Peter Dutton: I was violated, beaten & tortured - please let me be free!

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I’d rather kill myself than return to Iran - to the hell where my stepfather took my innocence by force. But unless Immigration Minister Peter Dutton urgently intervenes by exercising his discretion and allowing me to apply for a partner visa while in Australia, I’ll spend a life in limbo with the never-ending threat of indefinite detention in Australia or forced return to Iran.

My life’s been rebuilt in Brisbane. I went to high-school here, made incredible friends and married a beautiful man. But in just a matter of days my bridging visa expires, and unless Minister Dutton allows me to apply for permanent residency, I could be forced back into detention or worse, to Iran.

5 years ago I escaped Iran to Australia after being violated by my stepfather and then by the brother of a friend whose house I escaped to. I was due to be a child bride to a 60-year-old man to “clean up my name”. Mum begged me to flee the country. So I came to Australia where I learnt about what safety, friendship, education and love really is.

Last night my fight for freedom featured on the ABC’s Australian Story. But in a week, I could be given two horrific options: return to detention indefinitely or return to Iran where I’ll risk torture, even death. In all honesty, I would rather die in Australia near to my husband and friends than return to Iran.

I’m crying as I write this. I’m thinking about my dream: to be a midwife and start a family. I’m working in retail and saving that money to pay for further education in health science.

Please. Ask the government to show some compassion. Sign and share my petition to help me live my new life here, so I can help deliver new lives for you.