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Petitioning Apple, Tim Cook, Jony Ive

Apple: Bring back Slide to Unlock in iOS 10

Apple needs to bring back Slide to Unlock in iOS 10.  An option to enable Slide to Unlock provides users with a feature they are used to having and still want.  The FOUR main reasons to bring back Slide to Unlock are: there have been issues with devices having broken Home buttons from frequent use.  By increasing the usage of the Home button to unlock the device, there is greater likelihood the Home button will be broken and thus decreasing customer satisfaction. from an ergonomic standpoint, pressing the home button to unlock forces the user to  perform actions at 2 different positions to work with the device--first press the home button and second reposition one's finger to interact with the touchscreen.  Bringing back Slide to Unlock allows the user's finger to already be positioned to interact with the device after unlocking the screen.  Slide to Unlock falls in line with Apple's DNA in making things work as simply as possible. Users are accustomed to Slide to Unlock so this should be a feature that is at least an option to have.   Inadvertent activation of Siri which delays the user from reaching their home screen.  Frequent occurrences have caused users to turn Siri off. If you are an iOS user, please help Apple realize their mistake and support this petition.  This is a simple (previous) feature request which Apple could implement at a moment's notice.  Thank you for your support!

Davucha Alfred
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Petitioning Kevin Systrom, Mike Krieger, Mark Zuckerberg, Tim Cook

ARTISTS AGAINST SOCIAL MEDIA CENSORSHIP Kevin Systrom, Mike Krieger, Joel Kaplan, Mark Zuckerberg and Tim Cook: We are artists, curators, muses, writers and other creatives who use social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, to connect with others, share work and promote our creative endeavors. Our belief is that artistic practice examines the world around us, confronting society without commercial motivation. We constantly reevaluate our cultural framework, providing a fundamental perspective on existing value systems. Sharing work in a traditional gallery setting has become increasingly difficult, and simultaneously we are being pushed out of our cities due to rising costs of living. Consequently, we have turned to virtual platforms for open and unbiased feedback. You state in the Instagram Community Guidelines, “We want Instagram to continue to be an authentic and safe place for inspiration and expression. Instagram is a reflection of our diverse community of cultures, ages, and beliefs. We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the different points of view that create a safe and open environment for everyone.” You state in the Facebook Community Standards, “Our mission is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected. Every day, people come to Facebook to share their stories, see the world through the eyes of others and connect with friends and causes. The conversations that happen on Facebook reflect the diversity of a community of more than one billion people.” Many of us are finding our images and accounts censored without explanation while following the Community Guidelines/Standards currently in place. We believe there is a pattern of unjustifiable censorship that includes inconsistencies, double standards, as well as lack of transparency and accountability. It feels confusing and unfair when content is allowed that clearly violates policies while other content seems to clearly have artistic value, yet is repeatedly removed. We believe in a clear distinction between what is obscene and what has artistic and social value. Art only has a future if people are wholeheartedly engaging with it. Allowing unnecessary censorship contributes to the mediocrity of experience, instead of encouraging the originality of ideas and the unique exploration of self identity. As users, we request that you to reevaluate your Community Guidelines/Standards in order to stop the unfair censorship of artists' work: The appeal process should include individual posts, images and videos that have been removed. Provide users with a written explanation and cite which post and guideline has been violated. Many artists have had content removed without evidence of violation, yet celebrity nudity, objectification of women, rape, drug use, racism, gun violence and hateful content has been allowed to remain. Provide resources and staff to review content as well as additional training. Create a distinction between pornographic images and fine art photography that contains nudity. For instance, fine art nude photographs are not obscene, and have had social value throughout history. They may reference other classical works and depict the human form in a way that is interesting and beautiful.  Provide a point of contact for users to communicate with and ask questions or express concerns regarding censorship. Cease in labeling women's nipples or pubic hair as "dangerous" or "obscene". This adds to the violence against and degradation of women. Introduce an optional feature to limit or eliminate accessibility to nude content.   We understand that social media platforms are complex and must operate on many different social and cultural levels. Based on the above argument, we would like to work together to find a reasonable solution to eliminate unfair and unnecessary censorship from your platforms.  

Joanne Leah
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Petitioning, Tim Cook, , , APPLE Company

Apple şirketi ürünlerine Kürtçe dil seçeneği koysun #appleîkurdî #kürtçeapple

Merhaba Değerli Kürt kardeşlerim, Apple Şirketi ve onun CEO'su; Kürtçe dünya üzerinde en çok konuşana sahip dillerden biridir. Ancak Kürtler'in dillerini çok sevmelerine karşın Apple Şirketi’nin ürünlerindeki dil seçeneğinde Kürtçe seçeneği yoktur. Günümüzde Kürtler Apple ürünlerini hayatlarının her alanında kullanmaktadırlar. Bununla birlikte bu ürünleri kendi dillerinde kullanma şansına sahip olmak istemektedirler. Bu da Apple’ın eşitlik ilkesiyle uyuşmaktadır. Biz Kürtler Apple’ın ürünlerine Kürtçe dil seçeneği ekleme vaktinin çoktan geldiğini düşünüyoruz. Şüphesiz Apple bunu yaparak tüm ulusumuzun sevgisini kazanacaktır. Hayallerimizi gerçekleştirmek için bu kampanyayı imzalayarak bize destek olmanızı rica ediyoruz. Saygılarla... Diro xwişk û birayên min ên bihêja ên kurd, Beşgeha Apple û CEOyê wê; Kurdî yek ji zimanên xwedî pirtirîn axiveran e li cîhanê. Lê li gel ku kurd ji zimanê xwe pir hez dikin jî di vebijêrka zimên a berhemên Beşgeha Appleê de kurdî (kurmancî,soranî,kelhurî,lekî) tune ye. Di roja îroyîn de kurd di her warê jîna xwe de berhemên Appleê (dengber,kombers,demjimêr...) bi kar tînin. Li gel vê yekê kurd dixwazin bibin xwedî bextê bikaranîna her berhemî bi zimanê kurdî. Ev yek jî bi rêgeza wekheviya Appleê li hev dike. Em wekî kurd diramin ku ji zû ve dema tevlîkirina zimanê kurdî di berhemên Apple de hatiye. Bi vê kiryariyê bêguman dê Apple heziya hemû neteweya me bi dest bixe. Xwişk û birayên min ên kurd ji bo verastandina vê xewna me bi şanenavên xwe piştgiriya helmetê bikin. Bi rêz û giramî... Hello dear my kurd brothers and sisters ,Apole Company and its CEO, Kurdish language is one of the most spoken languages all over the World. Nevertheless, Apple Company still doesn’t have a Kurdish language option in language settings of its product inspite of the fact that Kurdish people are very fond of their own language. Kurds are now using Apple product in all aspects of life. Accordingly, they want to have the chance to carry out eveything in these products in their own language, which goes well together with the fairness principle of Apple. We kurds believe that it is high time Apple provided Kurdish language in its products. By doing this, Apple will absolutely gain the appreciation of a whole nation, Kurds. To realise our dreams, we request from our Kurdish brothers and sisters to support us by signing this campaign. Regards...  

Mehmet Çeçen
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