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Petitioning Peter Dutton

Bring Priya and her beautiful family back home to Biloela, Queensland

 Priya, Nades and their beautiful little daughters are valuable members of the close-knit rural community of Biloela, in Central Queensland. They have lived here for over three years and are a caring, hardworking family. A few days ago, this peaceful family were going about their early morning routine. Nades was getting ready to go to his job at the local meatworks and Priya was warming a bottle for the baby. At 5am, their home was stormed by armed police and Border Force officers. Their seven month old baby and two and a half year old daughters were ripped from their beds. Priya and Nades were told they were being taken to a Melbourne detention centre and given ten minutes to pack up their lives. Priya and Nades were put into separate vans, driven to Gladstone Airport and flown to a detention centre in Melbourne. Border Force officers told them that if they didn’t sign “voluntary” deportation documents, they would be denied access to a phone, separated and forced back to Sri Lanka. They begged to be returned to Biloela. But after two days of pressure, they gave in and signed the documents. This beautiful, gentle family is now being held in a single room by three armed guards. Priya and Nades were settled in Biloela after fleeing torture and suffering in Sri Lanka. Despite the advice of human right organisations on the ground, our current Government has decided that Sri Lanka is now safe. This is why they are trying to force Priya, Nades and their two beautiful young children back to Sri Lanka. The life awaiting this family in Sri Lanka is uncertain. In a country that represses Tamil people, and where child brides and child sex trafficking exist, the future of Priya, Nades and their two beautiful daughters is grim. Our community is not ready to let this family go. They love living and contributing to our society. We want them here. Mr Dutton, please return this family to Biloela, their home, where they are wanted and welcome  

Angela Fredericks
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Petitioning Peter Dutton

Peter Dutton: I was violated, beaten & tortured - please let me be free!

I’d rather kill myself than return to Iran - to the hell where my stepfather took my innocence by force. But unless Immigration Minister Peter Dutton urgently intervenes by exercising his discretion and allowing me to apply for a partner visa while in Australia, I’ll spend a life in limbo with the never-ending threat of indefinite detention in Australia or forced return to Iran. My life’s been rebuilt in Brisbane. I went to high-school here, made incredible friends and married a beautiful man. But in just a matter of days my bridging visa expires, and unless Minister Dutton allows me to apply for permanent residency, I could be forced back into detention or worse, to Iran. 5 years ago I escaped Iran to Australia after being violated by my stepfather and then by the brother of a friend whose house I escaped to. I was due to be a child bride to a 60-year-old man to “clean up my name”. Mum begged me to flee the country. So I came to Australia where I learnt about what safety, friendship, education and love really is. Last night my fight for freedom featured on the ABC’s Australian Story. But in a week, I could be given two horrific options: return to detention indefinitely or return to Iran where I’ll risk torture, even death. In all honesty, I would rather die in Australia near to my husband and friends than return to Iran. I’m crying as I write this. I’m thinking about my dream: to be a midwife and start a family. I’m working in retail and saving that money to pay for further education in health science. Please. Ask the government to show some compassion. Sign and share my petition to help me live my new life here, so I can help deliver new lives for you.

Mojgan Shamsalipoor
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Petitioning The Hon David Coleman MP, Peter Dutton

No Violent Extremism. Gavin McInnes Should Not be Allowed into Australia

Gavin McInnes is coming to Australia on a "comedy tour". Gavin McInnes is no “provocateur". He is not a comedian. This is not satire. It is not about free speech. He is dangerous and should not be allowed in Australia. McInnes is an alt-right leader and founder of the far-right “gang” (his description), the Proud Boys. In a video describing Proud Boys, McInnes says: “We will kill you, that is the Proud boys in a nutshell. We will kill you. We look nice, we seem soft, we have “boys” in our name but... we will assassinate you.” McInnes has also said: “Fighting solves everything. We need more violence from the Trump people, Trump supporters. Choke a m*therf**ker. Choke a b**ch. Choke a tr**ny. Get your fingers around a windpipe.” “Beating the sh*t out of people? I think it's our job to do it and the cops turn a blind eye.” “I want violence." McInnes’ "gang" is true to their own description: they have serially engaged in street violence since they began in 2016, and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has listed the Proud Boys as a hate group. I arrived in Australia as a refugee in 2005. I was born in a refugee camp and spent some of my childhood in another refugee camp. I am passionate about social justice and a fairer society. I have found safety and security in Australia.  It is my home, the only place I have ever felt safe.   The thought of Gavin McInnes coming to this country to spread hate is extremely concerning. The fact that his hate speech is often accompanied by violence which is extremely concerning.  A man who encourages violence, who formed a gang labelled a hate group and that serially engages in violence should not be allowed into Australia. We should not allow Australia to become the last hope of such a group. I believe any Australians who care about a fair and just society should not accept this as the norm. We should make it clear that: No, Australia is not the last hope for a violent extremist.  Please join my call by signing and sharing this petition, and send a message: Gavin McInnes is not welcome here. Australia is not, and will not be, the last hope for this violent extremist.

Nyadol Nyuon
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Petitioning Peter Dutton

Peter Dutton: don't tear me away from my three young children

I am an Irish born citizen and I've been living here in Australia for 10 years, married to my Australian wife for 8 of those years. I'm a tradesman and she is a retired paramedic. We have 3 beautiful Australian born children under 6 years old, and two of our kids have special needs. Our four year old is autistic, and it's vital she has routine and stability in her life. Because of an issue with my paperwork (one of my forms apparently went missing during my spouse visa application), Peter Dutton now wants to send me back to Ireland while I resubmit my claim. There is no sense to forcing three young children to be without their father for up to 18 months simply because of a bureaucratic blunder. I put my children to sleep every night, and climb back into their beds in the morning to wake them up. They don't deserve to have their dad taken away from them. My wife and myself have no criminal history and are upstanding members of our community. We pay a mortgage, which comes from my sole income as a site manager. My wife's 74 year old mother also lives with us. If I'm forced out of the country to re-submit my application, my family will be without an income. The bank could repossess our home. And what's worse, the mental and spiritual effect on our children will be catastrophic , especially for our Autistic child whose basic growth and stability is corner stoned on having her Daddy at home every day. Please help my family. Please call on Peter Dutton to have compassion and let me stay in Australia while his department re-processes my forms.

Dan Hall
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Petitioning The Hon Peter Dutton MP, The Hon Julie Bishop MP

Minister Dutton: Save the Right African Refugees

There is a genocide in the making in South Africa. Farmers, workers and their families are systematically dispossessed of their land and livelihood. In the process they are beaten, raped and murdered. The so-called Rainbow State is returning to tribal warfare and open violence against indigenous Afrikaners and families whose ancestors settled and cultivated the land centuries ago. Australia has generously welcomed refugees from across Asia, the Middle East and North Africa. Some were genuine, good people who came to learn, integrate and contribute. Others brought us crime, violence, a hostile ideology and systematic welfare abuse. We believe that over the last decades, we have resettled our fair share from developing and Islamic countries. Now is the time we take in the right refugees: Persecuted South African and former Rhodesian farmers, workers and their families are in urgent need of help. They have no future under tribal rule. These farmers and workers are proud and hardworking people, used to stand on their own feet. They speak our language, respect the same values and share our culture. They simply need a fair go to get back on their feet. This is why we ask Immigration Minister Peter Dutton to ensure that for the 2018/19 budget year, our federal government reserves 80% of available refugee visa places for South African and former Rhodesian farmers, workers and their families. At ALA we stand for a zero net immigration program and helping displaced people close to their homelands. However, if we take in refugees for permanent resettlement, let's give a hand to the right people. PETITION TEXT: We, the undersigned citizens and residents of Australia, ask the Hon Peter Dutton MP, Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, to ensure that for the 2018/19 budget year, our federal government reserves 80% of available refugee visa places for South African and former Rhodesian farmers, workers and their families. We further ask that travel loans be made available by the federal government to those South African refugees, who had their assets stolen or seized by corrupt officials and cannot afford passage to Australia.

Australian Liberty Alliance Ltd
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Petitioning Malcolm Turnbull, Peter Dutton

A refugee left on Nauru to die: Bring Ali* to Australia to die with dignity & comfort NOW

Ali* is dying in pain and fear, far from home and without hope – and Australia put him there. Ali is 63 years old and not expected to live many more months. He is also a member of the persecuted Hazaran minority and has been formally recognised as a refugee, but today he is lying on a bed in an Australian detention centre on Nauru in pain and discomfort dying from lung cancer. He has one incredibly simple request: to come to Australia and receive some relief from the pain and die with some dignity and comfort. Despite being told by doctors that Nauru has no way to support Ali to have a dignified and pain free death, and despite having been found to be a refugee, the Australian Border Force has refused to bring Ali to Australia to spend his final days receiving proper palliative care. It’s no secret that Nauru and Manus Island's refugee and medical services are woefully inadequate. On Nauru the medical facilities on offer to refugees like Ali are completely ill equipped to care for someone requiring around-the-clock palliative care. But despite this, the Australian Government is still refusing Ali proper, humane, end-of-life care in Australia. In an obscene and cynical gesture, Australian Border Force offered Ali $25,000 to return to his home country, a place where he has a very real risk of being persecuted.  So, not only is the Government refusing adequate medical care, but they are trying to convince a genuine refugee with end-stage cancer to return to the country he fled, a place where he faces certain danger. This is a new low even for the Turnbull government. It is also in breach of Australia’s legal obligations to protect refugees. We're calling on the Australian Government to bring Ali to Australia to receive proper, palliative care.  Ali has no one to speak out for him except you and I. We can’t let him die alone and in pain. You can help us by signing this petition. He has asked to come to Australia to have the care he needs with folks from his community close by to hold his hand and walk this final mile with him. It is a small enough mercy that he asks for even from a cold and brutal country like ours. Cancer is a universal truth for many - so many of us have lost our family and friends to this incurable disease. As anyone who has watched it take over a person, it’s a horrific burden even with the most sophisticated treatments. Without proper medical treatment, the pain Ali is experiencing is unimaginable. Bring Ali to Australia now. - Julie Macken and Luisa Low, Australian Women in Support of Women on Nauru Read more here. *Ali is a patronym, his full name is withheld to protect his family.    

Luisa Low
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Petitioning Peter Dutton, Australian Immigration Minister, David Coleman

Save this beautiful family from being torn apart

Please take a moment to read and sign this petition because it might actually help us. Cant you judge a family on how they contribute to the society and not on the mistakes their agent made on paper? Aren't kids taught that its okay to make a mistake and learn from it? why cant we get a second chance to fix our mistakes? why cant we get a fare chance to live and grow up as happy as all the other Australians. My grandmother and Aunt are both Australian citizens. My grandmother has many health issues and lives with us because without us she has nowhere to go and no one to look after her. My Aunt is not able to take care of my grandma as she lives in Perth and has two babies that she needs to look after.  Hi, My name is Rahma Aldeiri. Over two years ago. I started this petition because we were give a notice of deportation because our case was rejected by Mr. Peter Dutton. I decided to reopen this petition after being rejected once again, but this time by the federal circuit court. We need urgent help, please, we need as many people to help. My siblings and I  have been growing up in Australia, when we came to Australia legally after facing many issues in our country. When we came, my sisters where in kindergarten and i was in year 4. I am now 16 years old and in year 11 and just got my first job and my sisters are 12 years old and in year 7. My siblings and I are very good in school, we achieve outstanding marks and are always above average. One of my younger sisters passed her selective exam for year 7 but cannot attend a selective school because we are not Australian citizens or permanent residents. We came in September 2011 and we have been here for almost 8 years. That eight years of almost all of our childhood here, growing up in a beautiful and happy country being supported by so many good people. My family has never done anything wrong to deserve this, both of my parents are working and paying Tax, my mother works at a primary school and my dad is a carpet layer, they contribute positively to the society and we do not rely on any funding. I believe, not think, that my family deserves to stay in Australia to help build the society into a better place. i want to understand why Australia is letting the wrong people stay but not us. We aren't harming anyone, as you can see from the amount of supporters, even strangers than have decided to help us even though they don't know us but can tell that we are not trying to harm anybody, we are just trying to live our lives normally, happily and safely like every other Australian family. Thank you for taking the time to read this we really appreciate the support.

Rahma Aldiri
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