censorship issue when it comes to it’s Black users. They demote and remove content replayed to social and political topics. Black creators are being banned from posting or having their account suspended as a result of speaking out against racism/antiblackness. Please sign this petition today to show your support for Black creators in hope for change.Read more

Sudani R.New York, United States
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We as Iranians are calling on big tech companies (Google, Apple, Meta, Twitter, Microsoft, and others) to replace the dictator regime's flag with Iran's national flag (the lion-sun flag). The current flag emoji of Iran in iOS and Android is the dictator regime's flag. Please update the emoji of Iran in your systems and replace it with the correct version from  Read more

Pouya JabbarisaniLondon, United Kingdom