Target: Use sustainable palm oil

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Palm oil can be produced without destroying habitats and rainforests. But often companies don’t choose sustainable palm oil because keeping things status quo is the easier way out.

Target stores promised that they would, by 2018, only sell products that contain traceable and sustainably sourced palm oil You can find this promise on their website.

But it’s been a year and they still haven’t told us whether they fulfilled that promise.

Palm oil: is a vegetable oil that comes from the oil palm tree. It’s in close to half of the products that you buy every day. It’s an incredibly easy product to use that is odorless and colorless

However, the issue with palm oil is: that it is a major cause of deforestation, is contributing to climate change, it is destroying habitats of endangered species, and it is a cause of worker exploitation. Unsustainably-produced palm oil destroys the habitat of endangered species like the orangutan and pygmy elephant.  

Unsustainably produced palm oil has led to the death of an estimated 100,000 orangutans. Half of the Bornean orangutan population has been killed in just 6 years a result of practices like these, and 193 other endangered species are threatened by palm oil production.

Target said that it would only sell products that use 100% sustainably produced palm oil, and it needs to stick to that commitment. Words are just words, but it’s in action that we see if killing orangutans and contributing to deforestation and climate change really matters to Target.