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Give Oliver who has autism, severe learning disability and epilepsy the right to education and care.

Our son Oliver is 18 and has missed out on specialist education and care for 15 months. He suffered a terrible breakdown in January 2013. He was hitting his whole body with great force constantly in distress, fear and anger. From this moment on a whole nightmare unfolded as he described to us that he had been inappropriately touched by a teacher at his special school. The police came to interview but Oliver was in so much distress, he was unable to give evidence as to what had happened to him. They assured us that further interviews would be carried out. This never happened. They went into the school but didn't question the alleged teacher and they decided not to suspend him pending further investigation. Oliver has been vomiting up to 5 times a day since April 2012 due to ongoing anxiety. Throughout 2013 he paced constantly, his head locked back and eyes rolled back, shoulders high up in complete tension. He was suffering PTSD (post traumatic stress) which culminated in him being rushed to hospital with status epilepticus. The doctors said his behaviour was partly behavourial due to what he had gone through and partly the epilepsy. It is the most heartbreaking thing to witness this in your child, it was like he was in psychosis. We were and continue to feel devastated and helpless. Health, Child & Adolescent Mental Health, the police and the local authority continue to close their doors on our son, ignoring the underlying problem of whatever abuse went on. We are asking Hertfordshire Local Authority to give Oliver a 24 hour curriculum in our local independent specialist college with speech & language therapy, occupational therapy, epilepsy healthcare and psychological support but they have refused and want him in the local mainstream college and a residential home.  Please support us to get the help that our son needs. Thank you so much.

Alison Wiles
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With over ten million visitors to Watford Shopping Centre every year, the disabled are being pushed further and further away from being able to get easy access to these shops.  street disabled parking spaces have been replaced with either bus stops, taxi ranks and bicycle lanes.  The disabled parking spaces taken away have not been replaced any other disabled spaces on the street .  no longer able to use the streets as they have now been passed to resident permits only. some disabled bays are shared with deliveries and therefore the times are very restricted when you can and cannot park.  Watford council must be held accountable for making sure the disabled can also use their facilities and they are not just for the able bodied!  We request they make provision for more disabled bays to enable the disabled to easily access the shopping centre from the street areas.  as a disabled person myself, i find it really difficult to park when shopping in the shops accessed from the streets and many of the restaurants too.  i believe Watford Council need to re-assess its street plans and give us more disabled bays on the streets considering they have a massive 10 MILLION shoppers a year, many of whom are disabled! 

sharon risiott
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Petitioning Watford Borough Council, Rabi Martins, Stephen Bolton, Aga Dychton, Richard Harrington MP, Paul Baxter

Save 73 and 75 Clarendon Road, Watford!

Proposals have recently been put forward to demolish two of the last remaining Victorian villas in the centre of Watford. In an area that has been aggressively developed, they are one of the few reminders of Watford's historic past - something we are now in danger of losing - and the time to act is now. What's the story? These properties were built in approximately 1865, when Clarendon Road was first developed, and were originally grand Victorian villas. Clarendon Road would have been filled with houses just like these, but over time, the rest of the buildings have been knocked down and replaced with unimaginative modern office blocks.  Residents of the houses on this road included Alphonse Legros, a French painter whose works are now exhibited at the Tate, the V&A and the British Museum.  73 and 75 Clarendon Road are now the last remaining villas on the street, and are the only reminder of what was once here. Due to their architectural and historic importance, the Council have designated these properties as "locally listed", which means that they should, where possible, be preserved.  The Council state that, "of all the grand Victorian villas that originally lined Clarendon Road, [these properties are] almost the only [survivors] and [are] correspondingly of value", and that they add "architectural interest to Clarendon Road". TJX Europe Limited (who operate as TK Maxx) have applied to demolish these buildings, and replace them with a modern office block to accommodate their European HQ. Their planning application can be found here: Why does it matter? Because Watford's historic buildings are, slowly and steadily, being destroyed. Developers are now justifying the demolition of these buildings on the basis that the few that remain "no longer represent the character of the area". What does the campaign aim to achieve? We are seeking to prevent the demolition of these buildings so that they can continue to be enjoyed for many more years to come.  What can I do? Sign this petition and make your feelings about the proposed development and demolition known. If you wish, you can also formally object to the planning application by visiting this website: What happens next? The Council will make a decision on TK Maxx's planning application. A decision is due by 18 January 2017. TJX Europe are also holding a public consultation on the proposed development at the Clarendon Road Holiday Inn on Friday January 20, between 3pm and 8pm, and Saturday January 21, between 10am and 2pm. 

Amy Parr
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Make Christmas a holiday 364 days a year

Everyone loves the joy of the Christmas holidays. Families in pajamas in front of a roaring fire. Mistletoe hanging from bright red ribbons. Trees and tinsel and catmint tea... Why let such a perfect holiday only happen on one day? Let’s write to our congresspeople, senators, Members of Parliament, Members of the Legislative Assembly, Peers of the Sovereign, and every other political representative we can think of, and demand as politely as possible that Christmas be made a legal holiday 364 days a year! (Obviously, the final day should be reserved for Boxing Day, because everyone needs a break the day after Christmas. And without Leap Days, what would be the point of February?) It isn’t easy being a Christmas cat in a pumpkin spice world. But together, we can save Christmas, and bring the wonder of the most magical time of year to each and every day. Sign the petition. Bring Christmas back. Take on pumpkin spice! And remember — Tis the season.  You can read all about where I got the idea for this petition:

Santa Claws
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