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Petitioning Instagram, Twitter, Inc, Facebook

Remove Aryanna Gourdin's Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook

Aryanna Gourdin is a 12 year old hunter who kills innocent and beautiful animals. She posts pictures of their dead bodies on her Instagram which has over 3,000 followers. She is promoting trophy hunting and killing not only animals that are native in the US, but also travels to Africa and kills endangered animals such as Lions, Giraffes, and Zebras. You don't have to be an animal activist to know that this is wrong. Please help us to get her removed from Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Her promoting this may entice other young girls to kill animals. Please help us to get these gruesome photos removed and stop the promotion of trophy hunting. Together we can stop the cruel hunting and killing of these helpless creatures that she mercilessly guns down. I don't blame her for this being her lifestyle because I believe she was raised to think this way. But maybe taking a step like this, we can get the message across that this is not okay and should be stopped. I believe all creatures should have a right to live, and killing them and showing it off is not okay. I don't believe Aryanna is a bad person, I just believe she is misguided and is not setting a good example for other young people. Love will always beat hate. YOU have the power to save these animals' lives. By signing this petition, you stand up for the rights of these endangered animals. Don't stay silent. Together we can stop this. 

Sadie Elizabeth
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Petitioning Tito Karnavian

Copot Kapolda Jabar

Alhamdulillah, pemeriksaan terhadap Imam Besar Front Pembela Islam (FPI), Habib Rizieq Syihab telah selesai Polda Jawa Barat. Habib Rizieq pun keluar dari Polda Jabar diiringi ribuan kaum Muslimin yang telah menunggu dan menyambutnya sejak awal. Namun, pemeriksaan Habib Rizieq di Polda Jabar yang berjalan dengan lancar itu dikotori dengan aksi anarkis yang diduga dipicu oleh para preman yang kontra dengan Umat Islam. Massa penyerang laskar FPI tersebut menggunakan pakaian yang bertuliskan GMBI. Usut punya usut, ternyata GMBI ini  merupakan sebuah Lembaga Swadaya Masyarakat yang ketua dewan pembina hariannya adalah Irjen Pol Anton Charlian yang saat ini menjabat sebagai Kapolda Jawa Barat.  Kami menyayangkan terjadi penyerangan oleh LSM yang diketuai Kapolda Jabar tersebut kepada Laskar FPI. Di media sosialpun mencuat bukti-bukti yang menunjukkan bahwa Kapolda Jawa Barat adalah Ketua Dewan Pembina Harian LSM GMBI.  Pantauan kami, ada salah satu anggota GMBI yang menyatakan bahwa sebelum tiba di Polda Jabar, masa anggota GMBI Indramayu dilepas keberangkatannya oleh Kapolsek Jatibarang. Cek akun facebook : Dejoey Alesandro  Menurut kami ini tidak wajar. Jelas ini ada aroma untuk membenturkan rakyat dengan rakyat. Kami ingin agar Ketua Dewan Pembina Harian LSM GMBI yang juga merupakan Kapolda Jabar untuk bertanggung jawab atas perilaku anarkis yang dilakukan LSM nya. 

Rakyat Bergerak
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Petitioning Twitter, Inc, Facebook

Suspend Mocha Uson Blog

Mocha Uson, a Filipino entertainer-turned-Duterte die-hard supporter uses her social media accounts to spread fictitious/unsupported claims, fake news, and false information about pressing issues in the Philippines, from the role the USAID plays in the country to news concerning government officials and other personalities, eliciting unwarranted hate from the public. The said accounts widen the rift between those who support the current administration and those who are critical of it.

Paul Quilét
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Petitioning CNN, BBC, FOX News, Facebook, Google, Inc, Twitter, Twitter, Inc, NBC, CBS

The ending of The Yulin Dog Festival

This is so pressing we can not stop now. There is a dog meat festival in Yulin, China that last for 10 days. Where they brutally torture dogs before they consume them for meals. The forms of torture include boiling them alive, beating them to death, starvation and dehydration, and keeping them in very small cages with over 10 dogs in one. We would like to stop this festival because it is inhuman to commit this kind of act to a poor innocent dog. 

Paris Draper
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Petitioning Twitter, Inc

Ban WeSearchr

WeSearchr is a crowdfunded information marketplace founded by Pax Dickinson and Charles C. Johnson. It sells itself as a marketplace dedicated to discovering the truth by posting bounties online, which can be obtained through providing information on the subject of said bounty. However, WeSearchr is also extremely right-wing and has ties to the Alt-Right and Neo-Nazi movements. Recently, they have placed a bounty for any information on the identity of the man who assaulted Richard Spencer last Friday. Due to WeSearchr's extreme beliefs and connections with such violent organizations, I fear that this unidentified man's life may be in danger if his identity is discovered. Therefore, I would like to request that you ban WeSearchr's Twitter account. This would not only hinder their presence on social media, but also hurt their chances of funding the money they need to find the man in question. If they are not banned soon, I fear that their bounty will be accepted by an informant and that this man's identity will be given to the Neo-Nazi movement. For the sake of this man and other people's safety, please ban WeSearchr from your services so that their harmful activities may no longer continue on your website. 

Mistr Mask
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Petitioning Facebook, Twitter, Inc

Shut down Britain First's social media accounts

I am a strong believer in the human rights act and with that contains the right to freedom of speech, but it becomes a problem when that free speech spreads hate and that is exactly what is happening on Britain first's social media accounts. I think in light of the terrorist attacks in finsbury park this morning I think it is important we try and put a stop to islamaphobia, race hate and xenophobia breeding online. I believe Britain first have the right to continue as a far right group as much as I detest them but the online hatred must stop. 

Andreana Morris
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Petitioning David Cameron MP

Stop Employment Discrimination Against tattoos, Piercings & hair color (individualism)

Tattoo discrimination shouldn't exist in the workplace! You're perfect for the job. You have all the skills and experience the company is looking for, and you've turned up for the interview in your smartest attire. But there's a problem. If you have a tattoo that incurs the displeasure of the boss, you might find any offer of employment is swiftly rescinded. There are Thousands of people looking to work and contribute to society yet get turned away because of their appearance even though they are capable of doing the job.  Someone's hair colour, style, or body mods do not reflect who they are as a person, their capabilities, or what they will be like as an employee. Most places will not hire you if you have unnatural hair colours, a haircut considered extreme (like a Mohawk), if you have visible piercings or tattoos. Why? For no other reason than it is unappealing to many people. That is discrimination. An obese person may not be appealing to many people, but that would be discrimination to not hire them for that reason. One may argue that customers won't shop where a person who has tattoos/piercings works. Well in this world some customers might avoid a place because an employee is gay. So why is one illegal to refuse a job to and not the other? Appearance does not reflect character, capability, or morals. To not hire a person with piercings/tattoos or dyed hair for worry that they do drugs or might steal from the establishment and would scare away prejudiced customers is just as prejudice and discriminatory as not hiring a black person for the prejudice that they would steal and scare away prejudiced customers. It is discrimination and it is WRONG.  We understand, a customer finding a dropped nose ring in their food can result in law suit. A piercing can be dangerous in certain jobs. I would understand certain industries wanting employees to remove piercings to remove health and safety risks or if a person had an offensive tattoo like a swastika or something with a swear word on it and this tattoo is not covered by clothes. But hair style/colour and tattoos are in no way a threat to health or safety. Long hair can be tied up/netted. Dyed hair and tattoos do not affect anything other than appearance. Nothing about a person's physical appearance should be expected to change unless it is a health and safety risk. If employers want appearance changed for no other reason than for the appearance of the change, it should not be allowed.  Discrimination laws officially protect those of a certain race, religion, age, gender, marital status, family relation, and more recently sexuality has been added to that list. Let's add physical appearance to that list, including piercings, tattoos, and hair choice with the exception of threat to health and safety.  Being individual an expressing your individuality is creativity and a part of being human... Don't crush creativity and individualism. 

Daniel Hindley
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Petitioning Twitter, Inc, FACEBOOK

Remove Paul Watson From #SocialMedia for his Terrorism!

Paul Watson, the Captain of the Steve Irwin under Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and also a Founder of #Greenpeace is known for #terrorism and #pirating (research him). He is known to sink vessels, and his #violent actions can be viewed on "Whale Wars." His violent tactics are so extreme that Greenpeace, the organization that he founded, expelled him for this very reason. Now, Paul Watson has been cyber attacking a 16-year old Chris Apassingok in Gambell, #Alaska. Chris is a Siberian Yupik on a remote island. This island does not have Western customs that the majority of the U.S. is accustomed to (grocery store, post office, etc) but they do have a rich culture and tradition that has sustained their people for thousands of years! The heritage includes a whale harvest. Last week, Chris did what he could for his community of 680, he harpooned and harvested a bowhead whale. This act is not illegal in the U.S. nor Internationally, unlike Paul Watson's acts of terrorism. Because of Chris' harvest his community has food to eat. The bowhead whale, along as other marine mammals are multiple times more nutritious than salads - salads full of vegetables that can't grow in the harsh environment that he lives in. Because of Chris, the 680 Siberian Yupik people can eat. But Paul Watson actions are advocating for people, who cannot relate to the Yupik culture, to act violently toward the 16 year old and his community. I know what it is like to be raised in a remote community that relies on subsistence #whaling - I am from the #Inupiaq community, #Utqiagvik (Barrow), Alaska. My favorite food is maktak, ask my family. I would not want to be terrorized over my culture and would like to at least end the attacks on Chris. So, I ask you to please sign this petition to end the cyber bullying against a 16-year old. Quyanaqpak! #IAmInupiaq   

Leanna Mack
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Petitioning YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Inc, Twitter, Detroit police department

Petition to take Chris and Queen off Youtube

Please sign this petition to get Chris and Queens Youtube Channel off YouTube. Youtube name (Chrisandqueen) They are scamming their fans out of hundreds of dollars and if we continue to let them stay on there they will continue to do it to others. Please check out @takingthemdown2 on Instagram or Facebook

Lorena Mireles
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Petitioning Facebook, Twitter, Twitter, Inc

Justicia para Marta (Ferrol-A Coruña) La Fiscalía no ve ensañamiento en las 64 puñaladas que recibió Marta SequeiroLa Fiscalía de Ferrol acaba de presentar ante el juez instructor de la Audiencia Provincial su escrito de calificación en el caso de Marta Sequeiro, la camarera del bar Bonky que fue asesinada el pasado 25 de abril. La Fiscalía de Ferrol acaba de presentar ante el juez instructor de la Audiencia Provincial su escrito de calificación en el caso de Marta Sequeiro, la camarera del bar Bonky que fue asesinada el pasado 25 de abril. En sus conclusiones, el ministerio público afirma que los hechos son constitutivos de un delito de homicidio  y pide para el acusado del crimen, Víctor Timiraos, 15 años de prisión. Esto significa que la fiscal de los juzgados de Ferrol no aprecia  ni alevosía ni ensañamiento en las 64 puñaladas que recibió Marta tal y como revela la autopsia definitiva. Esta interpretación de los hechos ha despertado la indignación de la familia de la asesinada, que se pregunta “qué más tendría que haber hecho –el acusado– para que lo consideren un asesino”. “Le dio 10 puñaladas en la cabeza, 21 en el la cara, 19 en la espalda y otras tantas en los brazos. La destrozó. Y ninguna de ellas fue mortal, por lo que mi hermana estuvo desangrándose y agonizando durante muchos minutos. Si pueden que le expliquen a la cara a su hijo de 13 años que no se enseñaron con su madre”, explica su familia. Por su parte, la acusación popular, ejercida por sus hermanas –Yolanda y Silvia–, sí pide que se le imponga al acusado una pena de 25 años por un delito de asesinato con las circunstancias de alevosía y ensañamiento. Aducen, para ello, además el informe de la autopsia, que el hombre perpetró el crimen cuando Marta se encontraba sola en el local y que, previamente, hizo creer a esta que lo abandonada para atacarla después de forma sorpresiva. De hecho, el examen forense infiere que Víctor Timiraos no presenta heridas defensivas de la víctima.Aunque el documento de la Fiscalía no hace alusión a ninguna circunstancia modificativa del delito, la familia de Marta percibe un exceso de celo a la hora de describir cómo el acusado había estado consumiendo alcohol en diferentes puntos de la ciudad desde primera hora de la tarde. Esto, creen, puede llevar al jurado popular a estimar estos hechos como un atenuante del posterior crimen. Asimismo, a pesar de los múltiples mensajes de Whatsapp que la víctima envío a su hermana y a algún otro contacto relatando que estaba teniendo problemas con el acusado para que éste abandonase el bar –incluso detalló una actitud desafiante por parte de Víctor–, el ministerio público arguye que el ataque se produjo “sin que conste motivo”.apoyo popularEsto, junto con otras “lagunas” que previamente habían denunciado durante el proceso de instrucción, ha terminado por derrumbar a sus familiares más cercanos, que, dicen, solo confían ya “en el apoyo popular”. Se da además la circunstancia de que el pasado 10 de noviembre la abogacía del Estado y la Xunta pidieron para un vigués que mató a golpes a su pareja una pena por delito de asesinato, lo que hace preguntarse a las hermanas de la camarera asesinada en Telleiras “por qué eso sí y esto no”. “Se supone que la Fiscalía debería velar por el bien público. Es incomprensible que con todo el material y las pruebas forenses presentadas puedan concluir algo así, parece el documento de la defensa”, insisten.La pasada semana el alcalde, Jorge Suárez, se reunió con Silvia y Yolanda Sequeiro y les transmitió “el apoyo del Concello” a la hora de reclamar que se haga justicia con este crimen.

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