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Protect our pets: food regulations now!

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Imagine taking your dog to the vet, sick and in pain, only to be told the food you’d given him will soon kill him?

That’s exactly what happened with my darling Vincent. I thought I was feeding him quality food, but the Dog Food I was giving him was destroying his body from the inside out.

Why are there no food safety regulations for the food we give our pets?

It gets worse: the global company knew their food made nine police dogs seriously sick in December, but didn’t recall the dangerous product until months later. During this time I was continuing to feed Vincent and Mabel this food. How many more dogs got sick during that time including our beautiful Mabel?

And it’s not just that dog food – pet owners across Australia have been finding mould or plastic throughout their pet food.

There are currently no laws protecting our pets from harmful food, and these global pet food companies seem to only care about their profit.

Vincent was magnificent. He was healthy, happy and full of life. In the two weeks before he died, he lost 20kgs. He’d stand at his water bowl and just look up at me as if he knew he couldn’t swallow.

I’m urgently calling on the Australian government to introduce regulations that would ensure the food we give our beloved pets is safe for them to eat.

Please join my campaign and help make sure no pet owner is misled into feeding their beloved companion food that will hurt them.

Don’t let this happen again, next time it could be one of your pets.