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Dear Social Media,

I write this letter to notify you of the dark side, a side I encountered today that broke me within. As an owner and friend of two pitbulls that I wakeup with every morning, it hurts me to think they could ever be used as pawns in a serious battle of dogfighting.

Scrolling through my Facebook timeline, my group found a page within Instagram that boosted dog fighting. Everyone immediately went to report and yet, Instagram didn’t approve within 10 minutes. How? How is this possible? According to Investopia, ‘In 2019, Instagram generated $20 billion in advertising revenue, according to Omnicore, a direct marketing agency. About 69% of America's marketers planned to spend most of their 2020 influencer budget on Instagram. According to a Bloomberg Intelligence report, Instagram was worth $100 billion by 2018.’ Which means, Instagram is worth more than 100 billion and yet they can’t find enough real people to go through these posts? Every report I make is a serious one.

I ask you this, Instagram allows 13yo+ kids, as a parent would you allow your kid to see something like this?

Shame on you @Instagram and shame on you social media if you don’t do anything to stop this craze. This goes for all social media apps, remove it all. I am sick to my stomach, and all I wanna do is cry for these voiceless animals.

Please stand up with me. I want social media to tear down any animal abuse, and I promise I will not stop until it’s done. Thank you for listening and please don’t let this weigh on your shoulders



A young, hurt, animal lover.



Here are some more examples: 

this link contains multiple links that include TR: blood/gory/animal abuse/ dog fighting..etc