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  • Senator for South Australia, representing the Centre Alliance

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Protect our pets: food regulations now!

Imagine taking your dog to the vet, sick and in pain, only to be told the food you’d given him will soon kill him? That’s exactly what happened with my darling Vincent. I thought I was feeding him quality food, but the Dog Food I was giving him was destroying his body from the inside out. Why are there no food safety regulations for the food we give our pets? It gets worse: the global company knew their food made nine police dogs seriously sick in December, but didn’t recall the dangerous product until months later. During this time I was continuing to feed Vincent and Mabel this food. How many more dogs got sick during that time including our beautiful Mabel? And it’s not just that dog food – pet owners across Australia have been finding mould or plastic throughout their pet food. There are currently no laws protecting our pets from harmful food, and these global pet food companies seem to only care about their profit. Vincent was magnificent. He was healthy, happy and full of life. In the two weeks before he died, he lost 20kgs. He’d stand at his water bowl and just look up at me as if he knew he couldn’t swallow. I’m urgently calling on the Australian government to introduce regulations that would ensure the food we give our beloved pets is safe for them to eat. Please join my campaign and help make sure no pet owner is misled into feeding their beloved companion food that will hurt them. Don’t let this happen again, next time it could be one of your pets.

Christine and Peter Fry
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Petitioning Stirling Griff, Jacqui Lambie, Senator Larissa Waters, Senator Jordan Steele-John, Andrew Wilkie MP, Rebekha Sharkie MP, Helen Haines MP, Zali Steggall MP, Adam Bandt MP

National Integrity Commission AND a Code of Ethics for Australian Federal Politicians

Dear South Australian Senators Patrick and Griffin, Senator Jacqui Lambie and Senators Larissa Waters and Jordan Steele-John, We the undersigned are requesting that you please introduce a Private Members Bill into the Australian Senate for the legislating of a Code of Ethics for anyone nominating for election to - or serving as a Member of Australia's Federal Houses of Parliament. We THANK Senator Waters for introducing the National Integrity Commission Bill 2018 (No. 2) and you ALL for supporting it and voting for it.  We know this Bill is much STRONGER than the model the current Liberal National Government wants to propose. However we are aware that the FIGHT to have this Bill put on the agenda and VOTED on by the Lower House - has only just BEGUN - and we wish to support you and like-minded Members of the House of Representatives such as Andrew Wilkie, Rebekha Sharkie, Helen Haines, Zali Steggall and Adam Bandt to do this. We however, also want a Code of Ethics for Politicians as PART of a National Integrity Commission - many of us who have signed are subject to our own employers' Code of Conduct or Code of Ethics. We are expected to abide by this Code or be disciplined - or even have our employment terminated if we do not abide by our employer's Code. Governments all over Australia insist Public Sector workers are employed under Codes of Ethics and Codes of Conduct yet the elected Ministers who run their departments are not. This can put Government Senior Managers in a difficult situation, as it has been reported in the media that some Members of Parliament - have used the termination of Department Heads as a way of convincing department subordinates to perhaps re-think their ideas of what is considered Ethical Behaviour. Ministers are currently subjected to a Ministerial Code by the Prime Minister of the time - but the strength and enforcement of this rests solely with that Prime Minster and is influenced and even weakened by the Prime Minister's popularity and strength within Cabinet. However this Ministerial Code does not cover back-bench Members of Parliament, Political Parties or Independent Members of Parliament.  Also people who nominate for Parliament are not subjected to any easily determined or written standard of what constitutes a person of good character. We also think a Code of Ethics for ALL Members of Parliament no matter what their ranking and all nominees for Election to Parliament would make it much easier for a future NIC or Federal ICAC to determine when Ethical Conduct has been breached. We are aware there was a Senate Committee who looked into this a some time ago but recommended that a Code of Ethical Standards would not improve the public's view of Politicians.  However recent questions about closed Government Tenders and possible Conflicts of Interest among Ministers, has in our opinion made a Code of Ethics AND a NIC or Federal ICAC essential, as we the community wonder WHO if anyone, is going to investigate these kinds of allegations. We also consider that the behaviour and tactics of some of the people who nominated for election to our Federal Parliament at the 2019 Federal Election would NOT be considered ethical - based on the Codes of Ethics many of us have to sign to be employed in OUR jobs. If elected and found to be in breach of a Parliamentary Code of Ethics - these people could be removed from our Parliament or at the very least, exposed publicly and given serious sanctions for their unethical behaviour. This is why we consider the introduction of a Parliamentary Code of Ethics is a major priority for the preservation of our future democracy. We believe that you as Senators and members of Parliament, have exhibited Ethical Behaviour and will continue to do so - which is why we think you are the ideal elected members to introduce such Legislation into our Parliament.

Bev Prior
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Petitioning Stirling Griff, Senator Stirling Griff

Please help protect our pets... Regulation of flea products urgently needed

Sadly, I believed my vet and fed my Boxer Finny an oral flea pill that he said was safe. Finny became weak in the hind legs and by the end of 2 weeks he was completely paralysed and very ill. We were fortunate to find a holistic vet who saved his life, but many pet owners have not been so lucky. I almost lost my precious boy. He still has some weakness and head tremors two years on. He will never be the same healthy boy he was before one small pill Over 24,000 pets world wide have become seriously ill or passed away after being fed these pills by their loving, unsuspecting owners, who believe they are safe.These pills contain pesticides or insecticides as their active ingredients. They turn your pets blood into a poison to kill the parasites.What they don't tell you is that these chemicals attack the nervous system of the parasites to kill them, but they can also attack our pets nervous system,causing seizures and paralysis.Then these chemicals travel through your pets body via the blood stream and can attack the kidneys, liver, pancreas and other organs, potentially causing fatal organ failure. Please help me to warn pet owners world wide of the risks and to save their pets lives. I ask that our governments regulate the testing of these chemicals to make sure they are truly safe for our beloved furry family members. Please ask our governments to test these chemicals before letting them go on sale and not to use our pets as guinea pigs for the pharmaceutical companies. Our pets deserve to be healthy and safe. Don't let your pet be the next one to fall victim to these flea chemicals. Please sign my petition and share. Your support is greatly appreciated. Carol

Carol Dehm
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Petitioning Hon. Dan Tehan MP, Senator Derryn Hinch, The Hon Michael Sukkar MP, Senator Tim Storer, Senator Cory Bernardi, Senator Stirling Griff, Senator Rex Patrick, Senator Nigel Scullion, Senator Fraser An...

Please Help to Prevent Older Australians from Financial Hardship in their Late-lives

The Government announced Tightening of Residency Requirements for Age Pension and Disability Support Pension Eligibility effective from 1st July 2018. The New enhanced residency requirements for the Age pension & disability support pension will require claimants to have up to 15 years of continuous Australian residence requirements, instead of 5 years continuous residence together with 10 cumulative years residence, 3 times as long as the current continuous residency requirements. One of Our Compelling Stories: My parents have started helping me to look after my child since my child was 3 months old in order for me to do full-time work in financial field. My parents subsequently became permanent residents in 2007. After they have looked after my child for a considerable number of years, now my parents are going to turn 78 and 82 years of age in 2018 respectively. My parents would qualify for the age pension in 2019 under the current residency requirements, but will no longer qualify under the new tighten proposal until after further 10 more continuous years in 2029. The proposal has not recognised the value and contributions that these Older migrants have brought to our community, to the stability of society. Older Migrants often play a crucial unpaid role as carers for their grandchildren in family networks. their contributions have enabled their children who are often taxpayers and Australian citizens to concentrate on work, to contribute to the national economy and reduce the need for childcare funding from the government. Under the tighten proposal, it will have a real the biggest financial hardship on that Older people Primarily Older Migrants especially in their middle of 70s age will not able financially live at an adequate basic standard of living & in their dignity in the very late of their lives. these Elderly seniors may not have much longer time to meet the new proposed residency requirements to qualify for the age pension. It is unfair changes to these Seniors in their middle of 70s. Please help Elderly Senior Australians by Signing my petition calling on the Turnbull government to get Elderly Seniors aged 75 & above on 1st July 18 to EXEMPT from the New Tighten residency requirements for the Age Pension & disability support pension in accordance with the humanitarianism, and as for COMPASSIONATE GROUNDS for Ministerial Discretion. Please sign & share this petition & play your part in preventing Elderly Australians from considerable financial hardship. Read More: 1. Tightening Residency Requirements for Age Pension & Disability Support Pension eligibility in Federal Budget Review 2017-18: 2. Labour opposed to these changes. 3. FECCA (The Federation of Ethnic Communities Councils of Australia) has raised concerns that the measures will disproportionately impact migrant Australians.  FECCA believes that migrant Australians should not be punished in their older age or because they require support for living with a disability. FECCA concerned about impact of key budget measures on migrant Australians:        

Tracey Q.
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Petitioning Nick Xenophon, Skye Katkschke-Moore, Stirling Griff, Rebekha Sharkie

Don't let our Government increase child poverty in Australia

For the last decade Sole Parents and their children have been the target of cruel budget cuts by successive Governments. Enough is enough! Child poverty has increased by over 130,000 in two years since the Gillard government moved sole parents off Parenting Payment Single. Do we want to see more kids going without? Research from the Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS) shows that despite more than 25 years of economic growth, 13.3 per cent of the population is living in poverty. The report found there had been an increase in child poverty amongst lone parent families, with 731,000 children living below the poverty line. 40.6% of children in lone parent families are living in poverty compared with 12.5% from couple families  (The ACOSS Poverty Report October 2016) Family Payments are the most targeted in the OECD, evidence provided at the Senate Inquiry by Professor Peter Whiteford, ACOSS & NCSMC.  Any reductions harm the people who need it the most especially to support children to finish high school. "If you're a family on Family Tax Benefit Part A it will mean that you are around $200-a-year-per-child worse off. If you're receiving Family Tax Benefit Part B you'll be around $350 a year worse off as a family. These are real cuts to families," (Jenny Macklin MP). Main cuts to date which Sole Parents and their Children have endured: Sole parents moved from Parenting Payment Single onto Newstart when youngest turns 8, with Newstart Allowance being $110 a week below the poverty line. Loss of School kids bonus Loss of Low income support bonus Loss of Low income superannuation contribution Now this government wants to remove our EOFY safety net! Since 2014 Sole Parents have had to endure ongoing uncertainty whether or not the Federal Governments Childcare Package would pass through Parliament or not. With us already being placed onto Newstart after our youngest turns eight and losing up to $130 per week (for those working), the loss of more money per week if this bill passes will make living impossible. The end of year supplement was money that was withheld from us throughout the year and paid at the end of the financial year to ensure we were not left with any debts from any overestimated income. With the loss of this payment, we are scared we will end up with debts again.  The lump sum payment was also an added help to paying those bills we struggle to save for. If appropriate/realistic Child Support could be paid, welfare payments would be reduced. There is over $1 billion Child Support payments unpaid in Australia. The amount is massive, and many assessments are woefully inadequate, with paying parents quitting jobs, working cash in hand (also avoiding tax) etc. Exemptions relating to family violence mean that abusers are financially rewarded by not being required to pay at all. More cuts will not only increase poverty in single parents and their children... but also the flow on effects from the cuts will be catastrophic for society as a whole. Domestic violence is a HUGE problem at the moment. On average, one woman is killed every week at the hands of a current or former partner. Women are already struggling to get money to flee unsafe home environments with their children. Now, there will be even more women forced to continue to stay living with their abusers because they can't afford to move out, even into the most basic of accommodations. These cuts will keep more abused women and their children stuck in dangerous situations. Crime will increase for obvious reasons. Suicide rates will increase as the inability to pay bills and provide a roof and food for their children rises. Australia is considered to be one of the wealthiest countries in the world. According to the World Bank and IMF Australia is ranked in the top 10 for GDP per capita. To see the present government retreat from their responsibility for the social provision of support for all families with children, and especially sole parent families, is to deny the value of child-rearing for the whole community. Increasingly, we are seeing children being regarded as a luxury that only the rich can afford, instead of the truth, which is that all children deserve the right to a life free from poverty, to education, security, housing, health care and the like. Children are the future. Gough Whitlam recognised this when he said: “We are all diminished as citizens when any of us are poor. Poverty is a national waste as well as an individual waste.”  

United Sole Parents of Australia
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