Please help protect our pets... Regulation of flea products urgently needed

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Sadly, I believed my vet and fed my Boxer Finny an oral flea pill that he said was safe. Finny became weak in the hind legs and by the end of 2 weeks he was completely paralysed and very ill. We were fortunate to find a holistic vet who saved his life, but many pet owners have not been so lucky.

I almost lost my precious boy.

He still has some weakness and head tremors two years on. He will never be the same healthy boy he was before one small pill

Over 24,000 pets world wide have become seriously ill or passed away after being fed these pills by their loving, unsuspecting owners, who believe they are safe.
These pills contain pesticides or insecticides as their active ingredients. They turn your pets blood into a poison to kill the parasites.What they don't tell you is that these chemicals attack the nervous system of the parasites to kill them, but they can also attack our pets nervous system,causing seizures and paralysis.
Then these chemicals travel through your pets body via the blood stream and can attack the kidneys, liver, pancreas and other organs, potentially causing fatal organ failure.

Please help me to warn pet owners world wide of the risks and to save their pets lives.
I ask that our governments regulate the testing of these chemicals to make sure they are truly safe for our beloved furry family members. Please ask our governments to test these chemicals before letting them go on sale and not to use our pets as guinea pigs for the pharmaceutical companies.

Our pets deserve to be healthy and safe. Don't let your pet be the next one to fall victim to these flea chemicals.

Please sign my petition and share. Your support is greatly appreciated.