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Hi Ashton, We appreciate the interest. As you've noted, at Target we are absolutely committed to creating a family-friendly environment and accommodating the needs of our guests. For the convenience of all of our guests, we have made changing tables a standard feature in both our men’s and women’s restrooms for more than 25 years. In addition, as we build new stores, we place changing tables in our women's, men's and family restrooms. In the event a changing table is unavailable, we encourage our guests to notify a team member and we will be happy to offer an alternative private location to meet their needs. Molly Snyder Target Public RelationsRead more

9 years ago
Palm oil can be produced without destroying habitats and rainforests. But often companies don’t choose sustainable palm oil because keeping things status quo is the easier way out. Target stores promised that they would, by 2018, only sell products that contain traceable and sustainably sourced palm oil You can find this promise on their website. But it’s been a year and they still haven’t told us whether they fulfilled that promise. Palm oil: is a vegetable oil that comes from the oil palm tree. It’s in close to half of the products that you buy every day. It’s an incredibly easy product to use that is odorless and colorless However, the issue with palm oil is: that it is a major cause of deforestation, is contributing to climate change, it is destroying habitats of endangered species, and it is a cause of worker exploitation. Unsustainably-produced palm oil destroys the habitat of endangered species like the orangutan and pygmy elephant.   Unsustainably produced palm oil has led to the death of an estimated 100,000 orangutans. Half of the Bornean orangutan population has been killed in just 6 years a result of practices like these, and 193 other endangered species are threatened by palm oil production. Target said that it would only sell products that use 100% sustainably produced palm oil, and it needs to stick to that commitment. Words are just words, but it’s in action that we see if killing orangutans and contributing to deforestation and climate change really matters to Target.Read more

Sonja JambardSeymour, TN, United States
Costco Wholesale, Target, Woolworths and Coles supermarkets, Target Australia
please bring flamin hot cheetos to Australia i really am craving them and i would really appreciate if you could sign this form thank you joshua bourke  #bringflaminhotcheetostoaustralia #woolworths #coles  Read more

Joshua BourkeAustralia
As a new dad, I recently learned an unfortunate reality about changing diapers while out in public with a child. Almost all public changing tables are in women's bathrooms, which makes it nearly impossible to find a table that's accessible to dads. As crazy as it sounds, many stores don’t give dads the option to change their babies’ diapers. It's 2015, families are diverse, and it is an injustice to assume it’s only a woman's job to handle changing diapers. This assumption is gender stereotyping and companies should be supporting all parents that shop at their stores equally – no matter their gender. Changing tables in men's rooms will be a tiny step in the long process of rectifying the legacy of gender discrimination, but it's a step we need to take. Dads, like myself, want to participate equally in the child care process and our society should support that.  Target and Costco have proven themselves time and time again to be companies that honor diversity, support families, and provide great services to kids of all ages. That is why I am calling on them to be the change. As leaders in their industry, they can initiate a company-wide policy to provide universally accessible changing tables in their stores.  If Target and Costco take this step, I know that other companies will follow suit and recognize that we should be supporting all parents equally.  #BeTheChange #LeanInTogetherRead more

Ashton KutcherUnited States
Winn-Dixie Stores, Safeway, Target, Publix Super Markets
Animal Recovery Mission's three-month undercover investigation of fairlife's supplier, Fair Oaks Farms, revealed systemic abuse of calves like we have never seen before. This brutal footage has led to law enforcement opening up an investigation. This is part of the largest undercover dairy investigation in history and has received media coverage all over the world with over 5 million views. Fair Oaks Farms is one of the largest dairies in the U.S. and produces dairy products for the fairlife milk brand - which is produced, marketed and distributed by the Coca-Cola Corporation. Make your voice heard! Let Coca-Cola know that you don't support animal abuse by asking your local retailer to drop fairlife milk products.   Shop the supermarkets that have already banned fairlife milk products, such as Amazon, Winn-Dixie, and Jewel-Osco.  Your voice matters! Call the following stores today and tell them to remove fairlife milk products:Albertsons, Safeway, Stop & Shop, Ralph's, Giant, Publix, Walmart, Meijer, Kroger and many more. To learn more about the investigation, go to: Please sign, like, and share!Read more

Lynn MaxGainesville, FL, United States
Woolworths and Coles supermarkets, Malcolm Turnbull, Target Australia, Target
craving them bad and there delicious really appreciate if you sing this #bringflaminhotcheetostoaustralia  Read more

joshua bourkeAustralia
Sheila Jackson Lee, Brian Babin, Greg Abbott, Donald J. Trump, Walmart, Target, Google
According to the Superintendent of Barbers Hill ISD, "this is how we have done it for the last 30 years, we hold our students to a higher standard and this is why we show a record of great excellence in the district." While we all strive for excellence in our daily lives, and we too hold our children to a high expectation, what does this have to do with the length of their hair, specifically our boys? DeAndre Arnold, an exceptional student with a bright future has been told by Barbers Hill ISD board members that he will have to finish out the remainder of the school year in In School Suspension, ISS, and he will not be able to walk in the graduation ceremony with his peers, if he does not cut his dreadlocks to the required length standards set by the school district in the handbook.   DeAndre has been growing his hair for the last 6 years, during those 6 years as a student in BHISD he was told his hair could not go past his collar, touch his ears or go below the eyes.  In order to be in compliance with the rules he put his hair in a ponytail.  Then he was told he could not wear hair accessories because he was a boy, so he could not wear a ponytail because he had nothing to secure it with.  Then they changed the rules saying boys could wear hair accessories but if the hair was not in compliance when let down then even when up in a ponytail it was still in violation.   So when up in a ponytail, the only manner he wears it to school, DeAndre's hair does not go past his collar, does not touch his ears and it isn't in his eyes.  But because WHEN LET DOWN it is not in compliance he is being told ponytail or not he has to cut 5-8 inches off to be in compliance with the rules.  CHANGE THAT SEXIST RULE BHISD IT'S THE 21ST CENTURY AND GENDER DISCRIMINATION WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.   PLEASE SUPPORT THE CHANGE AND SIGN THIS PETITION Read more

desiree stanislasUnited States
Target Corporation often offers prices that seem too good to be true - how do they keep their prices so low? Turns out some of Target’s products might be so cheap because they are made with slave-picked cotton from Uzbekistan and/or purchased from Daewoo International, a company that accounts for approximately 20% of all cotton processed in Uzbekistan. Every year, during the harvest season, over a million children and adults – including teachers, nurses and doctors – are ripped out of their homes, schools and jobs, and forced to work in the cotton fields of Uzbekistan to meet daily picking quotas. They are often threatened and beaten, as in the case of 18-year-old Navruz Muyzinov who was reported to have been beaten to death by police officers when he left his assigned cotton field before meeting his quota during the 2012 cotton harvest. Over 100 apparel companies (including Target) from all over the world have taken a stand against slavery in Uzbekistan, pledging to not buy slave-picked Uzbek cotton in an effort to push the Uzbek government to end the enslavement of its people. Now, they’re being called upon to follow up on their pledge by joining the Daewoo Protocol, declining to do business with Daewoo until it takes serious steps to stop sourcing slave-picked Uzbek cotton. We expect more from Target, a company that takes pride in holding the highest ethical standards for itself and for its business partners. So we called and asked them to join the Daewoo Protocol. Target said they didn't need to sign the Daewoo Protocol because they have a “No Uzbek Cotton” policy. But such a policy only works if you're willing to enforce it. If Target is truly serious about keeping slavery out of its stores, it needs to stop doing business with Daewoo by agreeing to implement the Daewoo Protocol – a series of steps companies need to take to eliminate slave-picked cotton from their supply chains. Tell Target to sign the Daewoo Protocol, a serious step toward fighting modern slavery in Uzbekistan.Read more

Adelaide BelkSan Francisco, CA, United States
Gun extremists armed with semiautomatic rifles have walked into Target locations around the country, weapons out and loaded, making sure customers saw their guns. It’s often legal to do this, because many states have weak laws that allow people to openly carry around loaded weapons without any permits, training, or background checks. That means it’s up to companies themselves to protect their customers when the law won’t. Yet according to the Wall Street Journal, Target doesn’t have any policies to stop people from carrying weapons in its stores. Target boasts on its website that between 80% and 90% of its customers are women and says that 38% of its customers have children at home -- "or in a red shopping cart with them" -- a statistic they say is higher than any other similar store. And yet, they have no restrictions to keep families safe from customers carrying guns in its stores. The thought of shopping at a place with my kids that allows people to walk around with loaded weapons out in the open makes me want to bring my business elsewhere. But I don’t want to shop somewhere else. I want families to know that wherever they shop, they’ll be safe from dangerous situations. Chipotle, Starbucks, Chili’s, Sonic Drive-In, and Jack in the Box have already responded to petitions from moms and other gun sense supporters asking the stores not to allow guns. Now it’s up to Target to protect families who shop in its stores.Read more

Shannon WattsZionsville, IN, United States
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"Big Ed" has been adopted by TLC as their supposed break out star from their latest season of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days. Sharp Media has taken him under their wing and promoted him and pushed him into the limelight.. He has been accused of many things including sexual assault and displays questionable online behavior. I will outline these allegations and considerations: A woman has come forward and alleged that she used to work with Big Ed. She also alleged that for 9 months, she was sexually harassed and assaulted by Ed while they worked together. She had to sign an NDA and admits she's been in therapy for years to get over it. He consistently chooses young girls to be on his Lives. His preference for inappropriately young women is also seen when he tells Rose he is old enough to be her dad. His trip on his season of Before the 90 Days was clearly sex tourism and to spin it as a love story promotes disgusting, predatory behavior that is a systemic global problem, especially in poverty-stricken Asian countries with very young women. The way he treated Rose on the show was degrading and misogynistic. For a channel that has such a large female following to champion a man who treats women like that, is ignorant and rude about her culture, living situation, and health seems counterintuitive. It seems unfathomable that advertisers such as those tagged in this petition would agree with and support the promotion of someone who sexually assaults, preys, and demeans women and bullies people online. Sources: more

T MBrooklyn, NY, United States
Brian C. Cornell
The power of our collective action has convinced Whole Foods Market and Walmart to start selling ugly produce. Let’s now work together to encourage Target to combat food waste and increase fresh produce access by sourcing, selling and marketing ugly produce. Target says it listens to its customers so let’s give a clear message that we want it to do something simple, effective and good for the retailers’ and its customers bottom line. This can have a major impact, given it is one of America’s largest retailers with about 1,800 U.S. stores. Target already offers lower prices on “regular” produce at its stores and we applaud its efforts on fruit and vegetable prescriptions (FVRx) in Los Angeles and beyond. In the U.S. studies show that almost 90% of people are not eating enough fresh fruits and vegetables, the recommended five servings a day. Many American families simply can’t afford enough fresh produce. Yet, we throw away about 25% of all produce before it even reaches the grocery store due mostly to cosmetic standards from large grocers that dictate exactly how fruits and veggies should look. If produce fails to make the grade for size, shape, or color, retailers deem it "ugly" and refuse to sell it in their stores. Billions of pounds of good, healthy produce goes uneaten because it’s not pretty! But this food is perfectly edible. Studies confirm that the “uglies” are equally as nutritious as any produce you get in the store, and, can actually have more taste and nutrition! Stores in Australia, Canada, Europe, have seen success selling many different types of not quite "perfect" produce, offering it at an average of 30% off, and it has increased store traffic and total sales. Giant Eagle in Pennsylvania and Ohio, Hannaford in New York and Whole Foods Market in California have successful “ugly” produce programs, with multiple fruits and vegetables as well. Wouldn’t you buy “ugly” but perfectly delicious and nutritious produce for 30-50% off if you had the chance? So join us and the “ugly fruit & veg revolution” as we ask Target to be part of the solution, not the problem. Tell them to add an ugly produce program to their store aisles so you can save money, fight produce deficiency and help the environment all in one. Culinary Nutritionist Stefanie Sacks and I were successful in petitioning Whole Foods Market to sell ugly produce. And we have received over 150,000 signatures to urge Walmart to sell it as well. We delivered the petition and Walmart started two ugly produce efforts but didn’t commit to anything long-term (Whole Foods did commit). Now we are asking you to call on Target to help stop massive food waste by selling cosmetically “less than perfect” produce. #GetUglyProduceRead more

Jordan FigueiredoCastro Valley, CA, United States