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Peter Dutton

  • Minister for Home Affairs

Peter Dutton is an Australian politician who has been a member of the House of Representatives for Dickson, Queensland, since November 2001. A member of the Liberal Party, he served as Minister for Home Affairs from 2017 to 2021, where he was responsible for immigration, border control, and national security. Prior to his political career, Dutton had experience in the Queensland Police Force and as a businessman. He is known for his hard-line stance on immigration policies and has been a key player in Australia's conservative politics.

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Peter Dutton
I’d rather kill myself than return to Iran - to the hell where my stepfather took my innocence by force. But unless Immigration Minister Peter Dutton urgently intervenes by exercising his discretion and allowing me to apply for a partner visa while in Australia, I’ll spend a life in limbo with the never-ending threat of indefinite detention in Australia or forced return to Iran. My life’s been rebuilt in Brisbane. I went to high-school here, made incredible friends and married a beautiful man. But in just a matter of days my bridging visa expires, and unless Minister Dutton allows me to apply for permanent residency, I could be forced back into detention or worse, to Iran. 5 years ago I escaped Iran to Australia after being violated by my stepfather and then by the brother of a friend whose house I escaped to. I was due to be a child bride to a 60-year-old man to “clean up my name”. Mum begged me to flee the country. So I came to Australia where I learnt about what safety, friendship, education and love really is. Last night my fight for freedom featured on the ABC’s Australian Story. But in a week, I could be given two horrific options: return to detention indefinitely or return to Iran where I’ll risk torture, even death. In all honesty, I would rather die in Australia near to my husband and friends than return to Iran. I’m crying as I write this. I’m thinking about my dream: to be a midwife and start a family. I’m working in retail and saving that money to pay for further education in health science. Please. Ask the government to show some compassion. Sign and share my petition to help me live my new life here, so I can help deliver new lives for you.Read more

Mojgan ShamsalipoorAustralia
Peter Dutton, Scott Morrison, David Coleman
Choose unity over fear and hatred during COVID-19 During this coronavirus pandemic, we urge you to stand beside your fellow Australians to call for national unity and say no to racism against Asian Australians. We are Australians who love this country. However, we are deeply disturbed by the recent rise of racial abuse and vilification of Australians of Asian heritage. In a number of cities across Australia, we've seen Asian Australians violently attacked on the street, abused on public transport, spat on, and more. There's ugly racist graffiti scrawled on the walls of our cities, towns and just the other day a Nazi flag was again publicly hoisted together with the Chinese flag on a cell tower. We need our political leaders to lead by example and unequivocally condemn this abuse. The rising anti-Chinese sentiment brought on by the coronavirus pandemic poses a serious threat to Australia’s national unity. These concerns are backed by the latest data from the Australian Human Rights Commission, which showed one in four people who lodged racial discrimination complaints in the past two months say they were targeted due to COVID-19. To allow abuse of any group to occur jeopardises our social cohesion at a time when we need it most. This is a time for us all to come together. Add your name to stand in solidarity with the Asian community in Australia and send a clear message that you choose #UnityOverFear. This petition will be sent to the Prime Minister, the Opposition Leader and all members of Parliament for tabling in Parliament as a clear message that Australians are united against racism. The petition supports an open letter penned by 16 prominent Chinese Australians including businessman Jason Yat-Sen Li, GP and author Dr Cindy Pan, celebrity chef Adam Liaw, journalist Benjamin Law and former Australian of the Year Dr John Yu, where they express their concern about the rising escalation in racial abuse towards Australians of Asian heritage. See our full letter here, and please sign and share this petition. #UnityOverFear more

Chinese Australian ForumAustralia
Peter Dutton, Scott Morrison, Australian Government, Alex hawke, Department of Home Affairs Australia, Federal Court of Australia, Magistrate Court of Australia
I came to Australia 12 years ago, began working as a chef and built a life here with my family. We would already be permanent residents if the government did not discriminate against my son for having a disability. The government wants to deport my boy because he lives with cerebral palsy. My wife and I are model citizens, we pay taxes, pass all checks and comply with everything the Department of Home Affairs has asked for. But I am shocked that the Department wants me to show them that we have a million dollars to take care of my son’s medical costs. It is clear that Kayaan’s disability is the only reason keeping us from staying in this country. Please sign this petition to urge the Immigration Minister to let our family stay in this country that is our home. Kayaan was born here and this is the only life he knows. We have been living in limbo for years, heartbroken that the government is singling us out based on Kayaan’s disability. We did everything right. The only thing preventing us from getting our visas was not in our hands. I’m saddened that a progressive country like Australia discriminates against its migrants if they have a disability. I have studied and worked for an Australian market, I don’t know if I’ll get work in India. We shouldn’t have to change our dreams and uproot our lives because of unfair rules under Australia’s Migration Act. Please sign and share our petition to plead the government to let us stay.Read more

Varun KatyalMelbourne, Australia
David Coleman, Hon Peter Dutton MP, Hon David Coleman MP, Peter Dutton, Scott Morrison, Kristina Keneally
We are a happy and settled family living in Seymour, Victoria. Our son Darragh was born in Australia on 18 August 2015. Australia is the only home our son knows. On 3 August 2015 we applied for our family to become permanent residents of Australia. A few weeks later our son was born and soon after he was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. Our family’s application for permanent residency was then refused by the Australian Department of Home Affairs because they assessed him as having a condition which make him a burden on the Australian community. Despite appealing the decision to the Administrative Review Tribunal, the Tribunal does not have the power to overturn the health assessment and as such unless the Hon David Coleman MP or Hon Peter Dutton MP can help us, we will be forced to leave our friends, family, and the life we have built for ourselves in Australia. The Administrative Review Tribunal has made a recommendation for our case to be referred to the minister.  Darragh has been doing extremely well considering his condition, and we have positive letters from his doctors and specialist stating that he should live a full life and that his disease progression will be much slower than average. His condition has no effect on his cognitive ability and should he wish to finish school and go to University, he has every chance at being successful in a career path of his choosing. Darragh is a bright boy with a positive future ahead of him. We have always felt extremely grateful to live in Australia. I studied here gaining my Masters in Special Education. I have worked full-time as a school teacher and now as an Acting Assistant Principal and my husband works part-time as a bus driver and also volunteer for SES. We have been living in Australia for almost 10 years and have a strong support network here with our friends and family and we are well settled in regional Victoria. Darragh has the support of his inherited Australian family, our large support network in Seymour and the wider Australian community. By signing this petition, you are showing your support for Darragh and his life in Australia and you believe that he should be allowed to stay in Australia and have the opportunity to contribute to our community. Please sign and help us ask the Minister to let our son stay in Australia.Read more

Christine HydeSeymour, Australia
Peter Dutton
In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, Peter Dutton is trying to sneak through legislation that would give Australian Border Force (ABF) officers the power to confiscate the phones of asylum seekers and refugees being held in detention. The National Justice Project stopped Dutton from doing this before. We took him to court for taking phones from asylum seekers and refugees back in 2017 and we won. He tried to introduce this law back then to overcome our Court win and failed, so now, while we’re all distracted by COVID-19, he’s trying again. Mobile phones provide asylum seekers and refugees with a lifeline to the outside world, to loved ones and to advocates – their mental health, the protection of their human rights, and their families depend on their phones. The proposed legislation gives ABF the power to effectively SILENCE and PUNISH innocent men, women and children who have not been convicted of any wrongdoing by cutting off their ability to stay in touch with family, lawyers and advocates. Mobile phones can also hold Dutton accountable – they can record instances of mistreatment and cruelty. On Manus Island, Behrouz Boochani wrote an entire book via WhatsApp, exposing the cruel reality of our offshore detention regime. The family from Biloela, currently on Christmas Island, used their phone to raise the alarm when Peter Dutton forced them onto a plane. It was a mobile phone that captured the shocking footage of little Tharunicaa screaming as her mother was dragged onto the plane by ABF officers. It’s no wonder that Peter Dutton wants to give his ABF officers the power to snatch the phones out of the hands of asylum seekers and refugees. He will do anything to break the spirits of these people and deprive them of their voices. We are up against a Government that will oppose human rights at every turn and prefer silencing their critics rather than taking responsibility for harm done to innocent people. If this law is passed, it can be used to threaten, intimidate and harass asylum seekers and refugees. Please, sign and share this petition and help us keep asylum seekers and refugees connected to the outside world. #DialitDownDuttonRead more

National Justice Project (NJP)Sydney, Australia
David Coleman, The Hon David Coleman MP, Peter Dutton
Gavin McInnes is coming to Australia on a "comedy tour". Gavin McInnes is no “provocateur". He is not a comedian. This is not satire. It is not about free speech. He is dangerous and should not be allowed in Australia. McInnes is an alt-right leader and founder of the far-right “gang” (his description), the Proud Boys. In a video describing Proud Boys, McInnes says: “We will kill you, that is the Proud boys in a nutshell. We will kill you. We look nice, we seem soft, we have “boys” in our name but... we will assassinate you.” McInnes has also said: “Fighting solves everything. We need more violence from the Trump people, Trump supporters. Choke a m*therf**ker. Choke a b**ch. Choke a tr**ny. Get your fingers around a windpipe.” “Beating the sh*t out of people? I think it's our job to do it and the cops turn a blind eye.” “I want violence." McInnes’ "gang" is true to their own description: they have serially engaged in street violence since they began in 2016, and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has listed the Proud Boys as a hate group. I arrived in Australia as a refugee in 2005. I was born in a refugee camp and spent some of my childhood in another refugee camp. I am passionate about social justice and a fairer society. I have found safety and security in Australia.  It is my home, the only place I have ever felt safe.   The thought of Gavin McInnes coming to this country to spread hate is extremely concerning. The fact that his hate speech is often accompanied by violence which is extremely concerning.  A man who encourages violence, who formed a gang labelled a hate group and that serially engages in violence should not be allowed into Australia. We should not allow Australia to become the last hope of such a group. I believe any Australians who care about a fair and just society should not accept this as the norm. We should make it clear that: No, Australia is not the last hope for a violent extremist.  Please join my call by signing and sharing this petition, and send a message: Gavin McInnes is not welcome here. Australia is not, and will not be, the last hope for this violent extremist.Read more

Nyadol NyuonAustralia
Government of Australia, Peter Dutton, Dan Tehan, Scott Morrison, Josh Frydenberg
The Coronavirus crisis is having a major impact on Australia's international student community. Due to uncertainty, many employers are choosing to fire international students who continue to be forced to face weekly rent and other basic expenses without having a source of income to support us. This is why we ask the Morrison Government to assist Australia's international student community by cancelling the rent payment until the imposed travel restrictions are removed and the situation has returned to normal. This measure would ease the financial pressure of the international student community, allowing us to continue with our studies to meet the academic objectives that motivated us to choose Australia as a destination. If you are in favour of requesting the suspension of rent payments to international students during the Coronavirus pandemic, please sign this petition and share it with all your friends. Thank you,Read more

Jaime Martin BrufauGold Coast, Australia
David Coleman, Department of Home Affairs Australia, Minister for Immigration, Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs The Hon David Coleman MP, Sussan Ley, Scott Morrison, Peter Dutton
You may not know it, but the world’s largest living organism, the Great Barrier Reef, has been looking out for you your entire life. She’s been protecting your coastlines, preventing tidal waves & tropical storms from washing away your cities. She’s regulating the carbon dioxide levels of the ocean to combat climate change and keep your air and beaches clean. She’s created a nursery to more than 10% of the planet’s fish species, helping to maintain the world’s fish populations. She’s even contributing to the Australian economy by generating $6.4 billion every year, supporting over 64,000 jobs and holding a modest net worth of $56 billion. (That’s about twice the worth of Aussie bazillionaire, Rupert Murdoch). But despite her massive contribution to Australia, she’s still denied the one basic right of every Australian citizen – the right to live. Coal mining, greenhouse gas emissions, the continued growth of the fossil fuel industry and lack of action against climate change are all threatening the life of the Great Barrier Reef. In fact, more than half of the shallow water corals of the GBR have been bleached to death since 2016 – all due to increasing ocean temperatures that force her to starve herself.  And with the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority approving the dumping of more than 1 million tonnes of dredge spoil within the marine park boundaries, things aren't looking to improve. ( But not all is lost. We at LADBible Australia have a plan. On May 8, 2019 (Australia’s unofficial day to be thankful for your Aussie mates) we contacted the Australian Department of Home Affairs to make the living, breathing Great Barrier Reef, an Aussie citizen. WHY WOULD WE DO THAT? Well, by making the Great Barrier Reef an Australian citizen she’ll then be protected by FOUR key Australian rights and freedoms: Article 12.3 The right to the highest attainable standard of physical health. Article 7.1 Freedom from torture or inhuman treatment and punishment. Article 1.2 The right to maintain your own means of subsistence. Article 6.1 The right to life.  Put simply, if we recognise her contribution to Australia and rightfully make her an Aussie citizen, then the Australian government is obliged to make decisions in the interest of her health and safety (and in turn take real action against the one thing that’s really killing her – Climate Change!) BUT YOU CAN’T MAKE A REEF A CITIZEN, CAN YOU? SURE, YOU CAN: To become an Australian Citizen you simply need to tick the following boxes: 1) Be a permanent resident ✔ (She’s permanently residing across 344,400 sqm of Australia) 2) Be in Australia when a decision is made ✔ (She’s certainly not taking any holidays abroad) 3) Have spent time in Australia and know about the country ✔ (How does 500,000+ years and literally being a good chunk of the country sound?) 4) Intend to stay in Australia or maintain a lasting link ✔ (Links don’t get much more lasting than this) But seeing as we don’t have the power to grant her citizenship on our own (as much as we’d like to), we’re calling for power in numbers. More specifically your numbers. Every vote of support you contribute will directly notify the Australian Government, to let them know we are a unified voice who believe this living, breathing Aussie icon, should become a living, breathing Aussie citizen. So join us and let's help get the Great Barrier Reef her citizenship to give her the same rights that every living being on this planet deserves – the right to life.Read more

Peter Dutton
I am an Irish born citizen and I've been living here in Australia for 10 years, married to my Australian wife for 8 of those years. I'm a tradesman and she is a retired paramedic. We have 3 beautiful Australian born children under 6 years old, and two of our kids have special needs. Our four year old is autistic, and it's vital she has routine and stability in her life. Because of an issue with my paperwork (one of my forms apparently went missing during my spouse visa application), Peter Dutton now wants to send me back to Ireland while I resubmit my claim. There is no sense to forcing three young children to be without their father for up to 18 months simply because of a bureaucratic blunder. I put my children to sleep every night, and climb back into their beds in the morning to wake them up. They don't deserve to have their dad taken away from them. My wife and myself have no criminal history and are upstanding members of our community. We pay a mortgage, which comes from my sole income as a site manager. My wife's 74 year old mother also lives with us. If I'm forced out of the country to re-submit my application, my family will be without an income. The bank could repossess our home. And what's worse, the mental and spiritual effect on our children will be catastrophic , especially for our Autistic child whose basic growth and stability is corner stoned on having her Daddy at home every day. Please help my family. Please call on Peter Dutton to have compassion and let me stay in Australia while his department re-processes my forms.Read more

Dan HallWangi Wangi, Australia
Peter Dutton, Alan Tudge, Kristina Keneally, Jason Wood
The first case of COVID-19 (coronavirus) in connection with Australian-run immigration detention centres has been confirmed.  As an Australian lawyer familiar with how detention centres are run, I am incredibly worried for the health and safety of the people inside these centres, including my youngest client, 2 year old Isabella.  That’s why I’m calling for the release of these innocent people, before COVID-19 spreads through immigration detention centres.  Isabella has been in detention her entire life.  She is two years old, and has already had the flu less than a year ago.  Her parents are beside themselves with worry as to how to keep her safe from COVID-19.  There are others who are elderly or have compromised immune systems. Families across Australia are struggling with the ramifications of COVID-19.  The families of people in detention are no different.  We ask that these families are allowed to bring their loved ones home to see out the pandemic.  These people have safe and caring home environments willing to support them, either with a family member or advocate in Australia. Detention centres have already experienced periods of no or limited access to soap, toilet paper, and even cough syrup.  In an already difficult situation, this creates a situation which endangers the health of those detained and also the workers in these centres.  These workers then go home to their loved ones and places those families at risk. There is a simple solution to this emerging and potentially life-threatening situation: send these people to homes in Australia. Those without immediate families have advocates in the community who will support them.   Politics has no place in dealing with a global pandemic. Please, sign and share this petition and stand with these vulnerable and voiceless families.  #SaferAtHomeRead more

Alison BattissonAustralia