Help get all British and Irish crew members safely back home

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The news in England at the moment is that all British citizens from cruise ships are home. This just isn’t the case there are still thousands of crew all of different nationalities stuck at sea.

They say there are roughly 90,000 of us on these ships around the USA, all waiting to get home. Some cruise liners have started to sail around the world to try to get crew home, but ours hasn’t . Our company are still trying to organise charter flights through the USA. However the Centres of Disease Control (CDC) are making things very difficult.

For the first 21 days we were isolated to our cabins for 24 hours a day. All meals and water were delivered.

For the past 11 days we have been allowed to leave our small cabins, but only for meal times, which means we are now confined for 21 hours a day.

I’m very lucky, the UK government helped me get a balcony cabin on Day 20, however there are still many of my colleagues with with no access to the outside or fresh air. Some crew are even without a window, so have had no access to daylight!

We wear masks when we go out, and we socially distance. We sit one person to a table on a red X and meal times are divided into departments. We have hand wash monitors. The ship fogs every day and deep sanitises. We have temperature checks twice a day.

We are a clean ship! No one has symptoms... what more do they want?!!!!

American citizens cannot even get home! 

We are stuck at sea desperately wanting to reunite with our families, loved ones, husbands, wives and children.

Please sign and share let us be heard and help all the crew get home all nationalities!