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Royal Caribbean International

Royal Caribbean International, owned by Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., is a cruise line brand founded in Norway and based in Miami, Florida in the United States of America.

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Help get all British and Irish crew members safely back home

HELP THE CREW! The news in England at the moment is that all British citizens from cruise ships are home. This just isn’t the case there are still thousands of crew all of different nationalities stuck at sea. They say there are roughly 90,000 of us on these ships around the USA, all waiting to get home. Some cruise liners have started to sail around the world to try to get crew home, but ours hasn’t . Our company are still trying to organise charter flights through the USA. However the Centres of Disease Control (CDC) are making things very difficult. For the first 21 days we were isolated to our cabins for 24 hours a day. All meals and water were delivered. For the past 11 days we have been allowed to leave our small cabins, but only for meal times, which means we are now confined for 21 hours a day. I’m very lucky, the UK government helped me get a balcony cabin on Day 20, however there are still many of my colleagues with with no access to the outside or fresh air. Some crew are even without a window, so have had no access to daylight! We wear masks when we go out, and we socially distance. We sit one person to a table on a red X and meal times are divided into departments. We have hand wash monitors. The ship fogs every day and deep sanitises. We have temperature checks twice a day. We are a clean ship! No one has symptoms... what more do they want?!!!! American citizens cannot even get home!  We are stuck at sea desperately wanting to reunite with our families, loved ones, husbands, wives and children. Please sign and share let us be heard and help all the crew get home all nationalities! 

Lauren Carrick
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Cruise Lines: Don't promote the upcoming dolphin show in St. Thomas.

The new dolphin enclosure built by Coral World Ocean Park and located within Water Bay, St. Thomas, has recently been constructed in a body of water which is frequently deemed as unsafe for swimming and/or fishing. This is usually due to enterococci bacteria within the bay exceeding the threshold of safe limits. Poor water circulation and catastrophic runoff after heavy rains has always been an ongoing problem within this particular bay. That's why we the undersigned are asking that cruise lines coming to St. Thomas not market and/or sell cruise ship excursions to the new dolphin enclosure at Coral World Ocean Park. Our group, V.I. Dolphin Voices, is comprised of hundreds of outraged and concerned citizens within St. Thomas who are opposed to dolphins being held captive for financial gain and entertainment. We are also opposed to the particular location of the recently constructed pen. Not only do we consider it unhealthy for dolphins to be confined and permanently housed in a body of water that is so frequently polluted by pathogens, but there is also a major concern for the health of passengers when getting in the water with the dolphins. ​ The water in this bay may look crystal clear, but that does not make it safe to swim. Please don't endanger the health and safety of the passengers and the tourists that we are so very happy to welcome to visit our beautiful island.​

V.I. Dolphin Voices, St. Thomas
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Get American crew members home!

We’ve all seen the dire shape that the cruise industry, and travel industry is in. It will likely take years to recover, if at all, and will have to vastly change its measures to ensure guest safety. But what about the crew? According to the CDC, there are over 80,000 crew members still at sea. Cruise line crew members have now been stranded onboard, without guests, for almost two months. And most ships are completely healthy, but healthy American citizens are still being denied entry into their own country. As a crew member, I speak truthfully when I say no one on my ship has displayed symptoms of the Coronavirus, nor have we had any COVID-19 cases on my vessel. We have been adamantly following all guidelines and protocols instructed by the CDC with the hopes of coming home and are still left without an end date. We have isolated ourselves in 200 sq. foot cabins for 14 days with no windows, we wear masks all the time, we maintain a distant of 6 feet from anyone. We are monitored for hand washing at every meal, have designated dining times for meals, and have had our temperatures checked daily since February. Additionally, we have been cleaning and sanitizing our own rooms, as the rest of the ship is sanitized daily. The CDC has barred cruise line crew members from traveling commercially, which means each company is now responsible for chartering flights for its crew. And with ships around the world, that is no easy feat. Companies have been submitting their repatriation plans to the CDC to get crew home, but from what we have been told, those plans are denied or not responded to. We’ve been given no confirmation on any travel, because no plans have been approved. We’ve gone for almost two months, hoping to receive some sort of confirmation, and still noting. It’s mentally exhausting and emotionally draining for people who just want to get home. We don’t know or care who is at fault, as it’s a multifaceted issue, but the solution is clear: American crew members need to come home. We have been stranded during a crisis, and all but forgotten about. All seafarers, but specifically Americans, should not be discriminated against when all protocols have been followed and there is no legitimate reason why we can’t be allowed home Please sign the petition to get American crew home soon, and demand better treatment for seafarers by governing bodies. #GetAmericansHome

Alex Adkins
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Customers want a Refund

UBERSOCA CRUISE & DEMAND FOR FULL REFUND Charge to Petitioners - A group of registered and paid UberSoca Cruise 2020 (“UberSoca Cruise”) customers are seeking your cooperation in sending a firm message to Nathaniel Turner, CEO & Founder of UberSoca Cruise and Roger McGregor that the treatment of, lack of communication with, and lack of respect shown to registered and paid customers will not be tolerated.  In addition to signing this Petition, we ask that you share this Petition on all your social media platforms using the hashtags #UBERSOCACRUISE, #UBERSOCACRUISE2020, #UBERSOCACRUISEREFUND, #UBERSOCA_CRUISE_REFUND, #UBERSOCA, #USCREFUND, #USC2020REFUND and #FULLREFUNDNOW. UberSoca Cruise has been billed as a “CRUISE EXPERIENCE THAT FUSES THE ENERGY AND EXCITEMENT OF A CARIBBEAN CARNIVAL WITH THE FEEL OF A LUXURY CRUISE.” However, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the World and it should be taken seriously.  As paying customers, we demand that UberSoca Cruise put the people they call “family” first over profits.  While we often say SOCA TIL WE DIE, we do not mean that we are willing to literally risk our lives for a few vacation days in support of or in furtherance of the Cruise Experience. It is impossible for UberSoca Cruise to deliver the Cruise Experience we all expect with the energy and excitement of a Caribbean Carnival with the new world of social distancing. WE ARE DEMANDING A FULL REFUND NOW!   Dear Mr. Nathaniel Turner and Mr. Roger McGregor, This is a Public Petition demanding a FULL REFUND NOW to paying and registered customers you call family. UberSoca Cruise has grown with the blind support of people UberSoca Cruise call family. As of 2019, UberSoca Cruise has been billed as the Largest Music Festival at Sea.  UberSoca Cruise recreated the euphoria of a Caribbean Carnival experience on the high seas and a J’Ouvert on land.  The Cruise Experience will be impossible to be achieved for the foreseeable future because of the COVID-19 pandemic and new guidelines imposed on the cruise industry which requires social distancing, masks, and other guidelines.  The CDC issued a Level 3 warning (the highest warning possible) on cruise ship travel.  The warning states in part “Cruise passengers are at increased risk of person-to-person spread of infectious diseases, including COVID-19, and outbreaks of COVID-19 have been reported on several cruise ships”.  The warning goes on to say that “Cruise travelers should stay home for 14 days after returning from travel, monitor their health, and practice social distancing”. In Belize, social gatherings, such as wakes and funerals, are limited to 10 persons or less. The only exception to the social gathering rule of ten will be residences with more than ten household members and public transportation. Further, Belize is in a national State of Emergency and the borders are closed. In Mexico, States and Municipalities have implemented closings and restrictions on public gatherings, transportation, business operations, and government operations.  Several States and Municipalities have imposed curfews and movement restrictions on non-essential activities and have required Mexican citizens to wear masks when outside the home. The COVID-19 pandemic has killed almost 330,000 people and has infected almost 5,000,000 people worldwide.  The World came to a screeching halt, companies have laid-off or furloughed thousands of employees, large and small businesses have gone out of business or have filed for bankruptcy, countries around the World have closed its borders, and many countries require a 14-day quarantine period upon entry. In the worldwide carnival community, every State or Country that had a Carnival scheduled for 2020 has been canceled or will be canceled. Sadly, there is no vaccine and all health experts, including the CDC, have made it clear that a safe and efficient vaccine will not be available for at least 12-18 months.  We are a mere 6 months away from the UberSoca Cruise sail dates of November 9-14 and November 14-19.  It is clear a vaccine will not be available prior to UberSoca Cruise. It is extremely troubling that UberSoca Cruise leadership touts an unproven drug called Remdesivir as a basis to continue with the scheduled UberSoca Cruise in November.  The data published in the New England Journal of Medicine states that “given the high mortality despite use of Remdesivir, it is clear that treatment with an antiviral drug alone is not sufficient”.  Further, the NIH states that Remdesivir merely accelerates the recovery of some patients with COVID-19 and it’s not a cure. It goes without saying – WE DO NOT WANT TO CONTRACT COVID-19 and seek to reduce the risk of exposure to the COVID-19 virus. THE DEMAND – We respectfully request that UberSoca Cruise do the right thing.  As we have seen across the World – we are in this together.  We demand that UberSoca Cruise leadership provide a refund to those paying customers who no longer wish to attend UberSoca Cruise in November 2020. This is a life and death situation. For some, they have contracted the Covid-19 virus, resources are scarce, some have lost their jobs, some have to support a family with members who have lost their jobs, and, for others, there is great anxiety and mental anguish at the thought of contracting COVID-19.  WE ARE DEMANDING A FULL REFUND.

UberSoca Cruise Refund
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Tell Royal Caribbean & Carnival to stop selling dolphin excursions!

Following information written by: The dolphin encounters are sold directly by cruise companies at the time of booking, or on board prior to reaching ports of call. Special incentives are also offered, enticing potential customers with hard to resist package pricing. Given the aggressive promotion of these dolphin interaction programs, it is obvious the cruise companies are actively supporting an industry that exploits dolphins, and are profiting greatly from it. At present, there are 33 facilities in Mexico and over 30 in the Caribbean, with more planned for construction. Swim-with-dolphins (SWD) programs place extraordinary amounts of stress on captive dolphins, who may interact with over 50 tourists a day. According to a report by Delfines En Libertad, entitled “Report on captive dolphins in Mexico 2015, “The SWD activities have become a prime tourist attraction, with all major tour companies selling and promoting SWD excursions. The demand to swim with dolphins in captivity has enabled the Mexican dolphinaria industry to grow exponentially. Some dolphinaria also offer dolphin therapy which is marketed as a therapy to help people with certain illnesses.”  It’s time to call upon the cruise industry to end the promotion of dolphin captivity and exploitation. Why not focus on enhancing the cruise experience itself? It’s ironic that cruises promote seeing the world via luxury of state-of-the-art ocean liners and yet resort to unethical and “gimmicky” entertainment at the expense of suffering dolphins. We would bet the clients of these cruises would appreciate not contributing to cruelty towards these mammals, instead, reveling in the natural beauty of being surrounded by the big blue.  

Parker M
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Human Right on Disabilities

Many people with disabilities are not aware of their human rights. Through a campaign video, posters and an awareness raising action, we want to change that. The action will be held on December 3 – the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. Rights, just like everyone elsePeople with disabilities have rights. Just like everyone else does. All of these rights are enshrined in the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. This means that Disability is not Inability, therefore the worldwide required to respect the rights of persons with disabilities and to ensure that others respect them as well. Your rights Any form of discrimination based on disability is prohibited. Persons with a disability have the right: to have a voice in the development of policy and legislation;to have access to buildings, schools, housing and their place of work and to be able to use public transport;to make decisions and have control over their own finances and property;to have protection against all forms of physical and psychological violence and abuse, and to be treated with respect;to live where and with whom they wish and to receive the necessary support to make this possible.Persons with a disability also have the right: inclusive education, so that students do not have to attend separate schools; reasonable accommodation within the general education system, both collectively and individually; work, on the regular labour market, on an equal basis with others.  Do you think that your rights are not being respected, and would you like to report a case of discrimination?To Support us with this Campaign. Contact Moses +233559539061 Thank you . Moses, Ghana.

Moses Kyei Baffour
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